Rep. King on text of Ukraine call: There’s nothing remotely impeachable

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  1. We have enemies abroad that are applauding the Dems! How can they do this? They have become the biggest threat to our Republic!

  2. “Nobody can put pressure on me because I am the president of an independent state.
    The only one person by the way who can put pressure on me … is my son, who is six years old”

    Ukrainian President Zelenskiy

    Pelosi and her cronies took the bait…hook, line, and sinker.
    Reel 'em in and filet 'em, Mr. President.


  4. What would happen if they found out Nancy Pelosi was the Whistleblower???? It honestly had her "voice" when I read it….

  5. IT IS NOT fear that Biden will be exposed, or that they have a chance of impeachment. NO, what the democrats really fear is the exposure CROWDSTRIKE. READ THE TRANSCRIPT CLOSELY. Hillary's server is in the UKRAINE and it has ALL the corruption evidence you could ever want. THAT is what all the smoke and noise about. SO just enjoy the circus but don't eat the bread!

  6. Look. If Joe Biden somehow wins this 2020–I know, just bear with me for a moment–then he as President could rightfully delegate to this investigation into Burisma, that his own son is apparently implicated in, and that would be legal. So if Joe Biden HIMSELF could hypothetically do this, then it can't be a conflict of interest! There's the separation between the pursuit of justice being an obligation of the duly elected President of the United States, versus just being opposition research for the coming election. If the man himself, Joe Biden, could in theory legally run this investigation, then it CAN'T be ""opposition research"" because you can't do opposition research on your SELF.

    Therefor, legally and logically, it is a separate issue, and if it just so happens that the person who was assigned the job of delegating his staff to root out corruption is President Trump, then Joe Biden can take that complaint to the American people, because WE'RE the ones who put Trump in that position of authority. If Biden has a problem with that selection process, he's welcome to do what we all do, and cast his one vote however he deems appropriate.

    As if "running for office" was an excuse to break the law. "You can't investigate me, because I want your job, so that's a conflict of interest!" Good luck with that.

  7. Wondering if midterm elections and bring a Democrat in areas Trump won , will give a few dems food for survival thoughts ? Any dem that doesn’t stand against what they’re doing, will pay ultimate prices at midterm elections.

  8. It's very hard to impeach a president these liberal Democrats are complete idiots just popping their gums again. They're really going to have a heart attack when we re-elect him. Lmmfao.

  9. Face it. The election of Donald Trump has destroyed the Democrats.

    He has exposed them and their inexorable shift to the far left. He has blown their cover, and stripped them naked in the full glare in the court of the American people. He has exposed their covert Socialist plan for this great nation….. and it is corrupt and damning.

    That is why that motley….odd bunch are running and the DNC are glad to let them, just to keep up appearances. They are face savers. Space fillers. Time buyers. The real most qualified Democrat candidates know running is in vain, at this juncture, so they stand back and let these Hari Kari / Kamikaze oddities fall on their swords.

    When Trump wins another four…. he will consolidate. The Democrats will be kept out of power for decades. Maybe forever in their current form. Until such times as they flush the weird, stage managed Occasio Cortez/Omar type Euro style Progressive Socialist, Politically Correct lunatics, from their ranks, and turn back the clock to the days of sanity, back to the era of the Democratic Party of JFK, FDR, et al. The Democrats of yesteryear. The Democrats of normality. That……. or they will wander in a political wilderness and die on the vine there, unless they go back to being the traditional Democrats the people of this America respected. The Democrats even Republicans respected.

  10. they are trying to take down America from within it's all being setup by these globalists to undermine America there are u.n troops here to assist an Invasion by china and russia

  11. Democrats should know by now… that when they attack President Trump, the truth always comes out, and it backfires on the Dems.

  12. Pete King is, of course, one of the most fair-minded and intelligent government officials of all time. When a President lies about having an affair, and then attempts to halt related investigations until he's out of office, well then IMPEACH! Absolutely. And to quote (R) Sen. Lindsey Graham from 1999: A President doesn't need to be guilty of a crime to be impeached.

    Very intelligent and well-informed statements posted here.

  13. This reminds me of the Dunkin Donuts commercial where an office manager kept calling office meetings so someone could bring more donuts to every meeting. "I've called this morning's meeting to talk about the meeting we're having at 12 P.M to discuss the 2 P.M. meeting so we can discuss what will be discussed at the 5P.M. meeting"

  14. interpretation of the mentioned favor:…all for the sake of Ukraine and the Ukraine presidency..for being on the up and up of what had had gone on….no mention of campaign 2020….

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