Robert De Niro: Trump thinks he’s a gangster | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Isn’t Goodfellas
where they had the real kind of gangsters on set? Well, there were people
around who, you know… Stole cameras. You know, the same
with Casino and stuff. You know, that’s part of it. Does that help or does
it make you a bit nervous? No, no, everybody… People like to be in
movies and part of them. The guys in that world, as much if
not more than most people. Yeah. And you talk about that world, what is it about movies
and that world? Cos almost since they
started making movies, they’ve been telling stories about
gangsters and the mafia and mobsters and now here we are in 2019
and this is still a big deal. What is the appeal
of those characters? I don’t know, I guess
it’s because they defy the law in some way and they have their
own laws, their own… There is more of an honour, like,
especially in The Godfather. I think especially at that
time in the late ’60s, The Godfather, with
the government and everything, the Vietnam War, I think that the
idea that this culture had more, there was more respect
and more structure and more right and wrong than
we were seeing in the war and with our leaders and not being told the truth
about what was really going on. And I think… So, that’s why,
that’s part of its appeal. Yeah. Today, we have a kind of weird
twisted…president, who… ..thinks he’s a gangster,
who is not even a good gangster… Because this is a guy that,
you know, even gangsters, like honour among thieves,
you shake your hand, you have your word. That’s all you
have… Yeah. your word, and they have your
word and that’s it. This guy… not the case. I didn’t even bring him up,
ladies and gentlemen. APPLAUSE

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  1. Used to love de Niro . Lost all respect for him and his ilk now ! They are to be spat at imo from now on ! Horrible lefty rat.

  2. also starring in the turkey that was Dirty grandpa shows even legends like Deniro or streep will do some things just for money .

  3. He might also have an opinion on who is a good and bad chess player, but that opinion doesn't really matter too much, as he is an actor…not a grandmaster or chess analyst. His opinion is not more important any anyone elses. Probably less important, as he is nothing in common with the an average American.

  4. Trump is an easy target , because he’s white ,you can insult him and make up rubbish about him
    The last president did sweet fa for America , criticise him and you’re labelled a racist

  5. Oh here we go : “I hate Trump.” – yes, De Niro we get it.

    Notice how Graham laps this stuff up, like he has done with other guests.

    De Niro was once a great actor. However, he is mentally unstable – remember his Barry Norman interview.

  6. Let us see with Graham Norton and the “celebrities who hate Trump crowd” :

    Keira Knightley commenting on her daughter being worried about it – check.

    Emma Thompson claiming that Trump might have asked her out one time and allowed her to use his private jet – check.

    Now Robert De Niro – doing his infamous I hate Trump act – check.

    Hey, Graham – tell us what you think about Brexit?

  7. Listening to De Niro he is politically a well informed guy. You appreciate that after watching a film like The Good Shepherd.

  8. Robert de Niro and I could have along and nice chat over some great Italian cuisine, but I guess that would never happen. Still I like how he drove this interview into something unexpected, and something I liked a lot!

  9. he admires vulgar killers, but bad mouths trump who has done nothing evil, deniro makes me vomit in my mouth, liberalism is repulsive.. how dare these animals dictate to us

  10. No Bobby. You're actually the one who thinks he's a gangster. Old bitter Bobby doesn't have too much time left on this earth though and that's a good thing.


  12. Like or loathe trump, he will never be forgotten, along with george Washington and abe lincoln, those are the three presidents school kids will be able to name in a hundred years time.

  13. I have so much respect for Deniro and Alpacino. They are tremendous actors and humans and I wish i could meet them one day… That's my dream

  14. Sorry deniro I won’t be watching any movies your in again, why can’t entertainers just keep their mouths shut?!

  15. Bob is disgusted by America's president.. instead of the great percentage of Americans who actually voted for him, and made him such. Oh, George Carlin, where are you when we need you the most?!

  16. Just filling the leftist agenda with the hate towards Trump smh. Wouldn't expect nothing less from an actor out of Hollyweird.

  17. What is wrong with this man.. he is obsessed with trump i think maybe he really loves him ❤️❤️🇬🇧🇬🇧🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. So De Niro says he hangs with criminal thugs ? And is an opponent to Trump ? I think De Niro should be locked up.

  19. This show used to be good many years ago. Now it's all just pretentious and uptight actors who are afraid to be themselves on tv. Really boring.

  20. Trump is a reality of deniros all life's fantasy in his career trump is gangsters in a good way like he's a real boss

  21. Some good Hollywood actors like Trump, (eg John Voight) and a good 50% of the American voters really like him as well. And they don't think he's a gangster, or that he thinks he's a gangster. Just a stable genius. Just saying! (I'm not American).

  22. I think it's time Deniro, Chris Evans, Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep got together and made an anti-Trump movie. Or better, a documentary. I'd watch it.

  23. We get it Bob. The people's vote doesn't count if little Bobby isn't happy. You can shut that big cakehole now you old commie.

  24. Gangsters were not respected, they were stupid thugs who killed each other and alot of innocent people. Typical hypocrisy from hollywood.

  25. Who cares what people think about themselves. What defines a person is what they do and say. Get over the loser mentality RD and recognize outcomes.

  26. What a tragedy. I love Robert deniro, but they’re using his early stage Alzheimer’s to attack our awesome president.

  27. De Niro is such a lame hypocrite….please just go home and shut up….no one cares what you have to say about anything…

  28. Springsteen and Deniro – two of America's embarassments – IGNORANCE INCORPORATED – the ocean of morons in America aka the DemonRats are the most vile, ignorant children in America – also aka the Anti-Americans. Want to know WHY it is so frightening in AMERICA? Having complete MORONS running our country is WHY – i.e. the PREVIOUS 8 YEARS TO TRUMP – TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND WEAKENING OF THIS COUNTRY!!!! "NO"BAMA is BY FAR the WORST that has ever held the office – a complete and total ENEMY OF GOD AND AMERICA – EVERYTHING that IDIOT did was INTENTIONAL to WEAKEN this country – and our dumba$$ government passed the most idiotic bill to control HEALTHCARE – government-controlled healthcare is one of the FIRST PRINCIPLES of MARXISM, ocean of idiots !!! Any person in America who doesn't value "and have basic knowledge" of the history and foundation of this country, which includes the cornerstone GOD, does not "deserve" nor "belong" in this country – America – which is the most successful country in the history of the WORLD. The DemonRats are the IGNORANT, the ANTI-GOD, the ANTI-LIFE, the ANTI-AMERICANS. The DemonRats have ZERO to offer this country – their core is HATRED toward ALL that is GOOD – GOD, THE UNBORN, CAPITALISM – YOU NAME IT – anything that is GOOD, they HATE. They are the antithesis of HATE, IGNORANCE, ARROGANCE, and HYPOCRISY. They are such IDIOTS that they fail to see they ARE what they HATE. They HATE all that is GOOD. They want to take America 180 degrees opposite from America's foundation which includes their Creator, whom they will meet one day. GROW A BRAIN MORONS!! SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK! COMMUNISM DOES NOT WORK!!! The CRYING MORONS who know ZERO about America's history and foundation are DOOMED to REPEAT the IDIOT errors of HISTORY. The TRUE AMERICANS will FIGHT for GOD and for AMERICA.

  29. But DeNiro is the loudmouth that talks about how somebody should kick Trumps ass.

    You’re embarrassing yourself bob.

    If anybody thinks he’s a gangster but isn’t it’s you.

  30. Robert de Niro was photographed walking out of a brothel that had child prostitutes inside. Why is he protected from scrutiny?

  31. The piddling little 2nd rate actor who thinks he's a big time mafia wise guy. Living in a world of fantasy where most actors screw their way to the top and couldn't get to the top if they didn't. Never did anything or built anything actually useful in his pitiful life. In the bubble where sex, drugs and lies are every day happenings. What a sad story he is and for him to be savage at Trump is such a laughable story. Poor little chap. I think small man syndrome has him by the throat.

  32. Get a life Neio. You make me sick with your evilness. Haven't you any work or has your rating gone so far down that others are sick of you too. Shut Up!!!

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