Sen. Rand Paul on the dangers of socialism in America

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  1. Bernia sold books. That is capitalism. Capitalism works. We just have too many unsuccessful sloths who are jealous of somebody else's success and hate capitalism but are going to college to get a good job with capitalists. Makes no sense.

  2. More young Americans ARE NOT from same ROOTS as young Americans of many decades ago. They r kids of NEW immigrants who came fr NANNY state/ socialist countries where govt is Big Daddy- Bad or good. Lesson : Remember you re the BOSS & Owner of your MUCH DESIRED home.let no one come in till they embrace YOUR values & Rules.The planet 🌍 is huge place, let them find a good fit.U stay Firm & True. Bending over is UNWARRANTED stupidity, beginning of the end of paradise.

    We need a THIRD POSITION going forwards.

  4. God-given liberty and the free market allows these people to buy phone's and technology products of their choice. To use those products to vent their ignorant opinions. They are fighting against the very liberties that have allowed them to have that special privilege. GO TO CHINA AND SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT LIKE YOU DO HERE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU SATANIC SOCIALISTIC COWARDS!

    They're pushing for ideologies that will strip them of those rights. Jesus Christ is untrue the blind follow the blind and they sell both fall into a ditch.

  5. "The top 1% in the U. S. is based on merit."
    C'mon, Tucker, are you just going to let that one slide? You really think most of the multi-millionaires and billionaires earned that money fairly?

  6. Rand Paul, by voting against securing our southern border you are inviting not just socialism to US but also communism. Where is your conscience?

  7. The Dangers of Socialism in America
    1 bail out of Wall Steet 800 billion paid for by the public = socialism 101
    2 bail out of GM who then close their plants on us, and move more production off shore.
    3 tax holiday for the super rich and big business paid for by two Trillion added to the 'public debt'
    Yup America has been Socialist for a long time, the public pays and the corporations with their wealthy owners collect.
    We Should Stop Socialism – make them repay everything we did for them in the last fifty years.

  8. Really Cucker, this is what you’re featuring? There are officials testifying that Trump was using extra governmental actors for personal political gains and Trump’s foreign policy in Syria is an unmitigated disaster causing thousands of innocents to die. But you’re talking about the socialist bogey man. (Slow clap)

  9. Republicans say socialism is bad, until they bail out farmers for $20 billion or give billions in subsidies to industries.

  10. Socialism will never work. People can be liberal or conservative but equal. Never. You will always treat your family, your friends and hopefully your fellow countrymen differently than the average person or a stranger.

  11. Let the Middle East take care of their own problems! The dem/liberals want to stay and fight, to make money! Bring home the troops!

  12. Ayn Rand, uh, I mean Rand Paul strikes me as a fairly smart dude, so him totally misrepresenting Socialism tells me he's a LIAR. This garbage he's trying to confuse people with is called Marxism… Total polar opposite to the Enlightenment Era Theory of Socialism. Marx was born long after this theory was prescribed, and Marx studied Socialism to pen his nonsense for the Communist League.

    Actual Socialism:
    Any of various THEORIES of the ownership and operation of the means of production and distribution by SOCIETY rather than by private individuals, with all members of society sharing in the work and the products.
    Webster's New World Dictionary 1990

  13. Trump isn't familiar with the crooked deals of the democrats. they cry no matter what button get's pushed. dirt wherever one looks. like 1920 – just worse.

  14. Many safe, comfortable leftists have a shocking ignorance about the difference between voluntary and government-forced action. They seriously insist that employee-owned companies, employee stock options, and coops are socialist, therefore you are a socialist if you support them, therefore you must support all socialism. 

    The prospect of having one's assets seized, or being led away in handcuffs, is so remote that, to them, law is indistinguishable from custom and mandated action from that chosen by individuals. A really major misunderstanding.

  15. Has anyone looked up the immigration process to get into Norway? First of all they don’t have open borders. Second you have to live and work there and pay taxes for at least four years before you can become a citizen. No one is living off the government, especially illegal immigrants. Bernie is a F’ing moron who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Or he does and he’s just trying to fool his followers, the young idiots.

  16. The problem with the welfare for billionaires society that we're now encumbered with (ever since implementation of Reagan's supply side, trickle up economic policies), isn't socialism, it's our becoming a BANANA REPUGNICON, NEO-FACSICST country owned and controlled by a cabal of Libertarian billionaires who have their lips pressed firmly on the rear orifice of the dictator-in-chief, Donald Traitor Trump.

  17. Only in America… nobody knows what socialism really means, not the people that call them selfs as such nor the people criticizing them. A country of perpetual idiocy and worst education

  18. Socialism turns people into cattle for the government to farm for power, all sold to you as benevolence, kindness, loving and caring, but in the end, you are just a farm animal harvested for labor. socialists hate family as farmers never allow their animals to have families, then they feed you when they want, give you healthcare when they want, never listen to you as all they hear is Moooo, and do whatever they can to shut you up when you don't like being herded and treated like cattle. under the guise that they will make you all equal, yeah, equal cattle with no voice in a corral.

  19. Well, it's probably a great book. But all the libs have to do is to say that Rand Paul is an ignorant, heartless, capitalist, RACIST Trump supporter, and everyone on the left, and half of independents, will immediately dismiss the book, knee-jerk style, so Paul will be left with preaching only to the choir. Heroic effort, Mr. Paul, but it won't change a thing. And, BTW, young folks have not forgotten anything about the history of socialism. They were never taught about it in the first place and, instead, have been spoonfed with leftist propaganda throughout their so called "education." The left has thoroughly captured the minds of the young, and lovers of freedom have lost the war. Just a matter of time now, and not much time, before we live in an authoritarian or totalitarian state.

  20. Socialism is also the military industrial complex on steroids! Fight those wars and topple those regimes! Dwight Eisenhower: "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex."

  21. People are worn down from the generalized decay/decline in the US. Part of the playbook .. create the problem.. increasing poverty – put forth the solution.. totalitarian control.

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  23. Feds given $500 billion to banks, we are on QE4, please tell me about the evils of socialism, you sitting right there would be poor if they weren't bailing your asses out as we speak with socialism!…its socialism for the rich and capitalism for the rest and you people are propagandist for that failed system, you belong in jail or hung with the bankers.

  24. Rand Paul book on socialism is pretty high. $28.99 is too capitalist for me. I can buy alot cheaper book on socialism than Rand Paul book.

  25. Socialism is based on jealous and hatred for successful people. The hard left here in Sweden calls openly for EVEN higher taxes for our middle class. And what do we get in return, more ungrateful migrants psrasiting on our welfare and a depleted Healthcare. Sweden has some of the longest waiting line to see a doctor in Europe.

  26. My country is led by a center-right , socialist influenced gov and even the poor people here drive with high end cars like BMW, Benz , Audi, … lol

  27. Bernie Sanders is a lying hypocrite, claiming he's not a capitalist but enjoying capitalism to the tune of millions of dollars. Claiming he believes in income redistribution to make a fair and equitable system, but refusing to give up his excess wealth or extra homes he owns…in order to help the poor.

  28. You are right Rand Paul the danger of socialism in America. The idiots Communist Bernie Sander just good to cheating American young generation! Send the communist Bernie one way ticket to China!

  29. The difference between socialism and democratic socialism is putting the word democrat in front of socialism. class over.

  30. Just remember it was due to L.B.J. that shot the U.S. into socialism, a Democrat! My parents were so against LBJ as we are Texans and his votes came out of graveyards!

  31. He want tolerate greed an corruption. Really then how do u explain several of ur multi million dollar mansions. Now u say it because u wrote a book yeah sorry dont buy it. Not from one book. One I've never seen

  32. Idiots like Bernie should talk to those who lived under socialism and can testify first-hand. How in the world this extreme idiotism is possible in America?!

  33. Socialism: a 2 class system, government class, and peasant class! If you want to be a servant (slave) of the government socialism is for you!

  34. Denmark and Sweden score as more capitalist than America on economists' Index of Economic Freedom. They are LESS socialist than America.

  35. this country is over with and im willing to be wrong if somebody can prove me wrong or convince me which i am very open to. were already socialist enough which has led us to squander the wealth that we created under capitalism. we have a massive welfare government that not even conservatives have the guts to point to as a problem and finally, we have millenials and gen z who are the laziest and most misinformed people ive seen in my life and how do you think theyll vote?

  36. its a shame that capitalism always takes the blame in this country even though we barely have it anymore. we resemble fascism now, not capitalism

  37. Isn’t it ironic that Democrats want our borders to be open to anyone and everyone who wants to come here and get free everything yet Democrats want American Soldiers to stay in other countries to protect their borders and keep people out. WOW isn’t that crazy? How about we implement a new procedure that says if you want to cross our border and live here , you first join the military and go to other countries and protect their borders just like Americans have to and since so many politicians who live safely in their multi million dollar homes believe Our Soldiers should continue to stay in other countries indefinitely, how about they also go there and we will set them up with a nice office next to Our Soldiers and let’s see how long they want to stay there?

  38. This whole segment shouldnt even have to exist. It used to be common knowledge that socialism is a failure and a dream. Marx himself was a Hypocrite, he was being funded and housed by a rich friend while scheming against them. He was the poster child of loser

  39. Social Security, MediCare, Public Schools, Public Hospitals, Public Libraries, Public Forests and Parks, Public Toilets, Public Fountains… ANYTIME THE GOVT DOES SOMETHING FOR THE PEOPLE, YOU CAN CALL IT SOCIALISM. Socialism is not Communism. BTW It seems you don't mind CORPORATE SOCIALISM, which is already POLICY in America. In the 50s when US economy ran on all cylinders, most productive in the world, taxes on income of TOP 1% was 90%, still making them richer than God's balls.  Now it's 17-25%, EXEC BONUSES EXPLODE EXPONENTIALLY and AMERICAN WORKERS ARE KEPT TOO POOR TO PROVIDE EVEN AN EFFICIENT CONSUMER MARKET FOR NEW PRODUCTS.

  40. If a person can just sit home and collect a government check, why would they go out and work? I don’t make a ton of money, but I do have a wonderful healthcare plan for myself and my family. Guess what? America’s corporate employers would love it if the healthcare bill could be dumped on the taxpayers.

  41. I am not a Kurd. I am president Trump supporter from the beginning and love all of his agenda specially the economy and trade deal to protect the Americans workers and farmers. I hate Communism and socialism which have no freedom and no human being right and no free speech and press. I am tired of the Democrat and the mainstream media propaganda and fake news Russian collusion. Robert Mueller + the best of the best Democrat lawyers + top 40 FBI and spent over 30 millions dollars of the taxpayers money for nothing . Now Ukraine and whistle blow nonsense. Adam Schiff and the mainstream media should be investigated and sue for lying and mislead the public. Democrat want to impeach President Trump the same night that he was elected. So go ahead impeach President Trump and do it fairly let congress vote and allow president to defend himself and allow senator o cross exam the witness and evidences and get I over it. Then work on the agenda which effects the Americans people such as the low prescription drug, trade deal with Mexico and Canada which will create more jobs and good for the economy, the infrastructure, healthcare, education and opioid crisis and homeless crisis, gun law and more. Nothing has been done but playing games of impeachment, show the Americans people the truth.

  42. Trump should say I will keep us in Syria but I want each congressperson voting to stay send one of their family members to support that effort.

  43. Excellent, Rand. Between you and your dad, Ron Paul, you have greatly contributed to keeping this ship we call America afloat. But the dumbdems keep making us pump the bilge from the holes they keep punching in the hull below waterline.

  44. Capitalism and profit-sharing.
    Greed is a human flaw.
    Unions didn’t work.
    Profit-sharing is a good system.
    Sweden threw out the “Bernies”.

  45. How can a multimillionaire like Bernie Sanders claim he's NOT a capitalist? Socialism didn't get you those 7 vacation houses, Bern. Those are all compliments of capitalism. And remember kids, Bernie's wife didn't commit bank fraud. She committed democratic bank fraud.

  46. The majority of voters do not approve of Trump. Why is the Republican party not looking for a better Republican candidate for 2020? The clock is ticking

  47. You agree with what's going on in Canada? Third party payer system where the costs are completely out of control and the end user doesn't care because it's all "free" … and the NDP are proposing to add dental, prescription etc etc lmao … the government is broke because the people are broke, doctor shortages and wait times that are months to years for even the simplest of procedures. The health care system in Canada is not in good shape and getting worse. This guy's a dangerous, ideological, hypocritical, out of touch idiot.

  48. If the top 1% is turning over it’s meritocracy and the invisible hand is working. If the top 1% is static, it’s aristocracy …wealth and power accruing to the connected. The concept of turn over dynamism is never considered.
    Paul is correct that politicians concern should be improving the poor’s wealth rather than diminish the rich. However economic disparity flames envy and Class warfare politics are the Dems metier.
    The end of the day, Socialism makes all equally poor …. except for the new aristocrats. History teaches that swapping one government for a socialist just ends up w/ fresh set of tyrants and worse life than before. Venezuela, Cuba etc.
    Why is America flirting with a proven mistake?

  49. I say we let the politicians who are for troops in Syria send their kids and grand kids to die for nothing to show how serious they are.

  50. Socialism is just about the collective helping each other….america is about individualism and why it creates so many colourfull personalities. The nordic countries and russia are about collectivism, we thrive by helping each other….it is a higher vibe ideology….where we go 1 we go all is collectivism ideology coming from an individualism country. People wanting to keep thier 'hard earned' is totally correct and they are right to resist being forced into more taxation…being forced to give more when you can is still tyranny. Although money is conjured out of nothing now so why not get…'free stuff'.

  51. How about the dangers of unfettered /unregulated Capitalism ? nope no problem there , as long as the people are saddled with bailing out the banks and corporate greed .

  52. Yes, Socialism is bad. Socialism is a step to Communism. Socialism is Government Control and Less Freedoms. Keep Capitalism!

  53. No Rand Paul . you are wrong. It does matter what rich people make and if it is 4 Millon because they put their back into politicians like you who corrupt the system and give favors that these millionaires who made 4 billion Q make 8 million the next year while other people's wages stagnate

  54. A brilliant man once explained Socialism in a nutshell for me.
    "According to scientists, Mice are attracted to mousetraps because the free cheese is something they dont understand."    You're welcome for the enlightenment on socialism.


  56. Our current system is rigged for the rich and powerful, we have some options for recourse, under socialism we'd have none.

  57. The Architects of Western Decline: The Frankfurt School, "the long march through the institutions", Cultural Marxism, the indoctrination process, is having it's effect.

  58. Socialism would make America weak and a target for the world once America is on its knees it would be invaded or taken over by another country militarily because socialists are a bunch of pussies that don't want anyone to have guns

  59. B. SANDER LOVES utopian and loves the USSR, he could be a new Stalinism, uhm…it is crazy, when socialism makes the state ruined. Thank you

  60. Bernie won't give up any of his wealth but expects everyone else to give it up. He, and all the other Democratic candidates are expecting healthcare to be "free" and that we can pay for any illegal alien that doesn't pay a cent into the system. The young generations are being brain-washed into believing this has any chance to make anything fair. The only thing that will be fair is 99% of the people will be poor and the top 1% will have everything. Perfectly fair, right?

  61. All a millennial has ever known is socialism. Mommy and Daddy gave them everything they have, and now they want the government to do Mommy and Daddies job. They are the last American generation. What they make of this country when they have real power is … something their children and grandchild will have to pay for. And what they will leave on the millennial graves … won't resemble flowers.

  62. Can someone in the know please explain to me how a country like Sweden is not democratic socialist? It has a very high tax bracket on middle class and the rich, strong working unions, comprehensive welfare programs, virtually open borders, a drive towards universal equality of outcome, the press is quite controlled, etc etc.

  63. To correct Rand Paul, it was the Danish Prime Minister at the time. We now have a social democratic prime minister, who doesn't like immigrants aswell.

    and many of the policies Bernie is advocating for, we have in Denmark.

  64. Rand Paul: Denmark isn't socialism, it's capitalism with a strong social safety net.

    Socialist: Let's do that then.

    Rand Paul: No, because that's socialism

  65. Rand Paul: Denmark isn't socialism, it's capitalism with a strong social safety net.

    Socialist: Let's do that then.

    Rand Paul: No, because that's socialism

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