Sarah Sanders: Trump doesn’t want the US in another endless war

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  1. How many sanctions does it take to replace one human being? We, weather we like it or not….are in this war. You cannot just pull out until peace is obtained. Go after the corrupt leaders and not the innocent people.



  4. So some republicans get upset when Trump dumps an ally leaving them to their fate yet stay silent when he breaks the law by asking for help for dirt on a political opponent from the Ukraine.There is a choice to be made – you either support the constitution and the rule of law or you don't and in so not doing let any illegal act to be carried out in the name of political expediency.

  5. Sanders, tell your ex-boss and Senior Citizen, whilst he still stands and moves his mouth, a War is Imminent!! …. Tap him on the shold and CONVINCE him to Resign!! 🙂 🙂

  6. Anyone who thinks the cold war is over is naive. EVERY president has to make strategic alliance decisions and it often comes down to "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Personally I'll take the Kurds any day, and tell the Turks go go pound sand.

  7. No but he wants us to starve! Wasn't giving away our nuclear secrets during Waco enough bastards? I don't want you to help me with my *MIRACLE book anymore. 50 billion of our food to China? Stupid!!
    I think I'll vote for Hillary. Maybe she'll help me with my book..?

  8. Anyone who has served in the military on active duty knows one simple thing. You NEVER turn and leave your fighting brothers and sisters to die. NEVER.
    Why? Because you know those same fighters would NEVER leave you to the same fate.
    This is the most shameful and cowardice act this President has ever done. He has left the Kurdish people to die at the hands of the Turkish Military.
    The Turks have already begun this act.
    Yes, the Middle East is a complex quagmire of issues. You DO NOT protect US interests and allies in the region by turning your back and walking away.
    Over 10,000 Kurds have died in Syria helping US interests.
    This decision by the President sends one message to them – those 10,000 human lives meant nothing.

    As to Ms Sanders I say one thing.
    You are no longer the mouthpiece for this President. Anything you say are YOUR own personal opinions and frankly, right now, your opinions mean nothing.
    I have not seen or heard one person from the US Military with knowledge on the middle east issue who agrees with the Presidents action. If Cadet Bone Spurs had spent 1 second of his life in Military Service he himself would understand the meaning of Honor and Courage.

  9. How do these amoral idiots sleep at night knowing that innocent women and children are being slaughtered. One phone call from a Corrupt wanna be Dictator (Trump) who has no sense or understanding of History, to a Fascist criminal (Erdogan) undoes years of standing with an ally and is the ultimate betrayal. Pathetic and sadly predictable.

  10. My friend V.Putin President of Russian Federation has the hots for this thick women he would very much like to have this woman wear her black smokey eye make-up and come to visit Moscow and see him !!!! 🇷🇺😀😁😀🇷🇺

  11. Obama armed ISIS and Trump throws his allies under the bus, allowing his buddy Erdogan to commit genocide against them. I means, absolutely, pull your troops out, but not before arming your allies to the teeth so they can defend themselves. I supported Trump, did what I could to help him become President, now I will do what I can to have him removed. Those who claim this isn't your war, it most certainly is, given Obama armed ISIS and Trump gladly used the Kurd's as his boots on the ground. They gave 11000 lives so Trump could brag he stopped ISIS and now he practically commits genocide against them. Yeah I know, its Erdogan, but Trump knew full well what would happen when he left his loyal allies defenseless, making him as guilty as Erdogan himself. I am disgusted by Trump and I am disgusted by myself for helping that megalomaniac (in my great and unmatched wisdom) into office. I mean I knew something was off with that guy, but I thought to myself, as long as he does the right thing, I'll support him. And he did, do a lot of good, yet this, stabbing an ally in the back like that and also the fact he now is a certified nutcase (in my great and unmatched wisdom) it is time to put that man in the nuthouse and let Pence take over, that is what VP's are for, to take over when the elected President becomes incapacitated.

  12. Those poor Kurds! Nah, not really. Did they really expect to have US bodyguards forever? Time to go home USA.

  13. Trump retreating and backing down all over the globe! Very weak and indecisive commander in chief! No surprise considering the coward faked an injury to avoid military service!!!

  14. war mongers are trouble makers they have no skin in the game, they should be sent to the front line with a gun

  15. war mongers are trouble makers they have no skin in the game, they should be sent to the front line with a gun

  16. war mongers are trouble makers they have no skin in the game, they should be sent to the front line with a gun

  17. war mongers are trouble makers they have no skin in the game, they should be sent to the front line with a gun

  18. war mongers are trouble makers they have no skin in the game, they should be sent to the front line with a gun

  19. war mongers are trouble makers they have no skin in the game, they should be sent to the front line with a gun

  20. war mongers are trouble makers they have no skin in the game, they should be sent to the front line with a gun

  21. Stay out of the conflict Mr. President. You are doing the right thing. Don't let the warmongers pressure you.

    Jesus said:

    Matthew 5:9 New King James Version (NKJV)
    Blessed are the peacemakers,
    For they shall be called sons of God.

    I'd rather be on God's side than the politicians.

  22. We should Not sacrifice american lives for the Kurds. Or the Turkish either.
    Americans should only fight for America.
    This is not our fight.
    I agree with president Trump in pulling out American soldiers from Syria and Iraq.

  23. Less than 1% of the population served in the military very few on the left yet everybody has an opinion with no skin in the game

  24. America has spent 20 years in the Middle East those people are not going to change they are never going to stop fighting each other we have a choice

  25. donald trump is 100% wrong for abandoning the kurds, after they helped the US fight an evil groups like ISIS, there were only 50 troops in that area just patroling it with no war going on, and now turkey just killed 175 kurdish fights, women, children and families have died, everybody that supports trumps decision is a real moron, you dont abandon your allies like that, how would someone like it if this was done to the US.

  26. So he takes our 200 American soldiers who are single handedly preventing the slaugher of our Kurd allies who have already sacrificed 10,000 of their own to fight ISIS for us. Then the next day Trump sends 2000 American troops to Saudi Arabia. You can't make this up

  27. I hope it's NOT that senator Graham is firmly against POTUS' intention to order a mass withdrawal of U.S. military from Syria because he happens to have BIG investments in the war-mongers' MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX

  28. Lindsey Graham is a fake Trump supporter that must be a secret Democrat who don't care if our troops are murdered in a fake political war! This Fox reporter is stupid and has no understanding of political war!

  29. If trump wins a second term, he will throw his supported under the bus just like he did the Kurds.. Mark my words…


  31. Chump just turned against another ally. I thought we were fighting ISIS not helping them. Impeach him! Impeach him! I’m an atheist and know Pence would be a more honorable president. Christian nut job? Yes. Honorable man? Yes.

  32. The anchor is not substantiating her claim that the US withdrawal creates a predicate for an Isis resurgence. She just says it , and then moves on with a question. What exactly is her personal domino theory? The answer – she doesn't have one! Rather she is making an innuendo that the USA should be jerking around playing whack-a-mole against the Isis Bogeyman, just for the sake of playing whack-a-mole. Did you know that there's an Isis cell on the Planet Boogedy-Boogedy-123.09 – south of the Venus Moon?

  33. Trump announced a deployment of about 3,000 more troops to the Gulf state, including fighter squadrons, an air expeditionary wing and air defense personnel, amid heightened tensions with Saudi’s arch-rival Iran

  34. WHAT A COMPLETE JOKE!! Sarah, YOU CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!! To support the Kurds and then all of a sudden leave them to be slaughtered??!! F You!!

  35. We were using the Kurds to fight ISIS. What better scenario would we Americans have had to spare the youthful blood of our fighting children? Now, ISIS goes free and Putin, as a side note, wins to boot.

    Stop defending the Cheif Moron in Charge. Obviously, THIS is your greatest threat.

  36. Trump gave Kurds the royal tampon treatment.
    Nothing says thank you better than your enemy bombing your civilian with a missile bought from the US. MAGA

  37. It's good thing Trump doesn't have to sign letters to the mother's of the children killed by US tucking tail and leaving them defense less. MAGA

  38. ❌ Yikes . What is Miss Piggy doing on Fox News , Spinning More Propaganda definitely 👎👎👎 while tRump is Collecting Money from Turkey's president

  39. For U.S. service members who have fought alongside the Kurds, President Donald Trumph's decision to approve repositioning U.S. forces in Syria ahead of Turkey's invasion is a naked betrayal of valued allies. Got dam traitor.

  40. Story time folks:

    You invite two friends over. You take a pee only to come back and find the two of them punching each other in the face. You jump in and try to get them off each other but you end up getting punched in the eye and throat.

    You finally decide, okay, this is stupid. You did your part for trying to stop them.

    So you go to the kitchen to find some chips. You look back to the living room and they’re still going at it, blood is now running down both their noses.

    Moral of the story: you can only ever lead a horse to water.

    Trump didn’t “abandon” them. He withdrew. There’s a difference.

    The allies should understand why he withdrew. American lives were being thrown away in these wars!

    All you can do is come alongside someone, mentor them and build them up so they’re strong enough to thrive on their own. Which IS what the president did with turkey.

    American soldiers shouldn’t be thrown into these endless wars for countries that aren’t the US. The US, historically is the ally that sticks up for the little guy. They go in and come out in victory. When wars are endless and senseless (because two knuckle head friends of yours can’t get along), that’s beyond the duty of what America has always been about.

  41. Doesn't want war.

    Pulls out of perfectly fine Iran deal, slaps extra sanctions, and stirs the pot. Then he abandons Kurdish allies in Syria, leaving them open for Turkish attacks.


  42. 1:40 'never ending tragedy…that is the middle east' …..the reason why we're BETRAYING the Kurds

    so why the are we still supporting Israel? to the tune of HOW MANY HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS IN ARMS/MONEY/SUPPORT EACH YEAR?

  43. The "endless wars" argument is ridiculous. Of course the turks would have never attacked US troops in syria in order to gain control over kurdish area. At the same time thousands of additional US troops are sent to Saudi Arabia to enhance protection of oil facilities.

  44. Military Industrial Complex is ready to get a business boost $$$$$$ after the Terrorists escape. We are fighting to control oil and other natural Resources. More important than ending war and bring our families home or protecting the Kurds.

  45. Trump is right, where were they and where were they at Gettysburg and I want to know where they were when I had a fight with Darren Clark and his brother at school when I was 9 years old.  If stupidity ever becomes valuable we could make a fortune mining his head.
    He will go down as the most corrupt and stupid president ever, the name Trump will become infamous and his grandchildren will suffer, while his children will just write books about how bad a father he was.

  46. Donald Trump knows the truth. War in middle east is a corruption. Why you pay money to liar ypg or puppets? isis is made by kurds to trick world.

  47. The UN should investigate and determine if war crimes have taken place. Then, if so, they should issue warrants accordingly. They have a legal team to determine if anything was done illegally. So mote it be.

  48. Hey America, Australia here, seeing as your abandoning your allies like a bunch of cowards now, can you please get your thousands of Marines out of my country? Seriously, we don't trust you anymore, how could we? NO CREDIBILITY, NO HONOR!

  49. So i guess the police should pack it in because of the endless violence and we do not want them in the line of fire getting hurt. Also Huckabilly should check her facts as it is The Kurds who lost 11000 Soldiers fighting Isis, how many American Soldiers died fighting Isis? And maybe the Bloviator should get his big Snout out of Israeli affairs with his Son in law Kushner since the Mideast is no place for American sisability and cowardly blowhards.

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