Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump | Day 1 | NBC News (Live Stream)

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  1. NO MORE LAW IN AMERICA! everyone do as you want and use this moron in the wh's defense and you'll get away with anything

  2. The truth will be challenged by Trump lawyers,because if the truth comes out in the impeachment The people who helped coverage it all up,when they the Trump lawyers keep trying to stop witnesses as well as other congressmen and senators that hold back the paper information and witnesses,you have corruption in the American Goverenment,people need to tell there senators that if holding back witnesses they will not vote for them,

  3. These fascist impeachment Nazis on China's payroll don't want a trial; they don't care about witnesses; and they want the senate to dismiss their sham more than anything else. They just want it to look like the exact opposite of all that is true for the sake of public opinion. They will forever claim that Trump got away because of senators who are supposedly acting as his pawns. They will claim that justice is dead because of politics (projecting their own depraved truth onto their opponents as always). This is all for show in the hopes that they can manipulate public opinion enough to defeat Trump rather than assassinate him (which Iran would be blamed for now in order to appease the military industrial complex and Israel).

  4. They only hate him because he is the most honest president we have ever had!! He says what the government doesn’t what trump to say

  5. All this is much to do about nothing they stopped all the programming for today to put this stuff on and the PBS stations had it on twice on different streaming channels they're not going to do anything to him so why waste everybody's time

  6. It only took three years and a constantly shifting rotation of false charges to get here. The Dems are prayerfully solemnly ecstatic.

  7. No one lives forever, but the shame of being a traitor to America does, it lives through generations. Impeached trump’s GOP cheats should remember this…

  8. This whole thing is a side show. Coming directly from the democrats. They're liars and corrupt. Totally from the bottom of the swamp. President trump has been doing a fantastic job taking care of the American people trying to keep us safe and protecting us. Let alone the fact that our economy and unemployment along with all the other accomplishments that he has done. Have not been acknowledg'd by the democrats. Instead they pull this stunt. The same ones that they have been doing all along since he was elected. They want to bring in witnesses which have nothing to do with the reality of why he was originally trying to be impeached. They were not fair to the republicans throwing out their so called hearing of impeachment continued to change their rules of course said their benefit. And now they want to run this show. It doesn't work that way. Why don't they just do what they were elected to do. Or is it because they know they're going to lose this next election as longest our president is our president. Because in most of the American people that have any common sense know the truth.

  9. I hope they agree to enter existing testimony into evidence later since they didn't do it today. And that they allow new evidence as well, particularly evidence that was requested but the President declined to allow.

    I don't think it'll happen though.

  10. Is this how the United States want to make the world safer and peaceful? Is this the knowledge America has to share. Stupidity, liar, and corruption. America should be in 195 in the corrupt index score. They dont even have a common sense government lmfao. I know the UN and WHO can't do it because they are all America pet. One day they will all go down the drain alike…lead yourself and never try to come to our country to try to lead no one with your corrupt mindset and government. From elementry school to middle school, and to business, Trump has always been a thief and a cheat. Ask his principals and teachers they will tell you. One man will block everything about himself, from results, to tax return, to information on cheating on election. Let's give him a showdown in little America in 2020…Vote Democratic and save your children from another slavery.

  11. At the very end, Senate Majority Leader goes over and shakes hands with defense counsel. So much for the oath he took. The one time he wasn’t lying, when he said he would work hand in hand with the defense. Does anyone appreciate how fundamentally wrong it is?

  12. Listening to republicans in Congress, you'd think the Constitution was written in invisible ink. They are all in for covering up the actions of the lying criminal president. Their dereliction of duty is helping unravel a fragile democracy. The wanna-be dictator must be please.

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  19. Trumps legal team are the true enemy of the people – Why don't they say what they mean 'Just let Trump keep screwing you!'

  20. Lol Joe Biden stole from the American tax payers , and they are trying to impeachment and remove trump over it. XD WAKE UP PEOPLE. America is starting to look alot like Latin America.

  21. Right, I never got what law our President violated? And whether it rises to a 'high crime and misdemeanor' as required of the Constitution. Please in all seriousness, what crime did he commit even if in the worst case scenario, he first sought to withhold aid in order to investigate corruption. Does our President (and future presidents) not have an obligation to not give assistance to any country if he or she suspects that that money would be used for corrupt purposes? I mean isn't the Dem argument only about the intention in the mind of the president, not the act itself? And are their arguments of influencing this election and investigating past corruptions, mutually exclusive, and indeed if both germane, making it a crime? The likely scenario is that he thought about withholding aid to investigate Biden's (and Pelosi's) pay-to-play scheme, for what happened before 2017, and then he gave aid to Ukraine before the deadline. Big whoop. We impeach a president who's instincts are right, and we let the corruptions of the previous administration go unpunished? We hold our president below the standard of due process (in the House impeachment process) and yet give one of many candidates for the Democratic primary complete impunity? We place the burden of judgment on the accused, the President, and no burden on the accusers, the Dems, or the persons at the center of this scandal, the Bidens, et al? As an American, and rather fair minded human being, I can't gather the gravity of this impeachment process, save to win an election by hook or by crook, that they, the Dems, don't believe they can win otherwise. To what additional lengths will they go to gain power. And for what ultimate purpose. God help us.

  22. The only reason there are democrats in the general public is because they have been brainwashed by biased fake news. If you removed all the gullible Americans all that would be left is Republicans

  23. 🆘 I LOL! At Democrat Speaker nervous Nancy Pelosi who says nobody is above the law except: “quid pro quo”Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, John Kerry and illegal aliens. Can you agree democrats are a pack of lying hypocrites? Funny thing Liberal fake News morons give lying democrats cover daily. But why?

  24. Dem people are such a bunch of fools … Imagine Joe Biden as president then you would see real corruption . Where's Hunter …These people are wasting time and money you the American people are paying these parasites for organizing this circus .. Trump is not perfect I think his view on climate change is archaic but he's still a very good POTUS far better than anything this dem rabble have .

  25. tRUMPHS GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES! But Adam Schiff did not Charge POTUS with Any PROSECUTORIAL CRIMES or MISDEMEANORS NEEDED to Remove a Sitting President???

  26. Roberts… Judge Ito…never was clear to me why he became the Chief justice as soon as Dumbya appointed him to the Supreme court…

  27. In this impeachment trial Democrats seem to be wedded to the Marxist Leninist theory of crime and punishment exemplified by the concept of objective guilt-that is, guilt undefinable in juridical terms and consisting solely in the so-called objective results of one's activity, as seen and defined by one's ideological enemies. The President could be guilty objectively by the mere fact of being classified as such by those who have usurped for themselves the monopoly on truth and justice.

  28. taxpayers are wondering why the democrats didn't pursue it in court? LOL- the evidence is overwhelming- but need more witnesses = Democrat scandal sham investigation.


  30. It doesn't matter if Trump is guilty or innocent, what matters is that it's wrong for the Senate to deny him a fair trial.

  31. "President Trump is a man of his word…." B😂AAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😫💀💀💀👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

  32. The more Schiff talks the Sillier his argument sounds. He wants the Government to clear all policies with him so he can decide what is best for you and America. How lame is this impeachment.

  33. The actual footage taken down, due to hacking of Russian MOB, again…… Leave us alone! if you want trump as potus so bad take him to your own country and make him all yours.

  34. Trump as prez is top law enforsement officer in the country. He has a right to investagate crimes. The Biden crime family committed

  35. Even if trump walked out in the middle the street and killed somebody we would all still like him and support trump 110% kick those dumymrats out of the country and let's clean this country up once and for all and really keep the trump train moving even better make our country great forever!

  36. This situation happened because America keeps choosing righteousness over peace.

    Power instead of Justice And Profit over People.     

    This Country .. The United States we don't learn from our mistakes  historically
    We repackage them
    Repeat them over and over… and over..
    Nothing Changes but the time the date the month.
    Republicans right now are showing there hypocrisy there is know one there with any honor for America. 🇺🇸
    Trump Must Go I say This Not A Republican or a Democrat as A American Citizens

  37. NBC is obviously another Communist news network reading the same scripts as the CNN news propaganda Clinton cartel network to deceive all of you wonderful American citizens! And dethrone a duly elected president! I am so sick of this hateful garbage coming out of the mouths of these people! I wish they were no longer a news network! Americans know they'll have more of a job to do to then just clean out the swamp in Washington! but after the swamp is cleaned out , then clean out the news medias in America! And find out which ones are lying to us, obviously this is one of them!
    Just an extra tip off to all you wonderful people in America,
    if you really want to know the truth about what's going on in the impeachment trial you should look at C-SPAN because C-SPAN is a direct line into the White House impeachment trials! A direct line that is not bias nor changed to suit somebody's particular interest like these fake news media's Who are brainwashing all of America with the same script! There's so stupid they can't even come up with their own story,
    That they've got a feed off each other!
    If you want the truth right for me those who are doing the impeachment trial and not those who are watching the impeachment trial while they give you their own hopeful bias information hoping to change the 2020 election to give us all over into a communist movement and destroy our freedoms so that all America will no longer have a first and second amendment left in the constitution!
    What is it again C-SPAN is the way to go for a direct line into the White House bypassing these Clinton news network propaganda machine's!😎👍👍

  38. La France aurait d’un président comme Monsieur Trump, le seul à obtenir des résultats économiques sans brader la culture de son pays.

  39. I’m a 60 yr old man and I’m for the first time voting Republican. In all my years I have never thought all these leaders in the Democratic Party in government could be so hateful. It’s scary to listen to what they want and they do nothing to help America.
    Trump is making History, and to stop that would be stupid. I’m not going to let what the media is trying to put out is hate , fear, bias and why because is nothing like them. Lol change is good and healthy.

  40. The democrats have become the enemy of the citizens of the United States of America that the founders warned the future about.

  41. If you watched day 1 your not missing anything on day 2, Dem's still have no case, still can't prove anything, all he said she said, I assumed. What a waste of tax payers money.

  42. It's funny that CBS, NBC and the others are covering this. And all they do is say how the senate is against Dems. My question is and has been. When is Biden and son be put on trial for what they did? Aid was stopped before the call. and had nothing to do with the call. There was coruption in that country. And this is a step the goverment does before aid is given.

  43. If every God fearing American doesn't reregister to make sure their vote will count to vote this evil corrupt joke for a president, we deserve this circus that we are in. Donald is an embarrassment for the American people. This is not a Red or Blue issue, donkey or elephant issue, this is a human issue of survival because we are burning up like a match and we will continue to do so. He has rolled back the fight against Global warming and has not turned in his taxes, he's a crook from the word go and we must STAND UP AGAINST THIS KIND OF EVIL AND CURRUPTION IN AMERICA.

  44. If every God fearing American doesn't reregister to make sure their vote will count to vote this evil corrupt joke for a president, we deserve this circus that we are in. Donald is an embarrassment for the American people. This is not a Red or Blue issue, donkey or elephant issue, this is a human issue of survival because we are burning up like a match and we will continue to do so. He has rolled back the fight against Global warming and has not turned in his taxes, he's a crook from the word go and we must STAND UP AGAINST THIS KIND OF EVIL AND CURRUPTION IN AMERICA.

  45. all the young people of the United States needs to fight back against this clown Donald Trump because he has rolled back our efforts to stop global warming and this President does not have the young people's back for them to have a better future

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  47. Why is it no one is taking about an Arabe it’s up in the polls to become president in the Dominican Republic to close to the USA.
    Why an Arabe it’s using a Spanish first and last name ?
    Not cool
    People need to smell the coffee.
    I’m taking about presidential candidate In the Dominican Republic (Caribbean )
    Luiz Abinader

  48. I find it interesting that the House of Representatives didn't follow with a legal claim through judiciary channels?? (It would take too long…hmm) So, why would POTUS participate or allow his staff to testify in their TOTALLY PARTISAN WITCH-HUNT??? The articles for impeachment submitted should be voted as is, with merit.

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