Hello! I’m Edward Windsor-Trevelyan,
and I’m here at our beloved BBC to rid it of these terrible Americanisms that are creeping into it
like a diseased dog. Come on!…and he’s on 66k a year now! – What?!
– No! Yeah, you do the math. God Save The QUEEN! It’s “maths,” not “math.” Or ideally “mathematics.” We’re not in the land of the free
and the home of the brave now!Rule Britannia! …well the report’s there, I’m looking at it. It just needs putting through. No, you action it. Fish and CHIPS! Stop using “action” as a verb you blithering idiots. Sovereignty of Parliament! Oh, Larry. Do you have the 2017-2018 reports? Oh, yeah. I’ll have them for you in a half hour. Winston CHURCHILL! It’s half AN hour. Half a good, solid, British hour. East India Trading Company!I’m Edward Windsor-Trevelyan. Remember – if ever you think you’re going to use an Americanism in conversation …just DON’T! I’ve got to go now – I’ve got a very busy schedule. It’s “schedule!”

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