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Hello. My name is Elly Grin, and I’m sailing around
the world with my parents and sometimes my brother. Bringing in the Genoa.See right there, Elly.Go Elly.♪ [light] So my dad is a crazy sailorwith big hair, and my mom
is my mom.
She is half First Nation andthose are my parents.When I was five years oldI was coming down from my room
in the morning
and my dad said, “Guess what”.And I said, “What?” and he said,
“We bought a sailboat and I’m going to sail
you around the world”. Mom:You guys like this boat?Yes.Should we buy it?Yes, we should. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Today I woke up and I brushed
my teeth and ate breakfastand then I got ready
and we went into town
and went grocery shoppingand I came back and helped fix
stuff with my dad all day.
I am my dad’s working helper,
I guess you could say. I help him with things
to fix on the boat. Elly: This is our wind generator and it takes energy from
the wind, like a windmill… And solar panels, and we take energy
from the sun with these and use it to power the boat. This is the water maker and
we are changing the filter. First the water goes through
a sea strainer, then a filter, then a pump,
and then a membrane. ♪ ♪ When we’re on long passages
we don’t stop at night. We go all through the night
because there’s nowhere to stop.So we take turns to give
other people a break.
My shifts are from 8:00 a.m.
to 12:00
and from four o’clock
in the evening until eight o’clock at night. Four, three… ..two… one… Oooh,
we’re on the equator. I’ve had shifts when it’s
at night, it’s dark out,and there’s thunder crashing
all around me
and current and stuff.
So that’s harder.
And there’s some days
where there’s no wind
and you’re just using your
motor and going slow.
So those are pretty easy,
so it depends.
I also scuba dive.And I’ve seen lots of things
scuba diving:
cuttlefish, clownfish,jellyfish, all sorts of stuff. We’re having a visit
with some whales. Look how beautiful they are. They look like dolphins
but they’re whales because they don’t have a snout. ♪ ♪I have books and I also kind of
just make my own school.
My mom helps me
with it sometimes.
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

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