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  1. I made my 7 Robos watch this because they are spoiled and think they are entitled because they do not have to hunt for food since they have a slave to feed them and bring them delicacies to snack on!!! They also like to run past my hand and bite it for fun!!!

  2. They made a whole TV series about Meerkats.  Why can't I have more than 2 minutes about Roborvskis?!  Oh well- at least it's BBC quality.

  3. Wikipedia notes about the BBC filming for this episode, "Bamboo rats and Roborovski hamsters were filmed in subterranean burrows with glass side panels in a studio set."  

    Dag… I guess that's why it's kind of discontiguous with the initial landscape.  They continue the sound of the wind in the background to kind of help the transition- but I think most of the dwarf hamsters were just filmed in a studio.

  4. I have 5 hamsters now . But they are pretty big I don't know what type they are but they aren't this kind . My oldest hamster Cookie is very fat and big . I love my hamster very much ❤ but I know they don't have a lot of time left to live 💔 . They only live 2 years .

  5. I have two one named Dan and one named Stan ^^ they're both so cute and have so different of personalities Dan is the very excited friendly one and he's the alpha apparently, and Stan is very shy and a scaredy cat he's very unsure not quite sure why though but I had to separate them because they were fighting

  6. I remember when a friend gave me two robos. said they were both female… eventually I had over 30 of the fuckers. both female, yeah right😂

  7. I remember when a friend gave me two robos. said they were both female… eventually I had over 30 of the fuckers. both female, yeah right😂

  8. I have 2 frmale roborvoskis and one other female but that one is alone anyway one is named dan and the other phil xD

  9. this makes me want to make my robos cage more natural looking like their wild cousins home. this shows that hamsters need space. they travel so much in the wild that a tiny cage is horrible

  10. Pretty sad to see how they live in the wild in family groups with huge spaces to roam meanwhile under human captivity they are subject to wire wheels and brightly colored plastic funnel filled cages.

  11. Best hamster 10/10! My robo hamster is a hybrid because she has diamond red eyes, and dang is she fast. She is only 2.1 inches and she is so sweet, her name is Charley.

  12. For some reason, I was so scared to watch this haha I kept thinking a big ass spider would come out of nowhere

  13. ok so someone gave me 2 robo hamsters and said they were both female. but after 1 month i found out the other one was a male so i ended up with 5 little fellas in the cage ;-;

  14. I remembered mine carry so much in it's cheek that the food kept falling off while they are escaping leaving a trail xD

  15. hamster owners are over acting, they always say "you have to put a wheel,waterbottle and hide out,and you dont havw to put your hamster together"
    me: DUH!!!! watch this video. I think there is no more hamsters on its natural habitat

  16. I dont undertand how can hamster be an omnivore? What flesh do they eat in the wild? I can't imagine the cute hamsters hunt other reptiles or mamals.

  17. So i go on netflix, and i watched the whole damn episode of wild china to be so disappointed that i wasted 49 minutes, and 39 seconds of my life watching a show with a scene that was cut out for no good reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. awsome! can i have this on my website because it would be awsome! love this video! subscribing in 3.. 2.. 1.. Done!

  19. This gives me hope because I lost a hamster in my moms van on the way home (it was an hour and a half drive) and we never found it. 😭 We set traps for it to fall into and stuff but he just isn't in there. Hopefully he is doing fine outside. Idk, I'm traumatized. I've been crying every night for 4 days now. We still look everyday and set out food for him. 😞

  20. 1:07 my hamster leaves her little house, eats some food, runs somes minutes in the wheel, drinks some water and goes back to sleep xD

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