Sesame Street Introduces New Character To Help Kids Understand Opioid Crisis | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Our children are sacred now let’s drop hints of opioid abuse .Not the children’s crisis it’s the grownups who need to grow the f up . Mr Rodgers is rolling in his grave. This world needs a Fred Rodgers with all the sissified crap that goes on .

  2. Interesting…I can’t even comment without bringing up a classist, racial, or ironic remark. Pray for those facing their addictions

  3. This may help if the kid sees the same episode everyday but I can’t remember every detail when watching Elmo. I just know I watched it

  4. Ain't this the epitome of white privilege! Blacks get addicted to crack cocaine and they are "Horrible people and should be jailed for life"! Whites get addicted to pills and they get a Sesame Street character explaining why it's not so bad. WTF?! Funny how NBC used an Asian family though to through everybody off the fact that the Opioid crisis is mainly effecting white people.

  5. I hear the next puppet joining the ranks of Sesame Street will be a transexual Muslim who openly preys in children. 🥴

  6. I'm not sure how to feel about this. Is karli really necessary? Does every child from 2 -5 years old need to understand what opioids are? We need to retain the innocence of children.

    This is very screwed up.

  7. We can't even get opioids in my state. I don't know what "crisis" they are talking about, but I have never seen one person in my life who was addicted to opioids. No joke.

  8. Omg 😮 crackheads on sesame street. …there goes the neighborhood. What will we do when big bird gets hit in a driveby or mister hooper gets shot in a robbery

  9. This truly saddens me. Not the character per se, but more so on the reason why they introduced the puppet. This is why there's no such thing as left and right. If there was, we wouldn't have a prescription drug problem. Big pharma and the "government" are in the same bed. Wake up, the world is lying to you. Everything you see on television is programming…including the "news." The left right paradigm is to keep you distracted. It's all a distraction. And nothing is ever going to improve unless you wake up and and turn to the Father.

  10. According to the mainstream media our biggest problem in America is not the opioid crisis that's killing thousands of people every year it's orange man bad.

  11. This is to help children facing the confusion and heartbreak of having someone they love having an addiction problem. My son has one. He is clean now but it definitely affected his son who is also autistic. I think it's a wonderful way to help these kids cope and know they are not alone


  13. As a former social worker of 10 years, now writer, this is a pretty good way to reach kids struggling to understand the issue. It's not perfect, but it's better than doing nothing.

  14. Because teaching kids about junkies is exactly what this country needs.

    Addicts should be given one way helicopter rides

  15. Most kids don't know these problems exist and it keeps them happy. Now they will be forced to take grown up problems ( which they can do nothing about) into consideration. Kids shouldn't be forced into stressful situations like school and work! Let them be care free and learn about life at their own pace

  16. Here's a novel idea: Why don't we introduce new characters that allow a CHILD TO BE A CHILD without introducing all this stuff into their innocent lives!

  17. they need to start a anti piercing/- anti tattoo movement, it has really gotten out of hand, it is like you all are a bunch of copy-cats and most of those piercings look like a escaped nose booger stuck to your face randomly , depending on the lighting and angle of the dangle, once you get a glimpse of that snot -bomb looking shadow it cannot be unseen,    has anyone seen their daughter walking down the aisle to get married with armloads of tattoos?         it is just fricken weird looking, they should just get married somewhere , but not in church, we parents slacked off on teaching our kids about God, now look at what our society is turning into, I think this probably started in the roaring 20's with a few revivals in-between, look at the absurdities of the political left that are fruiting like a constantly creeping fungus that goes unnoticed till it is making you sick.

  18. "Takes away the judgment and the stigma". That'll make addiction a much more fashionable thing to sell kids. Just like the lgbtqphabet!

  19. Wow… some of these comments.

    It is blind judgment & outrage like this towards addiction that an innocent child who’s parent or caregiver may be grappling with addiction (a person they love) can take into their heart ❤️ & make them feel MORE alone & afraid of the world. Worse, a child caught in the middle of something like this with an external world that is constantly judging them or the people that they love… may find this world is too painful to try to live in …. thus either repeating the cycle of addiction or actually committing suicide.

    If you don’t like what the world 🌎 looks like… be part of changing it. Addiction isn’t going anywhere. In fact, It will likely continue to escalate. The majority of the world is now “living in” or surviving in low levels of chronic despair.
    #mentalhealth #addiction #newconversationsareamust

  20. At least it's not a transgender doll could you guys all imagine a transgender puppet well I used to be a puppet where you slide your hand in the front but then I got a reassignment surgery now you put your hand in my butt

  21. If you are a drug addict with kids you should have stigma and shame. That's called accountability and socially unacceptable behavior. Are addicts the next protected class? Watch, it's coming…….

  22. How sad that almost all these comments go right to attacking addicts…the intention is to help the children understand! And unless you have a better idea???

  23. Stop with the hysteria, and stop making it so difficult to get pain relief. Makes it harder for me and other legitimate patients that don't abuse medications to keep getting their pain meds. Not my fault people decided to try heiroin or other drugs or try to take more than prescribed.

  24. really??? wtf… society is going off the rails… whatever happened to the parents explaining this kinda stuff to their kids…

  25. Seems like a lot of people are missing the point of this. It's to help kids understand what addiction is and what affects it has on their loved ones who are dealing with it. I can't imagine the confusion kids have when it comes to that subject. This is needed.

  26. I am happy this is out here, if PPL are not going to talk about it then puppets should. I just made nine years clean July 13 of this year from the same addiction n I wish there was things like this out here. I took pain killers for a gall bladder issue, then became hooked like no tomorrow. U refill that script one time ur body will now be hooked without u even knowing until ur first withdrawal. It takes three weeks for ur body to be hooked physically. I had no idea wat was wrong with me n then six years went by, n I was now taking it to not be sick. The high was gone, I needed it just to be normal. A withdrawal is terrible from this condition physically, n unless ur a survivor of this disease u have no idea wat it's actually like. Medicade now accepts programs for rehab in n out patient, check it out. I give gratitude n respect for seasme street, n believe it or not children now try pills first as young as elementary school, for first time drug use before marijuana. Ppl turn to herion cus it's cheaper, pills are expensive on the streets. I NVR went on herion, but I did start using fentyal patches n that was stronger then opioid pills. I checked into rehabs out patient treatment program changed ppl, places, n things, had not relapsed one time, cus I was ready to get out from this physical withdrawal of a nite mare my life became. It's normal to relapse in early stages of rehab, but u will get there. My mother's death pushed me past my embarrassment of addiction, n with help of my family I am here today. Thank u to my husband n my children for having my back! Seeing the world threw sober eyes is beautiful, it's the ppl u allow in it that can f*** up our scenery, I wrote this a year after my soberity.

  27. I personally think that they got a little too far for these little bitty kids shows no offense but it's a bit much for me 😩😩😩

  28. I'm so glad I was born when I was born. As a child, I absolutely loved watching Sesame Street, Zoom, and The Electric Company. I can remember how fun it was dancing around while learning my colors, numbers, shapes, letters, and many other lessons created for children. Fast forward to today, it just seems like we now live in a world where adults refuse to allow children to be children. This new society refuses to allow children to remain carefree and innocent. Children of today cannot experience the developmental stages that are supposed to occur. Why are we so insistent on making babies learn about adult situations?! There is just a short period of time for childhood; therefore, society needs to allow children to be children. Please stop bombarding children with adult problems.

  29. Sorry. As an ex addict who has children…this is not what preschoolers should have to understand. Counting, ABCs, colors, shapes…..but drug addiction? Sesame Street is geared toward preschool age children. What preschooler can wrap their tiny mind around something so difficult and complex as drug addiction. Fight it yourself and do not put it on your children.

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