Santa Cruz boat fire, over 30 people unaccounted for in Southern California, live stream

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  1. You'd think people know that other people can easily identify the authenticity of someone crying. Human beings can pick up on these cues.

  2. So this newscaster acts like we want to hear how you almost went there BFD she’s talking in the background of a sad story basically giving off an I told you so vibe.

  3. Flammable air? Santa Cruz Harbor? The stove running off of the same tank as they fill their air with??!? Please keep these people off of the news.

  4. For a full grown male, that tank will only last about 30 minutes in the heat of the moment. For a women maybe an hour, there lungs are much smaller.

  5. Fake news. Should have interviewed me, I was on a whale watching boat 15 years ago that went out there, I can say all I remember was seasick passengers throwing up over the side of the boat, would have been more interesting than this stupid lady

  6. A little too a like too the titanic this should be questioned….. its been exactly 100+ years since this disaster struck…. right before it docked…..

  7. poor me i might have known one of them !!! hopefully it was strangers ! what about the people who died or their family's!

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  9. Darla,
    If you're going to discuss the tragic death of many people, try not to sound like you're discussing it over a salad in a "trendy" Santa Monica restaurant. And most certainly don't make it about yourself.

  10. It has now been confirmed that 25 bodies have been recovered and 9 still missing. It also turns out there are ties between City of Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz Island where this tragedy occurred. The diving instructer who worked with the diving company operating the boat is based in Santa Cruz, California. She is among the missing.

  11. Hello, Humans.
    “Goals are like magnets. They’ll attract the things that make them come true.” – Tony Robbins


  12. They were all entitled folks (maybe US citizens/perhaps not) voting only democratic. May many more similar trips be scheduled and the result in the same manner. Just relieved no illegal migrants (that we have been told) that Ca. loves to allow and then spread throughout the country were harmed. Priorities MATTER, not ILLEGALS. Any of you surviving divers in the area step in feces on your way to the boat? Next amendment needs to be to annex Ca. from the rest of us!!! Just being honest. — ret mil

  13. two questions are the five survivors crew only ans audio recordings asking ..can you get back onboard to unlock..any truth to this..just asking

  14. People are happy here in Iran
    My teacher in high school,my friends and people in the bus were talking about this an incident and they are so happy because " they are Americans "
    It really made me angry

  15. Sounds like a typical self absorbed Californian high on her own legal weed. 30 people are unaccounted for.
    Darla: Oh well.

  16. So, this idiot thinks she's breathing propane when diving. The tanks are full of compressed air. (Just like Darla's head.) She has a license?

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  18. If there is any justice left in the world this captain should live the rest of his days rotting in prison, what a COWARD!

  19. How come all the crew members survived and 34 passengers died? This does not make sense! I wonder if a competitor company bribed someone to put this company out of business by fire! So they can make $22000 each trip?

  20. How did no one smell smoke? Especially, the 5 crew members that were awake up top. Where are the smoke detectors and alarms? These boats don't have a sprinkler system?

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    Santa Cruz boat fire, over 30 people unaccounted for in Southern California, live stream

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