[SHOW BREAK S2] Ep. 3: Tara, Swimming Tayo!

Where are we going? Josh : To the beach Josh : We’re just wearing slippers Staff of the Hotel : Slippers are not allowed Sejun : Bedroom slippers is not allowed Sejun : So we have to go back Justin : What a pity that we couldn’t show our slippers fashion *laughs* Josh : Yey Josh : What a waste Josh : What a waste of time Sejun : Good Morning Josh : WAHHH Josh : OWWW Justin : There are so many delicious foods… but I can’t eat them all Justin : I took more bread Apparently, it’s only breakfast Sejun : Chicken And then Hungarian Sausage I like it because I’m Hungarian (hungry) now Sejun : Hi Stell Sejun/Fan : Aren’t you from SB19? Stell : *shakes head* No, I think we just have similar face Stell : Oh my god, there’s milk Sejun : What is that? Jackfruit? Stell : Kiwi!
Sejun : That’s not Kiwi! Stell : What is that? Sejun : That’s a Dragonfruit Sejun : The smell is weird Sejun : Maybe the foods are spicy Ken : (Anyway there’s just a lot of food) (Eat this one) Josh : Hey Sejun : Oh no Sejun : This is my favorite “Danggit”
(Danggit is a dried fish) Ken : You will omo (*shock*) Ken : I’m not gonna eat chicKEN for today I won’t eat chicken, I will endure it for now Stell : Oh damn Stell : And now… *inaudible* And now – It’s eating time! Stell : As you all can see we got so many foods here. Stell : Just by looking at these foods you can tell how delicious these are already. Stell : That’s why we can no longer wait to try these. Sejun : This is the moment we’ve been all waiting for. Stell : Let’s go guys and start eating. (PD: What’s that?) Justin : A cocktail that a witch made and we’ll make Ken drink this. Josh : It is the water from the aquarium HAHAHA Ken : I already had six sugar. *Ken while on diet* Justin : So, I have pudding here, then noodles, then green tea. What a combination. Ken : What is pudding? Justin : The- uhmmm. Justin : I can’t think of the proper explanation Someone : You’re going to drown in the pool later (referring to Josh) Justin : Give me the half of it Ken : I’m so full Ken : This is the most delicious Ken : also the pancake because there’s honey in it Sejun : For me, the most delicious is the sausage Ken : Why?
Sejun : Because that helped me set my mood Justin : The swimming pool is nice it is not that deep here, you would not drown here Josh Justin : The pool is not deep, you can swim here Stell : YAHHHH (That’s how they are amazed) Stell : Very beatiful, yaaah Stell : Uhmm.. Bro Stell : Broo, welcome to my house Stell : Mom said, the house is not very busy today because our maids, uhhhhhm- we gave them rest day! yeah, so the maids are not here and they are not busy so my Mom, actually thought of inviting you guys here Josh : Yeah? That’s awesome! Stell : for us to bond more and to have a swimming party! Josh : Ohhhh~ nice place mate (What happened, Ken?) (You can do it Ken, fighting!) Stell : What does he look like in the camera? Stell : Ken doesn’t have a brows, right? Ken : Let’s go!, Let’s get it Sejun : Get in the zone!
All : Break! Sejun : Hi we are,
All : SB19!! *clap~clap* Josh : We’re right now in the poolside of Sofitel Sejun : How was it again? [singing] All : We are here at sofitel, we’re gonna swim at the swimming pool Josh : With Stell Stell : Swimming with Stell Josh : So.. we are here today at Sofitel, to swim and to play games! Stell : We have different kind of games Justin : Game 1 – Longest to stay underwater Justin : Wait, do you want one host? or all of us would be? Josh and Sejun : All of us would be the host Ken and Justin : Our judge for the game is our cameraman Cameram : (oh I would be multitasking) Sejun : You could never lie to the camera (wise words) (Avengers Assemble) Sejun : The game is called – All : Yeah, we gonna go up! Justin : So our judge for today is the cameraman (Wow strong) (Can you do it for today, guys?) Ken : The water got inside my ears Josh : I panicked (The winner is Justin!) Sejun : I thought you we’re all done, that’s why I stand already Justin : Since I won, we’re going to play on finding the coin underwater Justin : The game is called, “Yeah we gonna go down!” since they need to go underwater to find the coin Justin : Since I won, I would be exempted in the game and be the judge for the meantime and the cameraman is my co-judge for today Justin : But the one who would toss the coin is the cameraman (the cameraman has many tasks) Ken : Let them see the coin Stell : It’s too close Sejun : Oh my god, that’s too fast! Ken : Let’s play swim race Stell : So our next game is swim race From here we should go there *points at something* It’s simple, the first person to get in the finish line wins Stell : The game is called – HAHAHA *clap-clap* (kuya means older brother) (Fighting!) (They’re just walking) (Josh can’t reach the floor anymore) Sejun : So the person who won is Josh HAHHAHA Justin : We didn’t realize that this part was deep already Sejun : Justin was fast Sejun : Justin is 1st Sejun : Stell is in 2nd Place, then 3rd is Ken Justin : Kuya Josh you may drown (give Josh some floaters next time) Ken : Someone touched my foot awhile ago Justin : Stell grabbed me Ken : Someone grabbed my foot awhile ago then scratched me in my arm (complaining to the cameraman) Justin : I also have a scratch Justin : We we’re colliding Justin : are we still gonna to play wrestling? (rock paper and scissors for the last game) Josh : I’m the host (“Kampihan” is a game in the Philippines to identify who is your partner in the game) Justin : Okay, I’m the one that you would lift up Ken : Hala, you’re heavy
(Hala=an expression for worrying) Sejun : Junjun vs Baby Shark Josh : are you gonna just splash water to each other? Stell : Easy, easy! HAHAHA Stell : The strategy that I just used is called the “Baptismal Way” Stell : I just hold Ken in his arms then submerged his head in the water then say “You name is Felip John”
(Felip John=Ken’s real name) Justin : For me, I’m fragile in terms of splash attacks Sejun : It’s very effective!
Justin : Yes it’s very effective, all the water went inside my nose Justin : and because of that, It’s play tme! (Pinuno is ordering something)
Pinuno means Leader in Tagalog Josh : Let’s go guys, let us take the slide Sejun : Raise your hands! HAHA Boys : WIIIEEEEE Justin : You might drown, faster hold onto me (Kuya Ken)
“Kuya” means older brother (Kuya Josh) (Kuya Stell) (Kuya Sejun) (Bunso Justin/Baby Jah)
“Bunso” means Baby brother/sister (to be continued) Justin : We are here today in SB19 Zoo

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  2. 11:39 hahaha ung kamay mo talaga kuya josh ahh hahahaha jusmeeeee kahit maliit na bagay nekekeleg eke se joshtin pangilang beses ko na ba uulitin tong mga to… Haha re-watching

  3. Pag BTS pinapanuod kong kumain hindi ako nasasarapan sa kinakain nila hahahhaha pero dito sa SB19 nakakatakam. Masarap talaga kumain pag sa Pinas ka🤤

  4. Yung nsglakad nalang si kuya Josh tas yung di nya abot ang sahig 🤣🤣 di talaga kapani paniwalang eldest to, ang cute!

  5. Parang kahawig ni josh si zijan, (tama ba ako sa name ahahahaha, correct me if i'm wrong 😂🤣) dun sa part na sya yung nahuli sa ikatlong laro nila..

  6. 5:00

    Ken: ito yung pinakamasarap.

    Stell: Bakit?

    Ken: pwet mong may raket😂

    Buang ka Ken kahit kailan HAHAHAHAHA🤣

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