S.T.A.L.K.E.R. World NEWS 30/09/19 (ENGLISH SUBS)

Hello stalkers! Gusty winds brought some news from the Zone, which we want to share with you. Ready? Let’s start! The Living Zone and ASCH-03 bus. Developers continuously creating new models. And here is Sidorovich from New Spaces. Mod is developing but slower than we would like. We have new screenshots showing refreshed interface. Last Breath has been developing since April last year on the Shadow of Chernobyl platform. Only two people are working on the project, but at the moment the whole story is ready. A new system of crafting ammunition and weapons has been implemented. Dead City Breakthrough is growing. Version 3.0 is in preparation. The author of the mod published on his YT channel demonstration of new artifacts. Location D6, known from the Metro series, appears in Demosfen. Name of the level will change – from D6 to obvious X6. The authors promise to present on it a story related to the new grouping. In addition, a familiar face will appear… Some time ago we informed about the start of work on a new mod – The Choice. We will meet many groupings with smaller or larger influences in the Zone, but each of them will have its own mini-plot and it will depend on us who we join. The Choice will have eleven locations, and recently the authors have announced that they have redesigned the weapons and clothing system so that it is difficult to recognize the good old Stalker. From now on the suits are divided into four, not as it was in the original into three categories. Standard models have been replaced by completely new ones. Most weapon models now allow personalization in the field various sights, stocks, silencers and so on have appeared. The display of the number of remaining cartridges has also changed and is not so obvious as before. As for picking up of electronic parts There will be several types of components the better they are, the less often they can be found Playing with electricity without the right tools or skills will result in burning components or an electric shock, so it’s better to learn this art from local craftsmen first. Not for free, of course. Mod is developing at a fairly fast pace and what you see on the screen is neither the final version nor everything that the authors have to offer. Legacy of Times give us several screenshots from around the frozen lake and surrounding fields and forests. In this area we will see a large number of freezing anomalies that we showed in the previous episode of Stalker World News. Repack version of the Golden Ball, with a slightly different, summer atmosphere, has appeared. Link in the description. Next year, amateur production from the Stalker universe – „Deserter” will appear. If you want to know more authors show us an eight-minute trailer. Yes, you hear correctly – eight minutes. If we take into account that the average film lasts an hour and a half and the trailer shows up to an minute and a half, we are afraid how long this movie will be… 😉 Secrets of the Zone: The Story of Strelok is a mod which presents us the story of a famous hero in a slightly different way. Developers shared several new screenshots directly from the X13 laboratory. At the moment, work is underway to implement the plot in it. Atomic Heart, which is promising to be “Russian Bioshock”, has recently received a pretty good trailer. The game is still in development and if you are one of the lucky owners of graphics cards with RTX support there is a technological demo on the Atomic Heart homepage that you should check. We encourage you to try and describe your experience we haven’t received the first million from YouTube yet, so RTX is a song of the future for us 😉 Cordis Project is still developing. Again, we can take a look at several character models. Work in progress. Skyboxes and colors in SFZ Project are impressive. Only five screenshots, but it’s nice to look at. You know that sometimes we mention other games in a different, but similar atmosphere. DayZ will soon receive a new map, inspired by Livonia, a fictional land that we can visit in another Bohemia Interactive game – Arma III (Contact DLC) The map will have an area of about 163 square km, filled with forests and lakes. However, a new opponent will be waiting for us – the bear. There is a large group of Anomaly fans who are not liking us, but are still watching us for some reason. We take this opportunity to greet them with a broad smile and middle finger, and besides – the dust after mod in version 1.5 has not fallen yet, but creators talk about the next update in which 3D sights will appear. They are currently at the stage of resolving problems with performance degradation after implementing them. In addition, a new package of autumn textures is being prepared. The authors of Sins of the Past say they have completed the mod in 95%. After adding few more side quests a beta version will be released, oriented towards testing and catching bugs. There is a real chance that production will be ready before new year, At the moment, we have: main story line; unique models for quest characters; weather from AZM mod and few graphical changes; pack of weapons; populated locations and working A-life; intro and outro; new music in locations and in the menu. The developer of the two parts of Soul Game has not yet said the last word. Work has begun on the next part of the mod, titled “Epilogue”, which is a continuation of the previous story, but with a new hero. Of course, we don’t know anything about the approximate release date. Prosectors Project 1.5 has been developing for quite a few months. The gameplay has been redesigned trading, artificial intelligence, equipment and many other things now work differently. After gameplay changes, it’s time for graphics; developers did not copy the code from the Call of Pripyat, they just wrote their own, from scratch this is how DirectX 11.4 will come to mod. The obvious advantages of this mode are better lighting and a huge increase in efficiency. A lot of new screenshots and a half-minute movie from the Renegade Project. Back to the Stalker – modification aimed at restoring build … well, you get the idea. It stands out, like OLR, with the idea of restoring the old story and the introduction of a 64-bit engine with support for DirectX 10 and 11. Recently, the developers have made several screenshots from the Cordon. Yesterday, the four-minute Area of Decay trailer appeared, in which we will see practically the entire Stalker world ported on the DayZ platform. Many levels have been combined, and the creators have not limited themselves – some places have been expanded, new elements and surprises have appeared. You can test the mod yourself if you have DayZ a link to the Steam Workshop page can be found under the video. That’s all for today We don’t know the current prices in Sidorovich’s store but apparently he is thinking about increasing prices 😉 Good hunting, stalkers and remember to always have…

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  1. fajnei ze robia te mody ale to jzu powoli przegiecie z tematem i pewno szkodza powstajacej o ile kiedy kolwiek wyjdzie grze stalker 2

  2. Czy przypadkiem Livonia (mapa do army 3 i nadchodząca do dayz) nie jest inspirowana Polską a nie Ukrainą? I trzymajcie poziom dalej! Miło sie patrzy jak z 100 subów wzrosło już na ponad 1,3k!

  3. Złota Kula co jakiś czas daje o sobie znać. Grałem, bardzo mi się podobało, nawet powolny początek. Ale coś zrobiłem nie tak i Wilku (razem z nagrodą w postaci upragnionej strzelby) się zaciął. Ale wrócę….
    Tyle modów z broniami ale mnie zawsze zainteresują mody z nowymi artefaktami.

  4. Świetna robota, zainteresujcie się też tematem Ray of Hope, patrząc na obecną fazę projektu, być może niebawem będzie się działo coś więcej z największym modem do stalkera. Możecie zrobić też ranking najlepszych modów bo byłby przydatny, np: misery, call of chernobyl, anomaly, road to the north, a resztę polećcie sami, bo na pewno duża grupa by się tym zainteresowała.

  5. Twój kanał jest jak Mestre super montaż fajny głos wszystko profesjonalne tylko że mało wyświetleń i subskrybcji

  6. Najgorzej że wszystko rozgrywa się na tych samych mapach. Ludzie dodają nową broń, kombinezony, interface, jakieś pierdoły. Ale setny raz granie na tej samej mapie już nudzi…

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