Shocking New Evidence Rocks Trump Impeachment Before Senate Trial | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. If the Senate Majority refuses to hear witnesses, if they do not fight to get the documents and witnesses withheld by the Trump Administration, then they are Trump accomplices. The GOP/Republican Party/The Party of Lincoln would never recover.

  2. That is the big difference between the United States and other countries. A person with an ounce of brains in their head knows exactly what this is that people working for the president of the United States was actually deciding to assassinate a sitting ambassador of the United States Ukraine that's exactly what this is saying. And if you think foreign leaders or I can accept this garbage I do not think so you're going to find Democratic leaders distancing themselves from the United States.

  3. More proof that the Republican Party is a domestic enemy of the United States.
    Tracking a US Ambassador thus violating and undermining her security?!
    Discussions that seem to imply a desire to harm the US Ambassador?!
    Republicans are now behaving as a domestic terrorist organization.

  4. Nothing will rock this impeachment or this administration. The Plutocracy won't allow it as long as the Trump Cult is still worshiping him. And that won't happen until the economy crashes.

  5. He grabs women by the vagina hires hookers is involved in fraud with Russia never showed his taxes is a racist twitter nut 🥜 Get rid of that incompent Ahole already

  6. It's funny how the people pushing impeachment are the most corrupt traitors that Congress has ever seen..also how can people like Liawatha and comrade Bernie fairly vote when they are running against him.

  7. Don The Con should have been placed on a 5150 Involuntary Hold when he said this about the former US Ambassador in Ukraine: “She is going to go through something” because it was a homicidal ideation or threat.

  8. I honestly can’t wait the movie version of this debacle. “Stupid Watergate” starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Seth Rogen and Vince Vaughn.

  9. This is scary… it was murder conspiracy!!! Link text with her movements and we can see if it was made up or not sir😳

  10. No kidding we don't know, this go'es way deeper, keep digging they are all in on it, the do nothing republicans just sit back and let our country be taken from inside.

  11. Mr. Hyde or Mr. Hide… is more like he's "Doctor Jekyll" (at least when he's not drinking alcohol). These Trump loyalists are bent.

  12. Conspiracy Maddow at it again after lying for 4 years she cant help her obsession, MSNBC getting sued by Sandman for lying after winning a case against CNN. A school boy is taking down the corrupt media

  13. Another huge bust for the Democrats criminal behaviour and the MSM lies, you failed us all for over three years and now need to start doing your jobs and stop lying

  14. Now they create more hungry and homelessness, so the Christians can increase their base of clones.

    Many of us Watchers Saw this Coming, Because that’s what they told us they were going to Do.

    Same thing with this Ukraine Thing – Trump Told everybody watching his Nat͏i͏onal interview

    (Where one of his aids was coughing) to warn trump not to say what he was going to say – And Trump Kicked Him Out of the Room 👉🏼Muvany

    “Sure, said Trump,

    “I would take Dirt on any of my Opponents (from any foreign government)

    if they Were MY Enemies – So What, “Yea⁉️I think I would”

    This was right after the Mueller report – Looks Like Everybody overlooked that, as his defense strategy of Truth 🙌

    Trump has a Bigger Mission and That is to Destroy the United States of America

    Plain & Simple — He Hates This Country

  15. O.K. Now Trump supporters: WAKE UP! Can't you see it now? What is wrong with you? Your President is a crook!

  16. My, my, atound three and a half years ago the world has witnessed America become a circus, with a vile, lying, pus*ygrabbing orange clown taking charge. Only now it turns out that there are FAR more clowns in the USA government and around it than we expected. And half of the country LOVES this circus and can't have enough of it, apparently. If you want to save yourself, USA, get rid of Bill Barr. NOW. Gretings from Europe.

  17. Do you think that FBI should be questioning this most recent fat guy Hyde? Who's in charge of that AG Barr?? Sec State Mike Pompeo? FBI Director Wray?? Anybody? Anybody want to know why? Or what? What's going on?

  18. Peloser 💩will end up with her tail between her legs hiding under her desk, dumbest woman in the history of politics in the USA😱

  19. Trump 2020 ! Winning. Stop twisting the truth Maddow . Your conspiracy theories are not working ! Russian collusion ! lol

  20. The Democrats needed the Delay to develop a strategy to counter Rudy's allegations.. enter Lev Parnas.. Immunity Deals are Fun….

  21. So the plot thickens – and with vile men like these in charge, that means a cemetery plot widening into a mass grave.

  22. Trump the crime boss, thug, dirt bag and all his cronnies must be held accountable. Now is the time to stop debating on all trumps crrimes. How about trump and cronnies are handcuffed, just like the man on the street would be. There is severe criminal behavior and cannot be overlooked or excused.

  23. Trump is running away and hiding by not producing evidence needed. Just what little children do. Guilty kids run and hide.

  24. We have surveillance on every embassy and foreign delegate in our country at all times. Idiocy, we demonize the Pres. for calling out the corrupt, Joe Biden. Everyone wants Trump out, He's screwing up the politicians ability to get rich off of their own corruptions. He is not a member of the club.

  25. Removing her was the price they had to pay to former Ukraine prosecutor Letensko(sp?) before he would give then the supposed dirt he had on Biden .

  26. Trump takes pictures with thousands of people every year… MSNBC's foreigner subscribers should stop acting so gullible, it's just silly. If you really are that gullible, my sympathies.

  27. I’m still waiting for the shocking part – stop gaslighting me. Just admit you hate the orange man and think he’s evil and you’re not considering the reality of the situation – because you are severely biased and unable to opine on these matters objectively. Every time you hype up the next “bombshell” or “shocking update” constantly saying the walls are
    Closing in for literally years now – and nothing ever happens. Stop it – you are not a credible news source anymore – if you ever were. You can call that fake news, or whatever you want to call it – but on your broadcast record of coverage the stats say it all – I can’t believe some of the things you said about Russian conspiracy boogeyman theories – it’s actually sick. I hope you are just an anomaly – a rod scholar that it just regarded when it comes to understanding how their emotions dictate their actions rather than inductive reasoning and logical/rationale analysis, but unfortunately I fear The truth is you are aware it was all bs and didn’t care because the other end justifies the means when it comes to trump. I’d be okay – if you would just say that and disclose your perspective and strategy, but don’t sit on your high horse claiming you are an authoritative source for news, and then expect me to just pretend I can’t see the clear fact you have a clear and specific agenda, and it is to ensure corporate centrist leftism masked as populism/progressivism is maintained as the dominant political power structure in this country and globally

  28. Why are they still talking about this woman? She's not the ambassador.. She was let go… it's also obvious she was complicit in covering up Ukrainian corruption and now the fact that she was probably being investigated means to you she was being stalked? This is what you corrupt types always say. You get investigated and you cry you're being oppressed.. your corruption gets exposed and you go on offense..

  29. Timeline of Events… Note the Events of April 2019… The DNC Candidates had already announced they were running.. Volodymyr Zelensky Ran on the Promise of rooting out Corruption in Ukraine From Prior Poroshenko Regime.. Note When Joe Biden Entered the Race… Also How can this be a Political Attack if the Investigation into Biden Began BEFORE he decided to run for POTUS… It's not a Coincidence that JOE suddenly jumped in the race when Zelensky won the Election..



    February 2014: Vice President Biden takes “lead role” in response to Ukraine crisis. As The Wall Street Journal noted, “Soon after Moscow invaded the country in 2014 and annexed its peninsula of Crimea, Mr. Biden took a lead role in U.S. efforts to support the fragile government in Kiev. He shuttled back and forth to the Ukrainian capital, coordinating U.S. aid packages and cajoling the officials to enact reforms even as the country fought off Russian-backed rebels in the country’s east.” [The Wall Street Journal, 9/22/19]

    May 2014: Hunter Biden joins board of Burisma Holdings Ltd. Biden, a lawyer, also took over responsibility of the gas firm’s legal department. The firm was controlled by Nikolai Zlochevsky, who served as a minister in the previous pro-Russia Ukrainian administration. [The Wall Street Journal, 5/13/14]

    2014-2015: Ukrainian probe of Burisma is “shelved.” The U.S. government had supported investigations into Zlochevsky and his holdings, including Burisma, but Obama administration officials worried that top prosecutor Viktor Shokin, appointed in February 2015, was not pursuing them. The investigation “was shelved by Ukrainian prosecutors in 2014 and through 2015,” according to former Ukrainian Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy Kasko. [The New York Times, 5/1/19; Bloomberg, 5/7/19]

    December 2015: NY Times, WSJ report Hunter Biden’s Burisma role may undermine Joe Biden’s credibility pushing anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine. With Joe Biden visiting Ukraine to urge its government to step up its anti-corruption efforts, both the Times and the Journal contrasted his message with, as the Times put it, “the association of his son, Hunter Biden, with one of Ukraine’s largest natural gas companies, Burisma Holdings, and with its owner, Mykola Zlochevsky.” Each article included a statement from a vice presidential spokesperson saying that his son’s business dealings did not impact Joe Biden’s Ukraine policy positions. [The New York Times, 12/8/15; The Wall Street Journal, 12/7/15]

    February 2016: Criticism over lax Ukrainian anti-corruption effort intensifies. On February 10, 2016, the International Monetary Fund warned that it would halt its financial support for Ukraine if the government did not step up its fight against corruption. Days later, Shokin deputy Vitaly Kasko resigned, criticizing his boss for obstructing those efforts. [, 9/23/19]

    March 2016: Joe Biden threatens to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees if Ukraine doesn’t remove top prosecutor Shokin. During a trip to Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital formerly known as Kiev, Vice President Biden “threatened to withhold $1 billion in United States loan guarantees if Ukraine’s leaders did not dismiss the country’s top prosecutor, who had been accused of turning a blind eye to corruption in his own office and among the political elite.” [The New York Times, 5/1/19]

    March 29, 2016: Ukrainian Parliament votes to remove Shokin. The Times reported the move came after “the United States and other Western nations had for months called for the ousting of Mr. Shokin, who was widely criticized for turning a blind eye to corrupt practices and for defending the interests of a venal and entrenched elite.” [The New York Times, 3/29/16]

    January 12, 2017: Burisma probes officially closed, according to the company. [Kyiv Post, 1/12/17]

    January 23, 2018: Joe Biden tells story of pushing out Shokin at public event. During a Council on Foreign Relations event, Biden said that during the March 2016 trip to Kyiv, he told Ukraine’s leaders that if Shokin was not fired, the U.S. would not provide the $1 billion loan guarantees. He added, “He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.” [, 1/23/18]

    March 20, 2018: Right-wing activist Peter Schweizer writes about “Bidens in Ukraine” in book. Schweizer’s 2018 book, Secret Empires, includes a chapter titled “Bidens in Ukraine” which purports to explain the conflict of interest created by Hunter Biden’s position with Burisma. Notably, rather than alleging that Joe Biden had forced the removal of Shokin in March 2016 to help his son, Schweizer insinuates malfeasance based on a report that the Burisma probe was closed nearly a year later, shortly before a different vice presidential visit to Kyiv. [Peter Schweizer, Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends, 3/20/18]

    March 2018: Fox News runs with Schweizer’s story. The week the book came out, Schweizer promoted it during interviews on Fox News’ Hannity and The Story with Martha MacCallum that detailed Hunter Biden’s business practices. [Fox News, Hannity, 3/19/18; Fox News, The Story with Martha MacCallum, 3/21/18]

    Late 2018: Giuliani reportedly begins looking into Ukraine-Biden allegation. In November 2018, Giuliani reportedly “got wind of” allegations that a Democratic National Committee contractor had pressured Ukraine to interfere with the 2016 presidential election — a frequent Hannity complaint — and began examining them as part of his effort to undermine the special counsel probe into Russian interference. He also claimed to have learned about the Biden allegation as part of that process. In late 2018, Giuliani was reportedly connected with Shokin, who detailed the investigation into Burisma and suggested Joe Biden had forced Shokin’s firing to protect his son. [The Hill, 9/20/19; The New York Times, 5/1/19; BuzzFeed, 7/22/19]

    Early 2019: Giuliani meets twice with top Ukrainian prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko, asks about Burisma-related investigations. Bloomberg reported: “From his office in Kiev, Lutsenko said Giuliani had extended an invitation to meet in New York late last year. When the two finally met in January, they spoke over two days about the Ukrainian political situation and the fight against corruption, he said. Giuliani asked him about investigations into the owner of Burisma, Mykola Zlochevsky, as well as whether the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, was 'not loyal to President Trump.' The men met again in February in Poland, where Giuliani gave a speech at an anti-Tehran rally on the sidelines of a U.S. summit on Iran.” [Bloomberg, 5/16/2019]

    April 1: The Hill’s John Solomon reports the Burisma probe has been revived, calls it “Joe Biden’s 2020 Ukrainian nightmare.” Solomon linked Shokin’s firing to his role in “leading a wide-ranging corruption probe into the natural gas firm Burisma Holdings that employed Biden’s younger son, Hunter, as a board member.” He also quoted Shokin’s claim that at the time of his firing, he “had made ‘specific plans’ for the investigation that ‘included interrogations and other crime-investigation procedures into all members of the executive board, including Hunter Biden.’” Solomon further reported that “part of the Burisma investigation was reopened in 2018,” and quoted Lutsenko stating that he would like to share portions of it with Attorney General William Barr. The Times later indicated that Lutsenko’s revival of the probe was an attempt to “curry favor from the Trump administration for his boss and ally, the incumbent president, Petro O. Poroshenko.” [The Hill, 4/1/19; The New York Times, 5/1/2019]

    April: Fox runs with Solomon’s story, calls it an “international corruption scandal.” Over the course of the month, Fox ran segments on Solomon’s report during at least 12 broadcasts. Hannity’s program discussed the story on seven different episodes, including interviews with Solomon himself on April 3 and 25. Hannity also claimed that Solomon had caught Joe Biden in an “international corruption scandal” on the April 3 program. [Fox News, Hannity, 4/3/19, 4/25/19]

    April 7: Giuliani calls for Justice Department investigation into Ukraine issues on Fox. Giuliani claimed Burisma is “one of the most crooked companies in Ukraine” and suggested that Joe Biden forced Shokin’s firing to protect his son, who he claims “was under investigation by that very prosecutor at the time.” He later added, “The Justice Department should investigate this.” [Fox News, MediaBuzz, 4/7/19]
    April 21: Volodymyr Zelensky elected president of Ukraine. [, 4/22/19]

    April 25: Joe Biden launches presidential campaign. [, 4/25/19]


    "Peace and security!" is the False prophecy of the False prophet indicated in Revelation 19: 20. This same 'False prophet' represents the Two- horned political 'beast', the Anglo-American world power Revelation 13: 11. This political 'beast' "begins speaking like a dragon" [which means Lies and Man-slaying John 8: 44]He also is seen in Revelation 16: 13, 14: 'Unclean expressions that look like frogs come out of the mouth of the…False prophet. [Also, out of the mouth of Satan and the total political system indicated in Revelation 13: 1] "They are in fact expressions inspired by demons and perform signs [perform signs are hissing, roaring missiles 2Peter 3: 10]…and they go forth to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the great day of God the Almighty."
    Who can actually name this 'False prophet' who is demonised; so that he tells lies, and causes man-slaying?
    More information is provided in Daniel 8: 23-25. Here, the Anglo American world power engages a war with: Media and Persia; Daniel 8: 20 which today would be called Iraq and Iran. This occurs 'in the final part of the days' Daniel 8: 17, 19 23.
    THIS war breaks out when Iran BOMBS Israel Daniel 11: 44, 45. This comes with a financial meltdown; and the loss of the Euro Psalms 46: 4-6 Ezekiel 7: 19.
    YOU are watching the build-up to this war RIGHT NOW.
    CHRIST also arrives with the brilliant light of the Sunrise Malachi 4: 2. THIS story is just at the beginning; who can identify the personalities that will fight with Christ Jesus, and His anointed ones Revelation 17: 14?
    When the US, +allies, under UNSC authority BOMB IRAN Jeremiah 49: 35-38 this COLLAPSES the financial system, according to these Scriptures:
    Psalms 46: 4-6 Ezekiel 7: 19 Revelation 18: 17 James 5: 1-3 Isaiah 2: 18-20 Isaiah 55: 1
    THIS is why the time of man's rule over man is OVER Romans 9: 28 and the time of Christ's Rule Matthew 24: 30 and His heavenly brothers Revelation 5: 10 BEGINS.
    FAITHFUL true Christians John 3: 16 are ALREADY INSIDE God's Kingdom, at the time of Christ's arrival 'in power and great glory' Matthew 25: 31, 34. [Matthew 24: 29, 30]
    THAT'S why they are all described as SURVIVORS Revelation 7: 9 14-17.
    FLEE to the high mountain, in Micah 4: 1-7 where Jehovah's name is being SANCTIFIED Matthew 6:9 and God's Kingdom is being taught; and explained also to the WHOLE WORLD Matthew 24: 14.
    This planet is not going to be destroyed Isaiah 45: 18; it will be redeveloped into a Paradise Luke 23: 43 on earth Daniel 2: 44 into which even the DEAD of former times will be coming into Revelation 20: 13. There will be "New Heavens' Ruling over a "New Earth" Revelation 21; 1. The political system; acting under the UNSC and causing crimes against humanity Revelation 6: 8 and 'desolations', first seen in 'Judea' Matthew 24: 15 and they will be EXECUTED at the appointed times Revelation 19: 11, 19-21.
    When the wicked are destroyed Psalms 92: 7 the Great tribulation is OVER. Romans 9: 28. This time is soon; that is why these things are now visible.
    Financial crazy [$257 trillion worldwide debt] + military madness [when you see Iran BOMBS Israel Daniel 11: 44, 45] = the Great tribulation Matthew 24: 21, 22, 29, 30.

  32. So Potus lied to the world today, he said he did not know Lev Parnas. Yet, Jay Sekulow, tRump's personal attorney sent out a letter mentioning Potus and Parnas. Our Potus is a big fat liar!

  33. Benedict Donald trump is DIRECTLY responsible for this by creating an atmosphere that encourages, supports, and emboldens this kind of behavior.

  34. Yea no. Encryptive…we're they planning what? Well see. That beautiful beamer, how,do you do…who threatened?

  35. Old Bush started the Iraq war on the lie of "WMD" a completely disingenuous lie, which cost many American lives, with no impeachment!

  36. What an incredible opportunity in this crisis: a real time lesson in democracy vs tyranny. Your country is providing the world with a reminder of how precious freedom is.

  37. Im not shocked . MSNBC makes up stuff all the time, just like CNN.
    Where were you people when the Clintons were murdering people.
    Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide… yah sure he did.

  38. Wait…didn't Bill lie on the stand. " I did not have sexual relations with that woman." What happened to him for that? Hhhmmmm

  39. The NEW WORLD ORDER IS AT HAND! Any citizen that helps end our freedoms at the hands of traitors(ddems & rinos), is a TRAITOR. You are helping the evils take away your own rights and ability to survive and thrive.

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