[SHOW BREAK S2] Ep. 4: Singing Bee | Guess that Song Challenge

Justin: Yes! And for today we’re gonna ALL: Play a Game! Sejun: A game again Justin: Our game for today is Justin: She (staff) will play a random music for 3 seconds Justin: Then we need to guess the title of the song Justin: But the pointing system of it Justin: Is to be the first one to strike the table Josh: Ah, so it’s like that. Josh: Before, we have a random play dance. So now we’ll have random play music Justin: Yes, random play music. Stell: Random play Song Ken: Random Play Song Justin: Sample Sample! Justin: For example, I’ll play music. Be the first to guess it Justin: 5,6,7,8 *Justin humming* Ken: Aaaahhh (he laughs) Justin: What’s the title? Justin: And you also need to sing it Ken: TITANIC! Josh & Justin: ehhhhhhhh Josh: Wow, look at his laugh Justin: But, but Sejun: The mechanics are like that Justin: The mechanics of the game is like that. So, let’s GET IT! *SB19 attentively listening* Sejun: ahhh Stell: I’m the first one. It’s me Justin: Stell Maybe This Time by Sarah Geronimo SB19: Wow Josh: Is that right? *Stell singing a few parts of the song* Josh: Wow. That is so good Sejun: Wah Sejun: Nice nice Sejun: ahh Stell: Turn around Sejun: ahh ahh ahh Sejun: Total Eclipse of the Heart *Stell shouts* *Justin is amazed* *SEJUN CELEBRATED* Justin: Sing it, sing it *sejun singing few parts* Josh: ahhh Sejun: **singing gibberish**
Stell: What’s that?? (laughs) *sb19 in chaos*
Everyone: Turn around.. every now and then.. **gibberish** … turn around … Stell: That’s enough. That’s enough. Sejun: YES Stell & Josh: 1 point Sejun to Stell: (You thought the title was) “Turn around”, huh? HAHA! Stell: No. I just sang the lyrics: “Turn around..” Josh: I don’t know this song.. Staff: Stell.
Stell: Oh, is it me? Stell: Oh my god. Stell: I know this song.. *struggling* Ken: *starts counting* 5.. 4..
Stell: Tonight! Stell: *singing some parts of the song* Sejun: You also have to say which singer sang the song. Stell: Ah, we need to know the singer too… Stell: Okay. “Tonight” by…
Justin: Really? Even the singer? Sejun: Yes.
Stell: I don’t know who the singer is.. *plays rock, paper, scissors for the chance to steal* *josh wins* Sejun: Yes! Josh finally scores! Josh: “Tonight” by FM Static Justin and Stell: You have to sing it. Josh: *singing some parts of the song* Sejun: Okay! *claps* Ken: Next song, next song. Sejun: Nice, nice, nice! Very good! Sejun: “Kathang isip” by Ben&Ben Ken: I only know the intro! Sejun: *singing some parts of the song* Ken: Yeah!! *applause* Sejun: *continues to sing* lalayo sa’yo..
(“Lalayo sa’yo” translates to “get away from you”) I’m friends with Lala Yosa! Caption: Did you get the joke? Sejun: Ken (was first) Ken: uh.. One Direction. Ken: *sings a different song* Ken: One thing! Sejun: Me, me! Staff: 1, 2, 3, go! Sejun: You don’t know you’re beautiful! Staff: Wrong! Justin: Ah! Ah! Justin: What makes you beautiful! Ken: I said the lyrics!
Josh: I don’t know the title! Sejun: You were great! Nice! Justin: Can I heart the music again? Justin and Ken: “get out, get out, get..” Stell: No! “Baby, you light..
Justin: ..”up my world like nobody else!” Sejun: That’s only 0.5 point! Justin: *gibberish*… “nobody else” Sejun: He only knows “nobody else”! Justin: *gibberish*… “nobody else!” Josh: You know the title but you don’t know the chorus! Justin: “oh, oh, oh! You don’t know you’re beautiful!” Ken: It’s not “you don’t know..” it’s “what” makes you beautiful. Sejun: I wasted a point! Ken: next, next, next song! Sejun: *sings the wrong lyrics* Stell: Wrong! Stell: Imelda Papin, “Isang linggong pag-ibig” Stell: *sings the song* Sejun: But did the song have the lyrics I sang? Ken: No, it didn’t.
Stell: It’s a different song. Stell: Was I right? Josh: Is it really Imelda Papin? Sejun: Yes, it’s Imelda Papin.
Stell: Imelda Papin. Sejun: IV of Spades, “Mundo” Sejun: *Sings the song* Caption: It’s okay, son Stell: Katy Perry, “Firework” Sejun: Ahhh! Amazing! Stell: *sings the song* Stell: I’ll start from the beginning. “Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag..” “instrumental music plays* Sejun: Wow, Stell is really good! Stell: “Batang Pasaway” Stell: “Batang Pasaway” by…. Stell: Who sang this song? Sejun: HAHA!
Josh: wah Stell: Wait for a second.. Everyone: 5, 4, 3..
Stell: Wait!! Josh: …2..1.. Stell: Psychedelic boyz! Stell: *Sings parts of the song* Ken: Ah, wrong lyrics
Sejun: It is okay Sejun: I know that! Sejun: uhm.. “Aja aja tayo” Ken: Play it again Stell: Willie Revillame, “Boom Tarat Tarat” Ken: Play it again.
Stell: Oh no, I’m wrong! Ken: Play it again. Sejun: What is it? Stell: Now I know what it is! I wasted a point! Ken: Just keep playing it. Justin: Ah! Ah! Ah! Justin: Bayani Agbayani, “Otso-otso”
Stell: Wrong! Josh: I don’t know this song! Ken: “Beep, beep, beep”, Willie Revillame. Staff: The title is incomplete. Josh: Can I go for the steal now? Josh: You all already had a chance, right?
Sejun: Yes, it’s your turn now. Josh: “Beep, beep, beep, ang sabi ng Jeep” Josh: Willie Revillame, then I’ll sing it. Josh: *singing and dancing* Ken: Ah! I didn’t say the complete title! Sejun: He [Ken] said “beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. Ken: I just added more “beep, beep, beep” Sejun: You gave us a clue! Ken: I was gonna say “Dubidubidapdap..”
*another Willie Revillame song* Ken: Aw, my hand hurts! Sejun: Unique, “Sino” Sejun: *sings the song* Eargasm Sejun: That’s good enough. Staff: Jah! (Justin) Justin: “Dalagang Pilipina” Sejun: O.C. Dawgs, “Pauwi na ako” Sejun: My hand hurts! Sejun: *sings the song* Caption: Someone tries to enter Stell: Itzy, “Icy” Justin: You have to dance too! Stell: *sings the song* Sejun: I don’t know this.
Stell: MNL48, “Ikaw ang melody” Stell: *sings the song* Ken: Parokya ni Edgar, “Harana” *wrong title* Josh: Tell us who’s first! Sejun: Parokya ni Edgar, “Gitara” Ken: Awwww. Sejun: *Sings the song* Caption: You boys know this. Josh: Who’s first? Justin: One more time! Staff: Ken. Ken: BTS, “Boy with luv” Sejun: Oh! It’s obvious, I’m first! Sejun: “Love scenario”, iKON Sejun: *sings the song* Ken: You have to dance too!
Sejun: *continues singing* Ken and Sejun: You have to answer! Josh: Is that real music? Staff: Yes. Josh: “Budots”? Ken: Who sang “Budots”? Ken and Sejun: Play. Stell: Oh my gosh.
Justin: HIgh school musical.. Sejun: Wow, you’re amazing! Justin: …”What time is it?” Sejun: Please say if go Staff: Go! Sejun: Who’s first? Justin: You tapped at the same time. Staff: Go! Staff: You guys really tap at the same time. Josh: Just do rock, papers, scissors Sejun: Is Ken still playing? Josh and Ken: Yes, he’s still in the game. Ken: Sejun lost. Sejun: But why? Ken: You lost. It’s the two of us [Stell]. Stell: What’s that? Stell: High school musical, “We’re all in this together”. Sing, sing!
Stell: *Sings the song* Justin: We all tapped at the same time. Justin: Let’s just do rock, paper, scissors again. Staff: Just do “Maiba, taya”
(The one who’s different is the IT) Stell: Whoever is different will get the chance to answer. Sejun: Wait, it’s hard to do that when there’s too many of us. Sejun: Josh won, but he doesn’t know the answer. Stell: That’s okay! At least the round could be longer! Ken: He’s done for, he doesn’t know the answer! Stell: So tell us! What’s your answer? Josh: “Let it go” Stell: Who’s the singer? Josh: …it’s Elsa!!! Josh: I really don’t know who sang it! I only know Elsa. Josh: That’s good enough, right? Sejun: Okay, let’s give him the point. Stell: Let’s make sure, let’s ask Elsa if she really sang the song. Sejun: It really WAS Elsa who sang it (in the movie). Ken: Okay, (give him the) score. Stell: Sing the chorus. Stell: Elsa, wherever you are, please make a music video (for Let it go) Sejun: For the record, who really sang the song? Stell: It’s Idina Menzel, right? Sejun: Yes, that’s right. Ken: Demi (Lovato) also has a version. Justin: Isn’t it Idina Mode? (Edna Mode from Incredibles?) Stell: Isn’t it Edi Wow?(Oh, Wow) Stell: Regine Velasquez “Araw, Gabi” Sejun: Wow. Amazing! Stell: *sings the song* Ken: We’re not familiar with that song. Sejun and Justin: Stell’s the winner! Ken: Stell is the champion already. Justin: Now you have to sing everything you answered correctly! Stell: Sejun’s hand is so red. Sejun: Look, it’s so red, it became like a hotdog! Ken: My had hurts so bad! Stell: You should’ve been chill in tapping Stell: Let’s recap the scores. Sejun: I’m really amused when Ken answered Willie’s Song Sejun: (when he said) “beep, beep, beep” Sejun: and when he added more “beep, beep, beep” Ken: Because they (staff) said my answer was incomplete! Ken: so I added a lot more “beep” Ken to Justin: Don’t you make fun of me! Sejun: You’re not chicKEN anymore. You’re BEEF now. Stell: Remember before when I answered “Laban, Bawi” Stell: … and someone else answered but just added and said “Laban, Laban, Bawi, Bawi” Stell: .. Was it you [Justin]? Stell: I said “Laban Bawi” Sexbomb, “Laban, Laban, Bawi, Bawi” Sejun: Congratulations, Stell. Josh: Because you won, your prize is.. Sejun: Your prize is… Josh: RESPECT! Sejun: …and a big round of applause. Josh: and that ends our.. Justin: … SB19! Sejun: We hope you enjoyed this episode. Justin: This has been SHOWBREAK.. (???) Justin: (starting position) Hands should be under the table.. Josh: .. should be under the chin. Sejun: Hands under the table is good.. Josh: But that will be too easy! Sejun: Not really. Josh: The hand should be under then chin! Justin: Under the chin of the one sitting next to you. Sejun: Our hands might get cut.
*because of Stell’s sharp chin and jawline* Justin to Ken: put your hand under Josh’s chin. Sejun: Stell doesn’t have anyone next to him. Justin: Stell’s chin can accommodate two hands.

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    Steeeell! Galing galing talaga😍
    Keeeen! Naku po, tawang tawa na naman ako sayo! πŸ˜‚
    Justiiiin! Tigilan mo si Stell! πŸ˜‚
    Jooooosh!! Ang bagong Elsa! πŸ˜‚

    Wooooh ang saya saya na naman ng A'TINsπŸ˜‚πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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    Tsaka syempre silang lahat! Pero grabe talaga pinuno β™₯️

  4. Jah: Yung kay Stell dalawa kaya i-accomodate non!

    Omaygadddd! I laughed sooo hardπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    2x kuna pinanood itong episode nato pero hindi nakakasawa more episode pa po Mga Idol πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š


  6. Cant stop laughing while watching thier video, super cute and talented talaga nila😊😊
    Nakaka hype talaga silang panorin super funny talaga nila😊

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    Me:…………… Hahahhahahhahaha

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  13. ang sarap nila ksma .. hnd boring llo ntong stell lgi may entry hahaha hlos lht sila pg umentry panlo eh ano kya feeling mging STAFF ng sb19 my gosh hahahaha kht tga hawak ng towel lng oh beke nemen hahaha kng gnyn b nmn mkksma q bwat oras kht wlng shod goooo !!!

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    Stell: ano yun?! Few seconds later
    Stell: nanananana
    Ano ba talaga stell? πŸ˜‚

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