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  1. Invest Adam Schiff and his involvement with Ed Buck. Why is this story not a headline? It should be a top story but there is no coverage from the dirty corrupt media…

  2. Hahahaahahahahahahahaha! CNN is nothing but a joke! The 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

  3. Now it's time to start the real trial of all those corrupt criminals Pelosi Schumer Schitt and the rest of those scumbag Democrats

  4. Thank you CNN for just putting it out there this time without slating the news and letting us just watch what happened. By the voting, it is obvious that this sherade was a political party waste of America's money and time. 100% of Dems voted guilty and Almost 100% of Reps voted not guilty. Crazy. Where is the justice? I suppose that because it was an open vote you had to vote with party or one would get blacklisted, thus their career over with. Where is the justice? I don't think that the senators actually researched the situation on their own and just followed the news and party, which is slated. We need to elect new and honest people next term who really cares about our nation and people.

  5. Where is all that criminal behavior? Got lost in Ukraine, that's where, Hunter biden, Pelosi"s son, Romney's 1 million dollar deal and Kerry's son
    We are going to find out all of the democrats corruption
    I'm a walk away democrat
    Treason is the new Democrat name

  6. Ambassador Taylor with Jake Tapper, I really don't see what credible opinion the ambassador will have after being a hearsay testimony?

  7. IMO, POTUS Trump is really the smart, stable, genius… the greatest leader ….he taught the best lawyers, politicians and the Congress the true meaning of the Constitution & the rule of law, not in theory, but in practice …. in his daily actions and words .. they're perfect, everything is perfect.

  8. democrats – guilty ; republicans : not guilty . Only Romney – guilty because he wants to replace donald trump

  9. HE'S NOT BEING KICKED OUT OF OFFICE??!!! Oh no! Maybe now the economy will get even better, maybe more terrorists will be killed, maybe black unemployment will fall even more, maybe the border won't be completely opened. What are we going to do!?

  10. Can we keep Trump for another 8 years? How can we pass that law?? Other countries wish Trump was their President. Thank you Trump for all you do and have done for our country!

  11. You poor simple minded food stamp morons.You all only survive because of the blue states keeping the money right paying in taxes to keep you all fed and clothed.most of you have welfare kids no daddy. You have dead beat men here hot paying child support and missing some fingers. trump has been running of Obama the greatest president in history. If you can't se this your to stooped to be on there talking to me. Russia is not our friend and trump is in love with them that makes him a traitor and carma will catch u to him. It's to late for you an your kids carma has already shown us all how stooped you are.

  12. How many times did Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler tell us the facts are uncontested? Looks pretty contested to me.

  13. WOTL 2-7-29 U.S. Congress

    Was directed to read Isaiah 42 then heard this…

    "To those who have decided to come against me by coming against my anointed. (Romans 8)

    I have unleashed my servant on you. I have directed him to wipe you out. And he will do as I direct him to so your days are now numbered. (Isaiah 42)

    It's no use trying to run and hide for he will he seek you out the same way an owl seeks out its prey.

    As an owl sits and waits, watching for the most opportune moment, when it's least expected he swoops in and grabs it.

    In this same fashion you will be removed from your positions on high known as Capitol Hill.

    I warned you this was coming if you refused to repent but you would not listen to me.

    And because you refuse to listen to me, like Saul I'm sorry I ever put you in those positions. (1 Samuel 15)

    You say when did you ever warn us of this? We heard nothing, we saw nothing, how can you be upset with us if neither of those two criteria were met?

    To that I answer…

    I first tried to speak to your hearts but I found that they were as hard as rocks. (Jeremiah 17)

    Then I tried to warn you through the one I have chosen to intercede on your behalf. I gave him words of warning and directed him to share them with you. (Genesis 18)

    But you refused to listen or look instead you chose to stick your thumbs in your ears, put your fingers over your eyes and shout, We can't hear you! We can't see you!!

    These are not actions of someone who wants to heed warnings. These are actions of someone who wants to continue in their sin.

    You also seem to think I've only just begun to warn you and it's unfair as you haven't been given enough time to repent.

    How much time should I give you? I've been trying to work with you for years and frustrating doesn't even begin to relate what I've had to work with.

    Working with you has been like working with an already fired lump of clay. Instead of a soft pliable piece that can be molded you are nothing but a brick.

    But your worse than that even as a brick can be used to build with. Your nothing but a shard only good to throw on a road to fill a hole.

    And it's because of your hardness that I've had no choice but to abandon and replace you in those seats that you love.

    Oh yes I have seen in your heart's the thing that you desire most. I have seen the gods that you have chosen to worship. (1 Samuel 16)

    Tell me did these gods of mammon, baal, asherah give you what you desired? Or did they cast you aside after you had sex with them?

    Did they fill that hole in your heart or did they only make it bigger?

    I'm the only one that can fill man's heart with love as I AM the God of Love! (1 John 4)

    But you were never interested in love, you've only been interested in who you could prostitute yourselves with.

    Normally I hear my intercessor calling out to about this time but he's choosing to be quiet now.

    He's deciding not to intercede on your behalf and instead is sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and getting ready for the show.

    And I think I'm going to let him sit back, watch, and enjoy!

    As your decisions over the past several years have also affected him. And although he desires to see all repent and turn towards me, as he's a man after my own heart, he also desires to see justice. (1 Samuel 13)

    So I will not press my spirit on him to intercede for you this time and give you another reprieve.

    Instead I will allow my servant to do as instructed and shine a spotlight on all your underhanded dealings.

    The same dealings that have cost my children time, money, and let's not forget their own children through war.

    But it doesn't stop there. Your decisions haven't just affected the people of this nation. They've affected countless millions worldwide.

    So I too will sit back with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show that's about to start as I believe my intercessor has the right idea.

    But you who have chosen to come against my anointed. You who have decided not to listen to me. This will not be a vacation for you!

    This will be the end of your so called careers in public service.

    So enjoy the fruits of your labors as each and every sin you have been involved in will now be put on stage for the whole world to see.

    As my servant is coming and he is as fast as the wind is from the west to the east. He will not stop until each and every one of you has been sent packing with your tails between your legs! (Isaiah 59)

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