S.T.A.L.K.E.R. World NEWS 14/02/20 (ENGLISH SUBS)

Hello stalkers! Please take a few minutes to see the latest news from the world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Let’s get started! More information about the mobile version of SoC. All static objects now have several levels of detail. The further they are, the more blurry they will be. And so – on one of the screenshots trees have been marked in green as the maximum details, yellow – as the medium, in orange – as the low and in red – as the minimal. Blue is the objects that are close to the player, but they have been blurred (to give depth?). And here is maximum grass density. With minimal settings on Snapdragon 430 and 2GB of RAM, the game reportedly holds 32-47 frames. Not bad. The Land of the Emerald Dawn and about 50% of the completed story and side quests. On paper, of course. The authors boast that the side quests will not be classic “fedexes”, but mini-stories in which we will make various decisions. The one we choose will affect on the prize and the main character himself. At the end of January, the implementation of the scenario for the game began. There is also a page on moddb – link in the description. Developers inform there about the appearance of new anomalies. They have created ones that will encourage exploration instead of bypassing them. Some of them stop time, some will let you travel to the past and some – even change it. There are no stalkers in the LoED universe. Actually everyone is looking for artifacts that have different properties: they are invisible, helpful, or completely useless. There are also those with completely unexpected properties that you can use to your advantage. Available equipment is oriented more towards survival of natural threats – – animal attacks or anomalies. It is hard to get good protection against bullets, and it’s even harder to find a weapon. We can count primarily on self-made guns, because more serious one are not only rare, but extremely expensive. All weapons is from StCoP Weapon Pack 2.8. Currently, the mod has 7 new locations, of which 3 were prepared by authors, 3 are from builds, and one is from the Last Day mod. And finally a curiosity – you will be able to swim, although the system still needs some work. Pain of the Past, or the prologue for Sins of the Past, changes the name again. Now it’s On the Edge of the Abyss. There is already a working version of the modification, which is in the hands of testers. If everything goes well, we can count on open beta. In 2018, work on the Frozen Zone was resumed. It was interesting project, because mod used the Unreal Engine 4 from the very beginning, and although its history was extremely long and stormy, everything seemed everything seemed to show that it will be released. Now, however, it turned out that this story is over. Frozen Zone has been closed, this time permanently. Along with this sad information, a rich gallery of screenshots was published. You can see some of it now on the screen, for the rest – check link in description. First screenshots from OP-2.2 presenting new achievements possible to obtain during the game. And… a glow stick. If anyone doubted that the mod would not return in the next version, they were wrong. We just hope that it will end with more than just adding a few tasks and rebuilding existing ones… In 2006 the game You Are Empty appeared. It wasn’t the discovery of the year… Some time ago a remake on X-Ray engine was announced Nothing came of it, but the authors did not give up, and changed the technology – now they are using Unity. A demo version is available and you can try it out for yourself. Link, of course, in the description. The last DLC for Metro Exodus, in which we play as Sam, an American soldier known for full game has been released. For now, DLC has quite positive reviews. We remind that Exodus and two add-ons will appear on Steam on February 15. At the beginning of February, the authors of OGSR announced the termination of all work on the mod. In their opinion, the production is ready enough that it can be play from beginning to end without major problems. The remaining errors should not affect the overall experience. Oblivion Lost Remake 3 and great news – the authors have almost finished the implementation of the plot in northern locations. However, this does not mean the end of work. Side tasks remain to be done, as well as further polish of the main ones. Many new models and animations have been added, work on the engine and scripts have been completed, which in the new version will not be as “heavy” as before. Extensive material from the creators of Atomic Heart – something like a Bioshock mixed with a bit of System Shock and Prey from Arkane. Let’s say Batman would be a Bioshock. if we add some right atmosphere to him he will look like this and become Atomic Heart. The material lasts over 40 minutes and is entirely in Russian, but has English subtitles. You can learn from it some interesting facts about the game. And if you want to get a small summary of everything we know about this game – let us know in the comments. The first trailer for the “Chernobyl: Abyss” appeared. The main character will be a firefighter Alexei, who together with engineer Valery and diver Boris volunteered for a dangerous mission … The water in the tank under the reactor is getting hotter, so there is no time to develop a detailed plan. The group embarks on a deadly mission that can prevent the greatest tragedy of Chernobyl… Choice of Destiny, the continuation of SZM is developing further. Degtyarev and Strelok disappeared somewhere in the Zone, and all attempts to contact them failed. After analyzing the captured data, it turns out that they can be in great danger. In addition, there is a risk of leakage of important informations. As an experienced stalker, we will follow the secrets and try to locate the legendary duo, then get out of the Zone in one piece. GSWR, or Global Stalker Weather Rework Addon is a new mod whose main goal is to completely change the atmosphere of the Call of Pripyat by redesigning the weather system. So far, several new skyboxes have been created, engine corrections (grass rendering, reflection on the water) and 16 completely new weather cycles lasting a total of 384 hours. GSWR is created primarily for modders but players will also be able to use it to make the game more enjoyable. The mod is still in production, and the authors are making further changes, among which we will find, for example, the option of switching the season – from standard to winter. The premiere is reportedly this year. And Stalker 2… The cipher that we have struggled with for a long time has been resolved. The riddle led to the next one, in which we need to guess and enter the password at stalker2.com. It turned out that the password is “Хранитель тайн” – A Keeper of Secrets. We could get the same achievement in Call of Pripyat. After entering the password and confirming, we get another picture. In addition to X16, Agroprom Underground map, “35” that appeared earlier in this puzzle and the mysterious “N”, there are many other clues here… Wait, wait… N? What a coincidence… And that’s all for today. Good hunting, stalkers… Oh, one more thing – Kamil, our almost tame Burer, also greets.

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  1. -Tak słucham..
    -Sorki ale emisja nadchodzi muszę kończyć
    -Ale to ty dzwoniłeś

  2. Być może N to nawiązanie do kwestii Striełoka; "Where will go you go now?" "To the North" N to północ na kompasie – być może znowu trzeba będzie przerbnąć przez Prypieć wojując z hordami Monolitu; jakieś nowe nawiązania do sedna fabuły i frakcji 🙂

  3. Wydaje mi sie ze N to jakis stalker ktory pojawiał sie w kazdej czesci ale nie bylo z nim jakiejs wiekszej interakcji w grze

  4. a dajcie znać nieco więcej o tym Atomic Heart , nie widziałem tej gry wcześniej ale wydaje się być interesująca .. a przynajmniej takie robi wrażenie

  5. O kurde, a niedawno o was myślałem kiedy coś nowego wrzucicie, fajnie że o Sam Story wspomnieliście, mam już zainstalowane to Dlc jutro będę naparzał, no i kolejny nius o Stalker2 zawsze to coś😊 pozdrawiam i dobrego wekkendu życzę…

  6. Już wcześniej myślałem czy by sobie nie pograć w you are empty.
    Ale fakt iż jedynym legalnym sposobem na nabycie gry to szukanie po jakiś aukcjach tylko po to żeby przypadkiem kupić wersje z cyrylicom.
    To jeszcze i tak bym musiał szukać pachy w internecie by nakońcu okazało się że jestem użytkownikiem karty graficznej firmy AMD. Przez jestem zmuszony do obejrzenia 10 minutowego filmu jak to naprawić.
    Więc nawet dobrze ,że powstaje taki remake.
    +W rzeczywistości ta gra jest okryta kultem tylko przez niewielkie grono fanów.
    A przynajmniej nie słyszałem ,żeby na wschodzie ta gra była szczególnie rozpamiętywana.

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