Reiki to Break Out/Through Emotional Cycles/Energy Healing

Hi everyone, this is Lourdes. The Reiki in this video is to help you break out of emotional cycles. Emotional cycles may mean that you are angry, for a period of time, or irritated, sad anything link that. If you are new to Reiki, my videos or my channel, please check out my Frequently Asked Questions Playlist. There is a link to it above my head. If you are interested in Reiki sessions, services, classes or readings, please go to my website, www. And on Youtube besides subscribing to my channel, you may want to check out the Community Tab. On the Community tab, I offer exclusive photos, Reiki infused photos an occasional poll, sometimes an exclusive video, and other times an offer for free Reiki in real time. So if you are ready, please sit back, relax and let this Reiki flow to you. Thank you for watching this video. An for more videos that may interest you, please check out the videos around me. Thank you.

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