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I don’t think it’s selfish to not have children.
Why would that be selfish? I guess the implication is that, it means
I only think of myself and I’m the most important person in my
life, but that’s fine. That doesn’t mean, I’m selfish.
In fact, I’m being selfless, although that makes me sound like a
real pr*** so don’t put that… CUT When I was a kid, I kind of assumed that
I would have children when I grew up. because everybody does and that just seems
to be the natural order of things, but as I became a little bit older in my teenage years and into my early
twenties, I realised that I could make a choice to not have children and actually having kids wasn’t something
that really attracted me. I remember being at school
placement so I trained to be a teacher and I was a little bit overwhelmed by
the number of children in the school and I just kind of thought,
actually, I’m very happy to work with children, but perhaps I don’t really want
my own when I go home at the end of the day. My friends or other people who I met
which say, “Oh you’ll change your mind”, or “wait till your biological clock kicks in”. and I would smile and say. Perhaps. It started off just being, oh I just don’t want to have children, and then I became aware that actually the best thing I can do for
the environment is not to have any children. Now I would call myself an environmentalist and I try and live in a way that is
as sustainable as possible. So that’s things like cycling everywhere, and I am a vegan, I don’t shower every day I don’t wash my hair every
day, in fact I only wash my hair about once a month. Can you tell? It’s inescapable that having kids in the first place creates a resource consuming person. That’s not me trying to sound like
no one should have kids, but it’s kind of a fact. if I fell pregnant.
I would have an abortion. I had one particular relationship
where the not having children thing was the reason that we broke up. He knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to have children, but he was he was desperate to have his own. He kind of assumed that I would change my mind because we were together and we were in love. He would try and convince me
that I did want to have children with him and he’d tell me,
“You’d look so sexy pregnant”. The fact was, I didn’t want to have kids
his or anyone else’s, and he wanted to have children he would
have to find another woman, which is what he did I guess it’s quite lucky that I have never been broody because it means I don’t feel I’m making a sacrifice. However, if I were to have that biological clock kicking in, that everyone tells me is gonna happen, I would now say no,
even if I did become broody. Now I would make a conscious decision not to have children because of that reason I don’t want to contribute to a global population. People will often project their own lifestyles
onto you or their life choices or whatever it is, and so I
find I try not to be offended or annoyed or patronised by people who
say you “Oh you’ll change your mind” because actually this is a conscious
choice that I have made and it’s something that I
really, really believe in and I genuinely do not want to have
children, and that’s OK.

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  1. That's good not selfish but if 1 person doesn't have children the world won't change and if everyone doesn't have children the world would end and now the world is full of elders so it's better to have 2 children rather than any

  2. So helpful! I'm vegan not gonna have kids either and so glad to see this wish I could find more people around me feel so lonely in my thinking

  3. i see where we are going as a planet and a species and we're headed for disaster…ruled over by corrupt politicians and the corporations…why would would i bring another life into this mess…no thank you sir

  4. Having listened to all that has been said, why aren't you sterilised though? If you're sure you don't want children it's the most logical thing to do to avoid accidents

  5. Good, one less idiot will definitely help. This will surely save the planet. You should have a talk with Indian, Nort Africans….

  6. Good video I agree.

    Having children as a young adult is irresponsible. And secondly, part of being an adult has nothing to do with reproduction.

  7. You want to save the planet,
    You are plant friendly
    You are anti animal cruelty
    But you will not think twice to terminate a potential human being
    I don't know, but maybe you should rethink your priorities.
    Just my humble opinion…

  8. There's nothing out there for kids today. The world is a far worse place now than what it was when I was a child and in retrospect that isn't such a long time ago. I don't think she's being selfish at all.

  9. As your enemy population spirals upward from 1.4 billion. Do you think they care about the environment ? NO. They care about massive army troops, in the hundreds of millions already. Just wait and see what unfolds. I hope I don't need to reveal the regime. At least your self righteous ass could adopt. I would if my bureaucratic government would let me save just 1 childs life.

  10. Women are not public goods! Women can choice regardless on any of society or nation. If you gonna force women to pregnant, You should look up women as a god. That's what women do. Give life. Only women and god can do that. God is a woman.

  11. It's simple, at this point, the world doesn't need more people. We already have plenty (you can always adopt).And if you are not rich, or have a family bussiness or anything that makes your family financially secure, having a kid of your own now it's like condemning them and other's too (because you are creating competition) to a difficult life. The simpler times are behind us. I am 22 in Brazil and I feel like there's a war of survivor going on. And it terrifies me, because I know if I get a job, other people won't. And if they do, I don't. It sucks. There's not enough jobs for people here and it's getting worse. And poor people don't stop having kids.

  12. How do you not shower everyday, having children is a personal choice so i reserve my comments in that regard but if you certain of that choice get sterilized then . I don't agree with the logic behind it though

  13. yes! i appreciate this video & the woman speaking her mind about it, i hope that this will become more known bc it's extremely important! 💙

    i do not want children for as long as i can remember, & since a few years ago (i'm 22 now) i realised that it's too cruel to bring my unborn children into this world & so it's best for them not to.

    if i were to have children, then i'd adopt & raise as vegan 💙✨

  14. So many completely brainwashed egotistical people thinking their decision not to have children is saving the planet. Have you any idea how stupid your thoughts are? They only good thing by not having a child, is that you can’t indoctrinated them with your own unbelievable understanding of how we exist on a world that is forever changing. Get over yourselves.

  15. At the moment it is a world without war I think there has never been a more stable time to have a child. I wouldn’t bring a child into war or third world conditions. In aust they said people should have more children because it is so vast and unpopulated and stop the Muslims who are told to breed from overtaking the country. But that isOz. Only you care if you don’t have kids and wonder what you are missing out on. You can foster or adopt and give other kids safe loving homes. It is rewarding having a little person to look after you become a different person when you are a mother or father there is an overwhelming sense of love and responsibility for them.

  16. Just like global warming and westerners using reusable coffee cups and paper straws, it makes no difference when you have asians and blacks having 10+ children with rapidly increasing material consumption.

    The future will be black and brown, all fighting for scraps.

  17. Guys, IF POSSIBLE, just don't make kids. Adopt some. In this point, the planet doesn't need any more people. Overpopulation is a very big problem. Overpopulation is the reason for climate change, for global warming, poverty, and other problems. Although having kids is a choice, I am not forcing you, just think about it before having kids first. Don't be stupid and make kids if you don't think you're prepared enough, if you think you don't need kids, or don't want to anyway. Our planet is dying, do you really want it to end up extinct?

  18. Now these fools will justify murdering an unborn child so it wont have a "carbon footprint"
    Because that is like totally selfless.

  19. If this woman could convince other “responsible /selfless” women to not conceive – please convince them to sterilize themselves too! I will try my best to think that they’re doing what they can for the world… although, it’s really tough when we think about how we need to bring forth intelligent children to “make” this world a better place – they are far and in between now – what they’re doing is leaving the world vulnerable to be overrun by sheer ignorance ! How then, do they believe they’re helping the world when their child could be an innovator in order to turn things around …. ?

  20. 1:28 … ok yeah whoever put that STUPID AND WRONG idea into your head is stupid and doesn’t know anything about the environment.

    The best thing you can do is to NOT LITTER and pick up trash/ litter, use reusable items like metal straws and stuff like that. Also recycle and compost all that you can. And walk or bicycle to most places unless the place is way too far away.

    Not having children isn’t going to help if all the ADULTS keep littering and polluting the air by smoking, and other things.

  21. I don't want kids. I can't stand being around kids. I prefer peace and quiet and I like having the free time and money to spend on things I want. That's why I'm not having kids.

  22. hold on – she's not choosing not to have kids to save the planet she just doesn't want kids and a bi-product of that is that is 'saving the planet'.

  23. Go ahead, don't have kids. Third World immigrants will offset you with their
    numerous children and their children will inherit your future, good or bad.
    The Hand that rocks the Cradle will rule the future World. By ending your
    own DNA line because of concern for others, you will only guarantee that
    those who do have children will rule the future. And they might make
    the future a more selfish one.

  24. Saving the planet for the Afghans and the sub-Saharan Africans, because their level of environmental stewardship is so patently superior to the developed West- you go girl!

  25. I am for this 1000%. Liberals not having kids is a great, great idea. The sooner we get rid of this satanism, the better.

  26. No one seems to take this into consideration before popping out kids. This has been my reason since I was about 10 years old.!

  27. Any possible gains made by this action are dwarfed by the population explosion coming from Africa, having said that these women certainly are doing everyone a favour withdrawing from the gene pool, the mental weakness of these women should not be passed on.

  28. For a 35 year old, she looks like she's in her mid-50s. That wasn't a big of a choice to not have children. Men want to have children with women who have preferable traits. Men typically want a woman that takes baths. On top of that, this type of living is what bred some of the worst plagues across Europe in European history. She's just a walking, incubating outbreak waiting to happen.
    Being a vegan actually hurts the environment, because you are consuming more of the ecosystem that is sustaining life of everything else.

  29. So… if you're white then don't have kids, but let's let all the immigrants in to offset the aging population.

    Good to know that BBC is infiltrated by the Marxist cabal that wants to destroy the European race.

  30. Europe has below-replacement levels of fertility. Africa's population will quadruple in 80 years. GTFO with this destructive propaganda.

  31. We should start this campaign for people to stop having children in the countries with the highest birth rates then, not the UK.

  32. Everyone not having children are ignorant of what's going on around the world. You not having at least 2 children wont make a difference when other religions outside europe are having 8 children.

  33. This is the best news I have heard in a long time. It is in the best interest of everyone if these people do not reproduce. Thank you and don’t let the prospect of dying alone and unloved move you in any way.

  34. The maths is crystal clear. :The less poeple will this planet have the less damage to the enviroment on one side and the less poverty on the other side.

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