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English-speaking viewers – look at the description! Hellow, fellow stalkers. This time, however, I won’t talk long because I just wanted to tell you what has happened to us lately. As every evening, I patrolled the undefined surroundings of the Chernobyl power plant and came across a spatial anomaly. I ran after Yossarian and after a short examination it turned out that someone was imprisoned in there. Do not ask how, but we were able to rescue from this trap a true legend of the polish S.T.A.L.E.R. scene. A long-lost legend, it should be added. In exchange for rescue, he agreed to join us as a guest in this video Ladies, gentlemen and mutants, before you is… Hello. Rączka Stalker here and thanks to the kindness of Stalker World I will present you some of the latest news from the universe of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Proudly made in Poland, so its good to start with it seems that Junx has finished work on Hybrid version 1.1, and after many battles, most of the goals he set for himself during the implementation of this project have been completed. We are waiting for the premiere, which will take place after catching the last bugs, literally in a few days. The new project of the creators of LA: DC is growing more and more. In addition to intensive work on locations and optimization, gameplay innovations are also created, such as: automatic loading when magazine is empty turned off picking up items requires precision, you need to point the cursor carefully at the object with which you want to interact; in addition, you have to hold down the appropriate key (an interaction progress bar has been added) For searching corpses the time is longer, for containers – shorter; equipment can be sorted according to several types, like ammunition, medicine, food, weapons, overalls, etc; a weapon selection wheel will appear; after opening the inventory, the hero leans over the backpack This is of course not all, more information will appear when the work goes ahead. Chronicles of Time have a system of crafting and cooking dishes, but it still needs to additional improvements. At the moment, the dosimeter is a separate item that should be used to check the current level of radiation. There will be possibility to exchange items with NPCs and taking money from corpses was implemented. Water has also changed, and the weather from AZM has been fully ported. In this mod, as you can see on the screenshots, there will also be women. Legend Returns 1.0 and few new screenshots Mod has beautiful build-like style. The Golden Ball, probably one of the best mods ever made, will soon get a summer version that looks like this. A few screenshots from Area of Decay, as well as a comprehensive, ten-minute review of the Wild Territory and Bar. Altogether it’s over 20 minutes so there’s something to hang your eye on! In addition, several screenshots from Yantar and Garbage. Master of Life and a glance at Cordon and the nearby forest. This location differs a lot from what we are used to mainly due to the fact that the level is supposedly much higher. A short teaser of Sidorovich bunker also appeared. Map design is underway in Legacy Of Times. The first place discussed by the creators is the area of the career and its surroundings. There are also several screenshots from the current stage of levels creation. The next place is the lake near the sewage treatment plant. They plan to build an asphalt road through its center and separate the bathing beach from the industrial part. By the way, we learned that the water is not always irradiated and it will be worth exploring… In addition, novelties have been implemented, such as the activation of artifacts some will help to get into inaccessible places (e.g. by melting a corroded fence) deal more effectively with enemies and so on. We can see also a prototype, “chilling” anomaly it works just like Comet from the original games. The next video is a demonstration of how other anomalies work With a little training, you may even be able to use them for your own purposes. Anomaly update has finally come out beta version is available for download via moddb, Google Drive or torrent. Those willing to try their hand will find a new story, an improved weather system, shaders and much, much more. The Noosphere Project show its own vision of Agroprom. There’s a lot going on in The Stalker’s Origins. Two character states have been introduced – “calm” and “fighting” In the first one, it is possible to start a dialogue with NPCs and faster movement Work is underway to develop dismemberment and anomaly sounds and using gas masks. Another new feature is fully dynamic weather, implemented completely without scripts. You can install a silencer or crosshair through the standard weapon upgrade menu; more complicated modifications, such as replacing the stock will only be possible at the workbench. “Receive” moved to the platform of Call of Pripyat and on this occasion new screenshots appeared. The concept of large locations was abandoned in favor of smaller, divided into specific zones in some, for example, live people, while others are only a buffer connecting two other locations. In order to move between them more efficiently, something like fast travel was introduced; as we approach the map we choose a destination, and the game calculates the probability of reaching it safely. There are of course random encounters – in the woods you can come across bandits, a herd of mutants, but also a forgotten backpack with valuable loot inside. Such “compression” of the Zone is explaining by the fact, that our hero is old and throwing him on long trips around the Zone would be exaggerated and illogical. Apart from the inspiration of isometric RPGs, the creators take care of our computers such “slimming” of the location by cutting them apart will significantly reduce hardware requirements New Times: The Science Path is available for download for now in alpha version. Mod is a small addition to the New Times the plot takes place in 11 locations, and we will play one of the more important characters of the original. To fully understand the plot of the Science Path, it is necessary to know the predecessor. For now only in Russian. X-Ray Multiplayer Extension is developing constantly. In the video published a few days ago we will see the lobby, new Protecta animations and some gameplay. Strange things are happening with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. So many years after the premiere, the game will receive support for directX 11.3 Only in Open X-Ray, but it’s still impressive. This means that everything will look even better and load even faster. Do you remember the promising I – Ghost mod? Forget the title, now it’s the Free Way. A trailer appeared on this occasion. In Apostate Project optical grids are being adapted. EFT Weapon Pack presents us SA-58 rifle, which will be available in three variants the first one will not have any modification options, the second will have optional optics and a silencer, and the third, assault, will put all available collimators. The creators had difficulties in adjusting the popper to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. capabilities and balancing it, so this version is not yet final. The new version of Dead Air, however, will not be released this summer. The creators did not have time to complete all planned work. We don’t know the new release date yet. Dark Path tests are ongoing 4 screenshots have appeared If you want to be up to date with the latest news from the universe of Stalker, subscribe Stalker World channel and like our fanpage. Rączka Stalker signing off good hunting, stalkers!

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  1. Gościnny występ cud miód 😀 Jak by ten frajer Makler wrócił do nagrywania to to był by najlepszy dzień w moim zyciu…zaraz momencik…

  2. Nie powiem mody są piękne i stalker wygląda cudownie, ale niestety to dalej stary dobry stalker trochę takie uszczęśliwianie się na siłę dosłownie taka namiastka stalkera 2 na którego wszyscy czekamy

  3. Piękne jest to, że pomimo upływu 10 lat od ostatniej gry z serii S.T.A.L.K.E.R. wciąż komuś chce się tworzyć te mody i ludzie w to grają, ta gra na to zasługuje. Czy S.T.A.L.K.E.R. to najlepsza gra? Nie wiem, jak dla mnie jedna z lepszych jakie powstały, ale klimat ma nie do podrobienia.

  4. Dowiedziałem się ostatnio że w zonie jest takowa frakcja "grzech" (sin) wiecie o co z nią chodzi z kąd się wzięła i jaki ma stosunek do monolitu bo wygląda na jakieś satanistyczne ugrupowanie…
    Pytanie do was jak i do widzów

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