Russell Brand use of BBC interview

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  1. I love how Russell uses corporate suck up's own tactics against them and shuts people down instantly when they try to drift away from the focus of a question! I'd vote for Russ over any test in parliament today!!

  2. "Evan, put away your daft graph!" Russell, you speak the truth!

    Why is this Evan man patronising Russell?
    Why can he not see that what Russell is saying is completely true?

    We are as a society being brain washed by these 'elite' wolves in sheep's clothing and they don't like it when their masks are pulled off.

    Russell, you are trying your best, keep trying!

  3. good one Russell, but you could give the guy more chances to talk and show what bollocks they're talking; They'll do your job for you – call it rope to hang themselves with. Of course for American News – NBC, CBS and Satan's very own CNN, it needs sensational sound bites – otherwise the poor anchor is lost. land of the Free – unless your First Nations and live on land they want oil from or to transport through – they are murdering my brothers & sisters out there in ND for a fecking oil pipeline, not the oil – the pipe it goes through and will rupture and contaminate drinking water Russell! for 4 states! Greed, Fascism and Power, the American 'Wet' Dream.

  4. Brand needs to be reinvited to another Newsnight interview, this time to comment on the contraversial 2016 U.S. elections about to take place.

  5. – "Evan what is your point, mate?"
    – "Revolutions blah blah blah wipe out more than they intend to…"
    – "Thank you! You could said that in 5secs w/o the daft graph!"

  6. Russell acted like a child on this. He can't hide behind being a comic half the time so he's allowed to talk over people and ridicule them personally and then the other half want to be allowed to talk because he's got a serious political point. Listen and answer questions properly Russell especially if others are letting you speak.

  7. Oh ye russells from the lower classes poor Russell, he found money for drugs tho didn't he?

    he has millions of pounds, thanks to capitalism by the way and how much would he share with you??

  8. Russell was more believable when he was on drugs. he has tried stand up, acting and now politics. Yeh got to feel sorry for him

  9. I absolutely adore you!! You have matured allot in the last year and are better able to speak for all who have no voice. Well done!! I watched a bunch of old trews one sat. and I noticed there were many times that people wanted you to have the solution.You said something like you were just making them aware, you didn't know about economics(is that right?)You remember the one. Well that's obviously changed. Look at you helping find real answers! You're coming along quite nicely! Just think of all the good you are causing directly or indirectly(this is the good one cuz its like speading a healthy plague)You are going to influence great change in the world. I commend you for your dedication! I'll admit it-I got a little crush on you! Funny, smart, and cares about people and planet! And very brave and strong. oh la la. oh, I liked your show where you point out how similiar you are to some of the greatest historical men 馃檪

  10. His graph isn't even current! A couple months ago I did the real wage calculator a few times with different ages and other data. The "living wage" is $7.50 and hour. I think a person renting in UK working full time have $250. before taxes(I don't know about yours, very little about mine) Anyway, that's a Living Dead Wage=don't need to buy food, just eat slow neighbors. Those shows are not going to want you on-they can't bully/control you and you illuminate their ignorance/arrogance. There is always Parliament.

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