Remembering The Lives Lost In The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting | NBC Nightly News

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  1. I send my most sincere condolences to all of the people affected by the hateful bigotry of Robert Bowers. I hope his conviction brings them at least a small amount of peace.

  2. A hauntingly beautiful tribute. It's a shame that such hatred and violence exists in this world. Rest in peace Tree of Life 11.

  3. Three Palestinians children at the age of 13 were killed due an Israeli drone strike near Zikim beach. Israel opens an internal investigation

  4. Hey everyone stop mutilating infant male genitals and maybe things like this wouldn't happen. Also how many Palestinians died that day from lack of food, water, and medical care from Israeli "policy"?

  5. Trump’s America. ! The killings will continue . VOTE this midterm to end the presidency of hate . We will impeach after we win both houses

  6. America becomes the biggest terrorist state on this planet with all those shootings. nobody is safe in thise country.

  7. Thank you NBC for such an honest and heatwarming rememberance of people who were killed just because they were Jews. Let us all hope and pray NEVER AGAIN

  8. I call upon the traitorous leftist Marxist Democrats to renounce their vile Antisemitism and antipathy for the Nation of Israel.

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