Scaramucci claims Trump is dividing the US with ‘racist’ tweets

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  1. You're not your own guy Saramucci! you're talking through both sides of your mouth! What do you want from Trump? He has America winning all the time! If the 4 speak hatred against the country! they should leave – what's so racist about that? you're a traitor also to your country!

  2. Telling the four Dims to go back to their country if they don't like the US isn't racist. If that's the only example that he can come up with, then he's no better than the four Dims in attacking the President to remove him from office, the exaggerated reasons they give show how they're overreaching and probably doing so on orders from international banking globalists who run AIPAC that makes it impossible for ordinary citizens to run for office, because it costs too much.

  3. The only people who think Trump’s tweets are racist are racist people who didn’t bother to read the tweets.

  4. The country has been divided way before trump ! And your kidding yourself if you don’t think the other side don’t say racist things or do worse things, maybe this guy should walk through a ghetto at night and see how he’ll be treated being a white guy.

  5. (Publicist) Hey Scar. You gotta lift you’re profile! You gotta get controversial. If you want to write a book; look ‘dangerous’. (Us) Why would we care what you recon. You got fired remember.

  6. Scaramucci was an abject failure when he was in the WH. He lasted less than 2 weeks there. Wonder why? He's a STONE COLD LOSER. LMFAO

  7. What the hells happened to the Mooch. Doesn't the President talk to him anymore? Wasn't it them four women who raaked up the racism act about the President. It doesn't matter what the President says or how he says anything anymore, their gonna chant racism.

  8. He thinks he can leave outside trump's umbrella and make a name for himself now. Big mistake. Write another book about him and relax.

  9. There was nothing racist about his tweets, just the DemocRATS trying to cause more division, if I were in a place that I didn't like guess what I would leave . Maybe the way they talk trash about America he felt like they would be happier somewhere else.

  10. Scaramucci, you are a freaking back stabber. I wonder if the Demo-gang-bangers will say you swallow.

  11. Trump is at 54% approval. It's not racist and you never said anything Scuch to help convince me he made this racist. Watch Dan Rather to get your facts straight.

  12. Good for you Mooch. Finally a Trump supporter that's actually honest with some type of integrity while other Trump supporters just sit under the president's desk ready to please.

  13. I'm trumps number 1 supporter but saying John McCain isn't a war hero and tell Americans to go back to their countries does not help him

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  15. Howard Kurtz is so far inside the media bubble he has no idea what Americans outside of NY & DC think. Scaramucci probably hasn't talked to a blue-collar working person in 10 years. The media drag him out when they need a rhino to give a negative Trump quote. Why do these two think they have any relevance outside the echo chamber?

  16. Actually dems who claim I have some kind,of white privilege have divided the country. The only racist comment ive heard throughout this whole political garbage nonsense.

  17. When even one of the dumbest guys Trump "hand-picked" to help him in the White House is calling the president a twerp, you KNOW we have a problem…. Prez Trump should just resign now, sneak out of the country to Saudi Arabia (where Epstein was going) and spend the rest of his days playing golf in the desert. If he stays here, he's going to suffer thru impeachment proceedings, debate disasters, more memory lapses in front of cameras, more State of NY criminal charges, obstruction of justice charges, and possible charges of crimes against humanity…. He should be on the next plane. Did he learn nothing from his best friend Epstein….. $$Billions won't save his azz either!

  18. Trump's complete and utter inability
    to see the immigrants as human beings
    is proof positive that he is racist.
    And/or a sociopath.

  19. Nothing he said was racist, xenophobic, bigoted, or offensive. He basically said "your policy ideas are stupid, try them somewhere else and let us know how they work". He is telling people that if America is a "problem country" for not implementing the policies they want, they can try those policies at their Country Of Choice and get back to us and tell us how they worked out. Nothing racist, he simply referred to those countries as "their countries". If it was a white person talking about how we're failures for not banning guns like Australia, telling them to go put their policies in place in Australia and getting back to us would not be "racist" or "xenophobic" or anything else offensive. It's literally saying, "Your policy ideas are stupid, try them in a country that you don't hate"

  20. Anthony would you please keep off TV, If you could care less Anthony why are you always going on any show that ask you? I trade 11 billions a day ? Wow your impressive Anthony! You left a girl friend the day she had your third child? guess you care less about the birth of your child too! If you weren't always taking about Trump on TV no one would know you at all, YOU ARE Avennits Twin!

  21. From what I hear from many Fox viewers is that Scaramucci is toast , over , no one wants his opinions going forward .

  22. I’m black and there was nothing racist about what he said. He was not talking to “ black people”. He was talking to people spouting traitorous talk who happened to be people of color.

    Omar is not a natural born American. She reminds me of people who move to Los Angeles but still think Alabama is better. Well if Alabama is better then we would ask why then are you here in Los Angeles ?

    That’s exactly what he did. Omar why are you here ?

  23. Idiot Republicans are always attacking other Republicans you would never see the Democrats do this. Did the Democrats condemn ilhan Omar racism no they didn't.

  24. This shxt pointless an these mf kno they with tha white supremacist shxt🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 😂😂😂😂

  25. Give it up already, we all see through this overused bs. Just because your skin color isn't white, it doesn't give you the ability to do whatever you want without consequences or criticism.

  26. Obama should of been president until someone else open minded ran, black white yellow whatever we are all one how can you ever say something about another race and be an American Last I checked all colors pay taxes and fight wars.

  27. we all come from somewhere if you are not native americans ,by no means he should say things like this,united states is a country based on immigrants!

  28. Trump needs to unite the nation, not divide it. The US needs to grow ts united population, in face of far greater issues. Trump is the only US president capable to standing up to China, who will make domestic politics look like a Sunday picnic. All other presidents and candidates are bend over personalities incapable of dealing effectively with China. If the US looses the trade war then yes vote then, but this is a war the USA must win and can only win under Trump and not under any of the others. Win means regaining the economic advantages that have been eroded over decades. The long term economic wealth and power of the US highly depends on this and not domestic politics. Yes there will be short term pain as business relocate out of China, however with cheaper labor in other rising Asian nations and better cost savings in South America ( due to being closer to the major customer base ) the transition will offer greater long term benefits for the USA. This is basically a structural readjustment that will offer multi-fold longer term benefits, in terms of economics and national security.

    Any other option, is a loosing pathway for the US. Short sighted outlook is what will be the Achilles heel of the US, so it needs to look well beyond the short term electoral cycles and think about the far bigger picture that the US and the west in general is facing in relation of China. The economic playing field has to be balanced for the decades ahead, not just for the next election. Simply focusing on that short term outcome will make you a looser in the long term. Do you think the Chinese have a short term view? Absolutely not. They are big long term players and have been for decades and up until recently, have been outplaying the USA and taking it for a wild ride down the gurgler. Trump is the only president to have realized and fully acknowledged that and is now addressing that seriously big issue.

  29. CHALLENGE: If Trump didn't say racist things, repeat what he said to a co-worker and see how long you're employed.

  30. Trump's ego blood is up as it was with Rosie O'Donnell a few years ago, only substitute "The Squad" for Rosie. Trump's talk is NOT racist, dems just love to use that word; however, I wish the President would not focus so much on the squad, just get on with the presidency.

  31. Trump's racism is only a piece of his reprehensible character. His more encompassing and defining character trait is his utter disdain, contempt, and absence of genuine concern, for anyone but himself. No values, principles or causes interest him other than those which promote Donald Trump. No moral or ethical guideline can come between him and his drive to feed and satisfy his need for approbation and control. He is a sociopath and narcissist who has no business making decisions about the lives of the American people. If the unethical Republican political whores in the Senate will not vote for impeachment articles from the House, we must vote the evil one out of office in 2020!

  32. How many people have left the WH again? Even some people who’ve been working with him for more than 10 years and still …

  33. You don't get to say "I'm not a racist lowlife… I just voted for one." Just face it, all you Trump supporters. You and the racist leader you worship are traitors to this country and all that it stands for. You are the vile bottom feeders of the human race.

  34. It does not sound so good when they start this up. The idea is Trump is for traditional American ideals and that according to them is racism in itself.
    Logical people don't listen to Scaramucci because he had this "awakening" only after Trump canned him and it sounds like all he wants to do is get back at him.

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