Russian ‘Rumor’: See Trump ‘Sex Tape’ Story Fact-Checked By DOJ On MSNBC | MSNBC

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  1. Republicans like their president in Russian pee , they voted for it .
    It's true, I know you know the world knows , the tap is in isle 3 🤔

  2. If Russia really has the tape, then it can explain why Trump always works for Russia's benefit, from another angle , Trump represents Russia to work as US president, and that will be a disaster

  3. Former judge Kenneth Starr has audacity to publicly states on Fox TV that Trump hates corruption and that is why he reacted in Ukraine. 

    First, who is to make a measurable qualification and establish the level of corruption in one country? For example, can we all agree that Ukraine is more or less corrupt than Saudi Arabia, and why? 

    Second, how many corrupt companies or corrupt individuals are operating in Ukraine, that Mr. Trump publicly named? 

    We only heard of one: Burisma. 

    And why is that? Because, his actions had nothing to do with Ukraine corruption, but to somehow do political harm to his democratic rival.

  4. I've been studying narcissism for over 10 years, you often don't find out everything a narc is capable of
    Until years later which is where we are now, do you notice, goop is "supposed" to bail him out

  5. All lies. Nothing you people say about the president is ever true. These are all deflection to what coming your way. Stop cos the people already know the media and Dems lies. Watch out: what just happened in the UK election will be little compare to what Trump will do to you liars in 2020

  6. It's common sense that they have some type of dirt on this fool. Nobody would be this much of a foot stool without a reason.

  7. I'd still like to know why Scott Pruitt tried to buy a bed from a Trump hotel. Concealment of DNA evidence? Nostalgia? We need to know!

  8. "The DOJ report reveals that Moscow hotel story was, “rumor and speculation” – Yes, that's exactly how it was presented. Steele never said what was in the dossier had been verified, only that it was information from sources that could damage Trump.

  9. "The DOJ report reveals that Moscow hotel story was, “rumor and speculation” – Yes, that's exactly how it was presented. Steele never said what was in the dossier had been verified, only that it was information from sources that could damage Trump.

  10. I do believe the tapes exist and Trump will do anything including giving Putin sensitive military tech secrets just to appease Putin.

  11. 12/13/19 You followers of
    Trump are a fools, You are totally Stupid, Ignorant or don't care about America
    and its future. Trump is a Russian Asset controlled by Putin. Trump is a Liar,
    A Thief, A Crook that has tried to hide all of his corruption of his Past.
    Trump has NO Respect for Women, He is a Adult Dress, A Cheater, Conman, Liar.
    Trump is the worst President in the History of America a Lawless President
    stated by other presidents and of State Officials and if any of You would read
    the Constitution you would know what I am stating is Truth. But you Ignored the
    Truth and believes Trump's lies over the Truth of thousand is Facts Finders and
    the Constitution to believe Trump's lies. Look at Trump's history of lies,
    crooked deals, times he's been sued, pending lawsuits, fines and Charges
    awaiting him in New York. These fines and chargers are a sign Trump and his
    Family are Corrupt and Crooked and you Followers call him Good. With your on
    statements you prove yourself to be blinded by lies, you are just Stupid and
    plain Ignorant. All you have to do is Fact Check his statements to show Trump's
    Statements are false and he is lying. If any of You Vote for Trump or any
    Republicans you are Voting Against America. It is a proven Truth that Trump and
    the Republicans is taking money from the Russians, read the Dallas Morning Star
    Newspaper. Ask yourself why would Russia be funding American Election unless
    they are getting something in return? I encourage all of you listen to Kevin G
    Hall report on Trump being recruited by a Russian General in 1977 – 1987 with
    Money and Flattery. If this doesn't change your Thoughts about Trump than you
    are a Russian Asset, Or you are plain Stupid and Ignorant and your beyond help.
    Trump isn't a Friend to America but a enemy following Putin's Orders. Ask
    yourself why does Trump protect and defend Putin and why does Trump meet with
    the Russians alone without others present in the room with him? Trump is a
    Russian Asset, Trump is laundering money for the Russians and has for years and
    his taxes will show it. That is why Trump won't release his taxes. Any Person
    that votes for Trump or Republicans is Traitors to America. Trump, Pence, Barr,
    Pompeo and Giuliani All should be Executed for Crimes against America. Any
    Member of Congress or the Senate that doesn't vote to remove Trump from Office
    has to be removed for not protecting the Constitutions. If You are a American
    it's your duty to protect the Constitution to Save America. To protect the
    Constitution is to remove Trump and all of the Republicans from Office. The
    Republicans and Trump is Destroying America, don't be Stupid open your Eyes and
    see the truth. If you Vote for any Republican or Trump you are voting to turn
    America from a Republic to a Dictatorship. Next will be to Cancel Election on
    the Presidents and Trump wants to be that Dictator and the Republicans will
    back Trump to be the Dictator . Trump is Pure Evil and he is lead by Putin. If
    you speak Evil of Trump or Republicans you will be shot as Putin and Kim does
    in their countries. Are you sure you want a Dictator? I don't . SAVE AMERICA.
    TELL Your Senator or Congressman to vote to IMPEACH Trump. Vote ALL Republicans

  12. Now Ms Lindsey, perhaps be careful, some young journalist who wants to make a name for himself will figure out what was in your HACKED emails and things about your sexuality you don't want to get out to the public. Why did you go from Trump should never be Prez he's incompetent, etc etc to BFF after the hack? Just asking for the sane part of America!

  13. What If….what if it weren't about prostitutes peeing, but maybe a few Snorting Drugs with Donald Trump…..On Tape !!
    His Adderall and Sudafed addiction would be a logical alternative narrative to the Russian Blackmail storyline.


  15. People don’t forget Putin was a KGB agent he knows his business very well. So that tape it’s real it’s just a matter of time and it will be exposed. Russians are winning big time.

  16. I am a American.

    This is my business.

    I gave Evidence in 2009 to Agent Matthew tone of the Detroit Office of Homeland Security that proves that this Impeachment attempt of now President Donald Trump is in fact premeditated as it was a PLANNED RESPONSE Scenario in case Donald Trump did run for and win the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America.

    Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, … has been bought and paid for by the Al Qaeda terrorists who illegally control my Whitman Trust.

    The same Al Qaeda terrorists that are responsible for not less than 40 terrorist attacks against the United States of America including 9 11 and all those so called "Mass Shootings".

    The FBI has had the Evidence to prove this Premeditated attempt to Impeach President Donald Trump since July 10th 2014.

    That's right before Donald Trump even filed to run for president.

    That's right this Impeachment of now President Donald Trump is a Premeditated Crime by Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, …. and the Al Qaeda terrorists that make up the Marcoux Allen PC in Jackson and Ann Arbor Michigan who illegally control my Whitman Trust and my corporation's and my assets.

    You see Donald Trump had several times publicly stated that if he were to run for President and get elected that one of his priorities would be to remove the Corruption from our government.

    Therefore Donald Trump was and still is a threat to Corruption in our government such as Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, …

    The Canadian government has had the Evidence since 2012.

    And Agent Matthew Stone of the Detroit office of Homeland Security has had the Evidence since 2009.

    That's what you are protecting when you try to Impeach President Donald Trump on these false and trumped up charges.

    First of all you are obviously an imbecil because of your attack on me.

    So to you and to all those terrorist's and criminals who chose to attack me for telling the truth.

    I am not a bot.

    And I am not Canadian – at least not by birth.

    By birth I am 100% United States of America Citizen.

    Nor am I mentally ill as I have documented evidence to prove that.


    I am an American and a Veteran of the U.S. Army more then 35 years ago.

    My family has been in America since the 1500's.

    I live in Canada because the Canadian government gave me Refugee Protection from their Ally the government of the United States of America because they (US government) participated in now not less then 49 attempts to murder me since 1976.

    The United States government participated in the theft and illegal control of my Whitman Trust which is on file at the Jackson County Probate Court (illegally sealed by the Court in 2010) and in part illegally controlled by the Al Qaeda terrorists that make up the Marcoux Allen PC in Jackson and Ann Arbor Michigan.

    And their illegal control of my corporation's and assets.

    Also I gave evidence to Agent Matthew Sone of the Detroit office of Homeland Security (2012) that proved that these same people are in fact behind the planning, financing and implementation of not less than now 39 terrorist attacks against the USA including 9 11.

    The Canadian government has this evidence also and I also gave this evidence to the FBI who has had that evidence since July 10th 2014.

    These terrorists have bought and paid for (rigged) every U.S. Presidential election since and including Reagan and Bush all the way thru to and including Obama and Biden.

    They had Clinton, Cruz and Sanders bought and paid for in this last election.

    The FBI told me that their investigation proved Trump had not been bought and paid for by those terrorists at the time of the election.

    That may have changed since who knows.

    Every governor election in Michigan since 1976 and including this current one has all major party candidate's bought and paid for by these terrorists.

    They do this so they can count on getting a PARDON for their crimes if they get arrested.

    Basically your vote is worthless.

    The FBI who has been investigating these terrorists since July 10th 2014 with the insistence of the Canadian government has had this evidence since 2014.

    The FBI of course is still majority controlled by cronies of the Bush's, Clinton's and Obama's.

    Which is in part what President Donald Trump has clearly stated when he said he wanted to "Drain the Swamp" by removing all the Al Qaeda terrorists cronies that were put into positions of power in the USDOJ and FBI …

    P.S. The U.S. government illegally required me to take both a physical and mental health exam prior their beginning their investigation into these terrorists and their crimes.

    See page 2 below of said medical and mental health exam report where it clearly states that I have no mental health issues.

  17. Its true he loves PROSTITUTES; not his legal wife yet we have a man in office who loves PROSTITUTES for pleasure; sad thing he rather another person than melania; we know that lady who wears his name don't care all she care for is expensive clothes and money um

  18. 🚨Question?? Please tell me when will all the fake news people apologize for pushing the bogus fake “Russian dossier “ for past 3 years? The inspector general said it was bogus this week. So did the Fake News folks miss that statement he made Under-oath?
    So Fake News CNN, MSNBC/NBC, ABC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post, We the people are waiting for your apology. President Trump deserves it.

  19. Lots of the info in the Steele dossier has been proven to be true. Wouldn't it be hysterical now if Putin released the tape 😀

  20. That's why he cannot say nothing about Russia does not take a rocket scientist to know that they have something on this man

  21. Mr. Graham said " … a PRIVATE CITIZEN Trump … a careful defensive statement just in case there's really that pee pee tape. While Mr. Comey onlly alleged that he just over- heard something about it, his dutiful advice to Mr. Trump regarding this matter raises some speculation that the story about this tape may be real, …and maybe not be a kind of some make-up tale to him personally.

  22. Trump lied about being in Moscow at the time. Not shocked or disgusted at content of rumor due to fact he knows the possibility of tapes existence.

  23. Wait. What about the chick Trump let Putin take back in Russia who had information on an oligarch. She pleaded with Trump to help her and Trump wouldn't because it was going to be damning against him as well. I can't remember her name but she saud she had information on the dude and after she went to Russia, she agreed to give up all the evidence to live and Trump just let them scoop her up.

  24. Trump to James comey. " Do I look like somebody who would solicit prostitutes". Comey "yeap". 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Only way this nation will survive is Trump must DIE. Hopefully a long painful humiliating death. Otherwise there will be NO justice.


  27. No decent woman would love to hang around his narcissist soul, only paid woman would just ask Melania witch is half his age.

  28. classic KGB set-up , all officials hotels have hidden CCTVs , for future potential blackmails .. the KGB STILL HACKS EMAILS f rom their citizens and incoming messages from the west .

  29. Trump strategy for the past 3 years: “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. This known as the "illusion of truth" effect. Trump and his Republican followers are traitors to USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  30. America. Remember Trump was asked (it is recorded on the news somewhere) about this, n he said that the girls were presented to him in a Russian hotel, but he rejected them. I believe this interview was when he was a candidate in 2016. This tape is out there. Of course, i did not believe him, nor i believe him now. Trump is a compulsive liar.

  31. Really it kind of distracts from the money that flowed into his businesses when he lost the casino and all of the inflated prices and anonymity of buying his condo properties. We should follow the money.

  32. Clinton was impeached for untoward sexual actions in the Oval Office with an aide. We are doomed when partisan politics that amount to elected officials making decisions on "How much money can I make?" rule the country. Mitch McCoddle, you are in the scope on that notion when, "We, the People"
    aren't fooled by Doug La Malfa, Jim Jordan and host of others who support 45's lies and his pathetic attempt at throwing shade, especially toward a 16 year old. What does Melania have to say about that? Barron mentioned. Greta maligned in how many tweets?

  33. Someone, somewhere has a copy. I hope they release them in October 2020. That filthy PIG should have his head stuffed in a urinal at Grand Central Station.

  34. That explains everything. Trump is the only president we know who got elected with the help of Russia. Allways embracing Putin. Trump, GOP and Russia tries to blame Ukraine for meddling in the American election. Hmmm!!!

  35. How was Comey "out over his skis" by writing that he asked trump about the tapes? Whether the tapes exist or not, it was Comey's job to report the possibility to trump. From the start, the dossier says the claims are unverified, and from dubious sources. As for Lindsay Graham Cracker, he oinks about hearsay, but then quotes hearsay from a supposed "westerner" who is quoted as denying having told Steele anything. How does Graham know he is quoting Steele's actual "source"? I don't remember the source's name being mentioned in the dossier…

  36. Russia has a proven history of using this very tactic to extort people. Why should we not believe this is the case, especially given Trump's obvious and public deference to Putin?

  37. Putin used his super psychic comic book powers to force Americans to vote for Trump. Other than that, what else could he have done to interfere in the election? Nothing else makes sense.

  38. It may be unverified. But it sure sounds credible, as it fits Trump's character perfectly.
    Had anyone made such claims about G.W. Bush, we would have shrugged it off immediately.
    In any case, the Ritz Carlton IS bugged. So whatever Trump did and said there was recorded by Russian intelligence.

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