Sen. Ted Cruz: Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment circus is done

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  1. These leftist media brainwashed brain damaged goones couldnt color crayon a childerens dot to dot coloring book and get to right.

    All of the facts have been laid out as if for a small child to understand. Yet all they hear is "Orange man bad!"

    DemocRat zombies all singing, gooble gooble, gooble gobble, gobble gobble…..🤪🤪🤪🤪

  2. I don’t give a crap about Biden or his son…….sad truth is that the anti American anti trump population is so filled with disdain and the left has used the media to program people to where I’m afraid. Afraid they would vote for Biden regardless just because he and trump are at each other’s throats.

  3. Ted another window licker in the back of the gop clown bus they need to drive that bus back in the swamp they crawled out of pathetic bunch of criminals

  4. Imagine listening to Ted Cruz who let Donald J Trump call his wife ugly then No Spine Cruz endorsed him. PATHETIC

  5. No, it's all the crooked "Human Scum" repubs who are done when the American people wake up and see how evil the "Trump party" has become when all the repubs switched parties and are following an insane narcissist like Traitor Trump! America needs to vote out all these repubs so the good democrats can repair all the damage Trump and his crooked cohorts in crime have done to American democracy!

  6. "Zol" "Fare"-Any chance of getting CORRECT Subtitles as these are GIBBERISH and get WORSE as the Interview proceeds,a real"Mickey Mouse" circus

  7. Maybe someday we will have 2 or more Pro-American parties to choose from that have a large support base unlike the Constitutionalist or Libertarian parties. My whole family use to vote Democrat 15 years ago, never again the dems have got to go. Trump 2020 maga

  8. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Trump pass out at 31 Flavors last night.

  9. I am tired of hearing "how terrified they are". They are NOT terrified as they continue to waste the tax payers money, time and are getting away with false witness AGAINST OUR PRESIDENT. The sad thing is that all the actual evidence shows THEY are the criminals and yet this farce goes on and NOTHING happens to them. WHEN ARE THE FALSE ACCUSERS GOING TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE??? Quit talking about "how terrified they are"…they are not. When is REAL justice going to be served?

  10. Maybe so, but now the Senate Republicans circus is about to begin with the top clown, trump, to take to the center ring.

  11. When you want the very worst
    get the Wicked Witch of the West, the Queen of Sh* t. Nasty Nancy Pelosi! Can’t wait
    see Hunter Biden , Joe Biden’s
    son and Paul , Nancy’s son drug before Congress!

  12. Look at the liberal trolls that gave this a thumbs down! They just can't help but listen to the truth and not get it!

  13. If they agree to 1 for 1 witnesses; they need to start counting from the sham in The House! Not sure what that ratio was but it should be evened up, before any more Democrat witnesses are allowed!


  15. Shouldn't Nancy and her sidekicks go to jail for this circus? They knew Trump didn't break any law. This is so ridiculous!

  16. so americans….democrats are angry at you for voting for the greatest president in my lifetime…lets make them angrier

  17. What a tosser Ted Cruz. is . He bowed down to Trump even after Trump called his wife ugly. Well things will turn around for Ted . Trumps hair is getting thinner and grayer. Soon he can call him a boolb bich.

  18. Can't stand pelosi, she needs to step down and retire. Family of crooked politicians. Nephew is governor of California. These families of people that are all in politics need to be limited. Thats the real corruption.

  19. Nancy Pelosi is utterly pathetic signing the "so called" articles of impeachment one letter at a time with separate pens. Is she that unaware that she doesn't realize how completely stupid she looks? Good God. What an absolute embarrassment.

  20. President Putin is very happy with anti-American Fox trump TEEVEE and the GOP traitors. BE BEST! And do everything you can to take down that inconvenient Constitution.

  21. Tedd Cruz the Cubans in cd Juarez need you help send some money or do something. Why mexico have to deal with that?

  22. Ted, Ted, Ted the court of public opinion will be in the media and press, no right minded person can say that it stops at the door of US Capitol Building, it stops at CNN, MSNBC and FOX, but it really starts at Rachel, Rush and Ted, fortunately, Rachel has been named clown of the industry by her attorney, in court. 340 million Americans will determine that the house is anti-American, at least the democrats, and those same 340 million Americans will forever carry the knowledge that President Trump is capable of education most that He's the boss, because they made him the boss, and Nancy is not the Queen she wants to be, she was elected to do government work not party or special interests work, she may get her railroad in California but the tracks do not run thru all America, just California, the train she is looking at is really the light at the end of the democrat tunnel, Nancy, it's a big beautiful train, coming in your direction, and you will along with your paid passengers might want to realize, Donald is the engineer and may not stop because your attempt to make Americas Boss into a porter for the democrat party and while being your porter, as engineer he will not have time to stop the train. Ted, be ready, you're on the short list and for 1600 Penn. Ave, but a few older folks need to fill the job first, time is on your side, be an American first, a party leader later, and the President's Plan is the American plan, not a RNC plan but a "NEW GOP" rule of law, he knows stuff that make him Boss, be smart, be ready and above all be real patient, read Sun Tzu, daily. It's not the Art of the Deal DJT uses, it's the art of war, his book just made it readable for us. Never, fight if you have a choice. Never back anyone into a corner and never try to save face, it's the first sign of defeat.

  23. President Trump should be allowed to do what ever he wants, he does not have to offend himself. Crazy Democrats hell just make him King get rid of elections.

  24. From the 'bible belt' of course, lie your way to salvation, via the poor people's donations, someone from Munday, you know "Ted", lol !!!

  25. I read somewhere that Pelosi now regrets trying to push an impeachment because she, erroneously, assumed submitting an impeachment would mean that Trump would, automatically, be kicked out of office. Now, we just wait for, either, a dismissal due to unfounded, hearsay evidence or the fact that there's no way a 2/3rds vote will be passed by a Republican controlled Senate.

  26. 965 thumbs-down voters really want to vote for Trump because they don't know why they voted any other way, or they just life pissed off at everything — probably the latter is true.

  27. Ted Cruz is a boss, I can't wait for him to rip and tear into the Democrats for what they put this country through.

  28. My question is why didnt anybody go after the bidens before this trump thing happened. Biden did that almost 2 years ago and it's just being brought up now

  29. The OLD Bat Pelosi looks frozen. Her RBF is one a mortician's makeup artist prepares for viewing. GO AWAY already….RETIER grandma Utz!

  30. When Trump gets acquitted from the senet.
    There should be some sort of retribution against the house for this sham BS waist of our Dollars.
    Pelosi should be held accountable for this farce.

  31. You two make it sound like it's one and out, but you know the democrats will drag this out if they can until the day of the election. Why can't the tables be turned on these people? I'm tired of this crap and what the Dems are doing.

  32. Watch the video and see how nancy smilingly sign the impeachment document like a lousy school girl! She have no grace or respect for the country and it's constitution. Trump 2020

  33. Now that Pelosi is done playing the republican Senate like a bunch of baby fools, it is the Senate's job to hold a fair trial that allows for any witness either side wants called under oath.
    The president committed an act of treason. PERIOD FULL STOP.

  34. You don't think your viewers get anything; that's the way you want them. They have no clue how sick this administration is, or how dangerous this ignorance is. Neither of you wanted Trump as a president. Wierdos!

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