Ronan Farrow Alleges NBC News Knew Of Complaints Against Lauer Long Before Firing | NBC Nightly News

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  1. WHISTLEBLOWERS should inspire all of US to tell the TRUTH….to speak TRUTH TO POWER….the courage and the strength to
    STAND UP TO the BULLIES who are powerful and TAKE THEM OUT.

  2. Well, democrats do leak everything that could damage Trump directly to their pet medias, such as NYT, CNN and NBC. That is why we get to hear what happened in closed hearings only minutes after the hearing is over… Dems and their medias are so corrupt its beyond belief. For shame!

  3. The wisdom of speaking out against sexual abuse is such a new concept that anything that happened more than ten years ago cannot be judged by today's standards. Even today, speaking out first requires an admission of victimhood, a condition many do not want to claim.

  4. Matt. Do you get that you've lost ANY credibility? NBC knew. That's why you were let go as quickly as it happened. The brass knew and did nothing until you were let go.

  5. Creep
    Prison for Life
    Lauer is at this Moment
    Dressing in Drag
    I Bet
    Anyone on Board with me ?
    Hope Lauer Looses All His Money 💴

  6. I believe Ronan Fartow. His process is tight and without any daylight. He's scrupulous about sourcing for his reports, that's why he is not a weekly splash. His evidence is sourced well. The executives and Lauer, " we need to write our book and it was consensual, we refute the evidence provided." NDAs are not the discretionary agreements between colleagues with equal power and responsibilities.

  7. This guy Ronan is a true hero!! He's letting everyone know what is actually happening in the work place. People getting away with crap, because of their position. Putting them through public shame is what they deserve & more.👏👌

  8. I mean, what's with all these grown ups signing NDA's??? Nobody's teaching their young to stand up 4 themselves? If u 18 & up, and u signed a NDA, its kinda hard 4 me 2 help in your fight or care much, sheesh!

  9. Matt Lauer is a Habitual Predator!!! In addition to these non disclosure agreements many women have spoken out about his sexual misconduct!!

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