Selena Gomez Speaks Out About Kidney Transplant From Her Best Friend Francia Raisa | TODAY

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm does kaneeka fit into this scenario Rumors have it and the weird video in the freezer where Selena shadowed the crappy tragefy leads us to think yah i bet its not real


  3. However in those days was Francia’s birthday and Selena didn’t say anything in social media so disappointed

  4. So happy for Selena thank God you have a friend like you do she is your special Angel the Lord put her in your life for something in this is the reason but she gave you the kidney so you could live out your dream congratulations God bless both of you always and forever

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  6. This is real . This is not the fairy , love story , that rich and famous Hollywood young people try to make people believe . It's a fact that in Hollywood , most of the times , you better stay healthy , if not , your Money will be your only friend . About her friend ? That's a genuine friend .

  7. Coming here after watching Shallons video I can now see just how manipulative Selena is. Fake personality and definitely a guilt tripper. She kept the lupus thing a secret so people wouldn't notice how she damaged and didn't care for her own body so that in the event that her body failed her she could get away with this trickery without scrutiny.
    Edit: Most likes I've ever gotten ayyee. Follow me on ig: mochalatta_yaya

  8. She's such a liar! You're an addict, that's why your kidney failed bruh. And now they ain't friends, I wonder why..

  9. "Trying to con people out of kidneys" I never expect this from a celebrity especially if that celebrity Selena freaking Gomez. But I don't really know what I was expecting she was trying to get a kidney from the Weeknd, but as soon as she found Francia, she bound out of that relationship. She really is a snake.

  10. We need an update bc Shallon is saying Selena is on drugs and her & Francia are not on speaking terms. Love Shallon but those are strong statements and is moving quickly so let’s hope she doesn’t get sued if her story is false.

  11. I do not understand why Selena Gomez after the fig transplant that her friend "FRANCIA " gave her everything I think is ungrateful of her because the truth if they were such friends I do not understand and I think they are never referring to that issue I want someone's opinion. 😢😢😠

  12. There are only a couple things I am proud of and donar offer was one of them.every employee from janitor to owner should be like family

  13. Hopefully she knows the donar had such a great opportunity to do so.must have been a medical angel looking over her

  14. It is so sad to see so many people believing in false news and spreading with ignorant and insensitive comments. Let's have sympathy with the next, except with Selena Gomez. Stop spreading her drug use when everyone knows this is fake. It's nice to write about how comments can hurt and how responsible we should be for what we say to others for likes and then write that kind of thing based on a lie.
    You guys are gross. 🤢

  15. Selena seems very aloof about the situation like yea you l better give me your kidney.. I don't know if I buy Selena..

  16. It makes sense now why the interview didn't include that Francia found out first but didn't get a chance to tell Selena first. She was taking her time to decide. The doctor however disclosed to Selena that Francia was a match and Selena FaceTimed her wirh excitement like receiving a donor from her was a given. I feel so bad for Francia. She probably regrets it.

  17. That girl is the perfect example why very young people shouldn’t be allowed to make such decisions. Perhaps she thought she’d become famous or something. I cannot understand how can someone donate a vital organ to a “friend” without thinking about the consequences. She has a family, cousins, parents, and she’ll most likely have children or nephews. What happens if later on her body starts acting up and functioning wrongly because of only one kidney. What if her child needs a transplant and she doesn’t have what to give. The celebrity culture has gone way too far imo.

  18. wow I’m in tears having to hear Selena’s story, remember my sister pass away at the age 13 because she had lupus as well and in need of a kidney 😔 it’s been 2 months..oh how time fly’s 😔

  19. Her friend gave kidney and Selena started drinking, now hanging out with other friends calling them her bffs and getting tats with them! Wow

  20. Nowadays ppl notice her face swelling and if the 3% chance of lupus came back I’d understand why but wonder if she still abuses alcohol

  21. I wish Selena could get over her depression, God restore her in Jesus name, she seems like she has never been truly happy for a long time, receiving ur friend' kidney comes with great responsibility while fighting for her peace can be overwhelmingly hard.

  22. I dont understand how she said her Lupus has a 3-5% chance of coming back…………Lupus is a lifelong condition with no known cure at this time. Maybe she misspoke. The new Kidney could also fail.

  23. She has a friend like her sibling. That is d greatest gift her life has got by the God.therefor She is living happy today. Im proud of your best friend and your inspiration.

  24. I had a temporary spell of some kind of severe arthritis feeling in my joints but a large dose of steroids fixed it.

  25. Anyone with an Organ Donor on their drivers license should be prioritized on the list Incase they need an organ. This will make so many people sign up as future organ donors after death. Imagine all the lives that would be saved.
    I email my senator in Fl Marco Rubio to see if he can somehow push this into law but he never responded.
    God bless all those on the waiting list

  26. Selena Gomez io ti voglio bene che mai ma non come papà solo tu che mi piaci moltissimo io una cantante lo ferro'con te si ok anche sono una Americana forse vieni alla 12 30. Si certo dai d'accordo con miei genitori che non lo voglio più ricevere solo tu vieni a casa mia questa sarà una sorpresa per me Kelly sono io sono la tua amica nell' mio cuore si si ok va bene se io sto ancora zitta allora si stai arrivando da me ok allora ti ho aspettato a te che venga a casa mia ok non ne una cagata una strosata non ne una cagata una strosata non ne un sciprio come ho detto io no ok tu selena gomez devi festaggerermi la festa di il mio compleanno ok

  27. Did she thank you to her best friend here? "WE went through…was not fun"yes WE,not only you.
    She should thank for FRACIA who saved her life more.literally saved her life.Really never easy to donate someone their own kidney!!
    Idk i always feel selena gomeze is kinda tough girl..i knew about francia in lifetime movies.she should be more famous.she's good actress too with good heart♡

  28. I would never donate a kindy to any of my friends because in the end they can became fake or you in these days really dont know who your true friend is… i had a bestfriend for like 13 years and today we barely talk because she found a boyfriend and stop hanging out with me and our worldwiews became so different so i would be very mean if i donate her kidney …. maybe i sound mean but that is not a gum that is a kidney i would donate a kidney only to my family members and thats it.

  29. When I hear how desperately people need organs to be transplanted I feel guilty for using my organs when other people need them more.

  30. I had to wait 10 years in dialysis for a transplant. The things that friends and family do when you are famous. Congrats

  31. I wouldn’t do it tbh I wouldn’t give my kidney away to anyone not even a best friend they could just leave you like that like boom

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