‘Sleepless Night’: Dems Worry After Trump Killing Of Iran Military Leader | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. Dems always look like wusses, and they're usually wrong about anything war-violence related. A scared looking hispanic woman telling us about war…that's funny.

  2. Am I the ONLY one that remembers the Iran Hostage crisis? You know, the one where our Embassy personnel were taken hostage for 444 days, caused the deaths of 8 servicemen during a half-hearted attempt by Jimmy Carter to save his cowardly and ineffectual presidency. Carter did NOTHING for a very long time after the Embassy was taken. Iranian officials stood before US cameras and claimed that they had nothing to fear from the US as we were 'too civilized'. And they were right – our yellow-bellied leader did nothing until he realized that Americans hated him for leaving Americans captive to a bunch of religious zealots. It wasn't until Regan was elected and the specter of the full force of the US military caused them to turn the hostages over. If it comes to conflict, President Trump will make this a straight up war (like Bush's Gulf War) and not a Leftist, let's bleed our military for years, fight. As a former service member, I signed up to die for my country in a war…. not a protracted disease. A war with Iran will last approximately 1 week…

  3. Shortly after the attack on the US embassy, Al-Muhandis arrived at the airport in a convoy to receive Soleimani whose plane had just landed – probably to strategize together the next hit on the US. The airstrike occurred as soon as he stepped off the plane to be greeted by al-Muhandis and his companions, killing them all… I can only imagine what they were thinking when they heard the US missiles overhead – "Uh-oh!"

    Now that's how you do an airstrike! 😎🇺🇸

  4. Do you Dems even take 5 seconds to get the real story before you start throwing stones? Soleimani ( The Iranian General ) was behind the killing of hundreds of U.S. troops in Iraq. Last year, the State Department said that Iran was responsible for 608 U.S. troop deaths in the country. We didn't bomb Iran, He was in Iraq stirring up trouble, and was most likely behind the attack on the american embassy. Now I know it was Obama's policy to bend over and lube up for every foreign leader who killed Americans, But now we have a real President Who actually gives a sh!t about american lives. In the middle east a show of weakness is an invite to more attacks.


  6. Trump is literally starting a war to divert from his impeachment and pending subsequent senate trial… trump’s about to get many innocent people killed for nothing other than his stupidity and pride….

  7. Omg idiots and their comments on here. Complaining about oh my God Wars coming war is coming get a grip people.
    Man is an Iranian who has killed over 600 United States military personnel plus citizens in Iran Iraq Libya Syria Yemen Afghanistan his is also part of terrorism around the world the man was in charge of the of inciting an attack on the US Embassy in Iraq.. he is Iranian why was he in Iraq in front of the US Embassy during the attack..Duh.Duh.

    He was worse than Osama bin Laden it's just that the Iranian government has protected him for decades. Is commander of the Iranian Army and one of the Commander of terrorism around the world. FOR . years
    Seriously people should be more well-informed before they comment…….

  8. A cowards playbook! Punch, run and hide and then wait for obvious response! This is what psychiatrist have been warning us about with this maniac as President! Who needed a crystal ball for this one.

  9. Oh? Joe Biden is the same Dem head that gave Iran a $billion in cash to develop nukes and sign them death to America. Pls!

  10. This Iranian fellow has been causing problems throughout the middle east. What was he doing in bagdad? If his head was blown off, it is because he had it coming. Trump 2020!

  11. Look at the spooked face of the woman. Dems keep impeachment egg with you and hope it hatches without going to the Senate. Pelosi is smart ?? Trump is still the president, he has all the powers at his disposal to date. His guys are smart and they know how to play the cards. A war card is the best strategy to deflect attention from impeachment and frankly Iran is to be blamed for all this fiasco. So dems, either sleep with the impeachment egg and have nitemares or simply take the case to the Senate. Presidents rarely take Congress into confidence when it comes to war. Stupid pelosi…!!

  12. There is an URGENT THREAT To The World By CHINA… RIGHT NOW… THE DEMOCRATS ARE ENABLING THIS TO HAPPEN… WORLD WAR III IS DEFINITELY AT HAND… The Chinese Is Taking AUSTRALIA by taking over its Universities one by one… They Pretend to be Peaceful but it is Calculated and DELIBERATE DISGUISED AGRESSION ,,,, They are Moving like a Virus to Take The WHOLE WORLD… AMERICA MUST SHUT THEM DOWN…..

  13. Are any of the idiots here going to mention the billions of dollars in cash that Obama gave to Iran before he left office???

  14. Congress doesn't have oversight over a co equal branch of govt… War powers act allows such a strike.. Was Congress made aware of Benghazi ? Bin Laden raid?

  15. A massive killer of Americans and in fact of all nationalities has been taken out and all the Dem.'s want to go to the funeral. I've rarely seen Obama and Clinton without their Iranian Handlers. I remember well, billions of our tax money being flown out in the middle of the night straight to Iran with the exception of one plane that went to another location. Oddly Obama didn't send it the normal way of money transfer so one can only expect it is showing up under the guise of book deals and other such ventures. Kerry must be sweating bullets at this point!!

  16. If only we had a garbage pres who would send Iran planeloads of cash so they could buy more IED's to use in Iraq killing U.S. troops instead.

  17. Destraction from impeachment..? What impeachment!? Pelosi has yet to follow through. Until she does the impeachment is nothing but a lot of wasted time & money. And our soldiers give their lives to defend this country!! They are Patriots!! And President Trump did not start this! Yesterday 18 small fast boats swarmed & surrounded the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Persian Gulf with a Iranian Naval ship behind them at the same time our Embassy was unseige by the Iranian backed malitia. I grew up in an America the faced this sort of attack with force. Iran still thinks that apologetic lap dog Obama is still our President. They want us out because we stand in the way of them destroying Israel. But instead they only brought more American forces in with their stunts. And these terrorist would gladly cut any American's head off, they could care less if you are Democrat or Republican.

  18. Trump Isn’t Doing Any thing This Is Evil DS Trying To Get Us Into WAR THEY WANTED A

  19. Its bc the Iranian regime has the former Obama admin officials under their thumbs. Probably have them paid off, such as Kerry who running around desperately misleading the Iranian regime to "wait out" Trump. Democrats support the Iranian regime and not the Iranian people.

  20. who care what democraps think.this man had much of americas blood on his hands.Do some research and see.obama would have done nothing ,while he played golf, like with bengazi.

  21. Iran has been killing our troops and attacking embassies, Trump throws missiles and takes out terrorist…. way to kick Iran in the nuts ! No more of our troops getting hit and told not to fight back, Trump has the support of this veteran .God bless the troops and the USA !

  22. The opposite of what a liar will tell you is the truth. i told you. Trump said he wants peace. this is your proof. of what i told you. Trump must be removed from office.

  23. Remember Iran has a lot of Nuclear weapons thanks to Crooked Hillary and Obama making the biggest weapons deal in history

  24. Dems would worry if trump put too much sugar in his coffee….. they need to shut up and start actually working for the people.

  25. Obama bombs seven countries continuously for 8 years, democrats don't care.

    Trump takes out one terrorist, democrats lose their minds.

  26. Imagine being 18yrs young and sent out to a MAJOR war in the streets of Iraq. By some old degenerate former reality tv star moron, who wanted to nuke hurricanes, believes his body works like a battery and stares at the sun during a solar eclipse.

  27. Doesn't surprise me,Thump will sooner get us in a war,costing Innocent lives, only to get media attention off his impeachment

  28. I knew if he became a president, he was gonna put us in a big war. Here we go Americans. Get ready to lose young men and women to this big war. It’s most definitely coming real soon

  29. U.S. Assassinations R back. A killer game. One which our young people will pay with blood. That sucks
    So what about the Iranian embassy in Baghdad? They can dance in and out of there embassy. Oh , no body no crime. The attention is off me and my crimes now

  30. Trump will do anything for a distraction from his impeachment. There will be another war…. and all of America’s former allies won’t be there to help, as he has turned them against him.

  31. So now attacking a country whose army is in overall numbers actually bigger than British army? Let's grab some popcorn. Only sad that real people are dying unlike in the movies.

  32. Trump can barely handle a normal day as pres without stuffing something up, hows he going to handle a war? Best send him out to the golf course!

  33. Iraq? This should quiet the Democratic Party, Now see how Presidential Americas POTUS Donald J. Trump can be. Give Kim what he ask for, invite America to the Party, Trump will feed Kim Cake, (with radio active frosting). And, China don’t think Perl Harbor could repeat, Never again! Russia will eventually show their true allegiance to blood line, World War always defaults to Race and Culture.

  34. The best way to resolve this issue and regain peace is by turning trump over and handing him to the Iranian government. Trust me it’s it will most definitely be a win win situation.

  35. Democrats and terrorists hate that we killed him. Tough.
    If someone is a leader of a terrorist group and a general who has killed Americans, he deserved achieving room temperature.
    Hard to understand the fear by whimpering Dems especially because Obama killed Bin Laden while that killer was on vacation in Pakistan.

  36. "Dems worry" Who cares what ignorant demonrats think! Whatever this president is doing now is much better for the people than anything the previous treasonous coward president ever did. More fake news!

  37. It's nice knowing Dems care more about the killer of 600 US troops. I need to reevaluate my voter registration.

  38. "dems worried"? lol More like desperately working together with iran to pull off an attack against America to make Trump look bad. I live in the EU but thats the most obvious thing we've learned in the past 4 years is that the left in the US will do literally anything just to make Trump look bad, its sort of a tantrum for not getting their way in 2016.

  39. the only sad part is this isnt the spark that will bring on the cleansing fire that will burn away the filth and evil human beings have made this world into

  40. Republican here, well not officially registered, but I think I’m switching over to the Democratic Party to vote for the first time. Just turned 18. I have Trump way too many chances

  41. The USA is a SHITHOLE nation!!!

    How LEFTIST of me.
    MSDNC sucks
    Trump 2020 USA First and i am not American Hahahahhaaa

  42. Left wing anti-American propaganda from a news network that never gets anything right. They sound like they are sympathetic to Iran. The left wing propaganda media is as much a threat to our country as Iran, Russia and communist China is.

  43. This guy only killed American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan by helping the insurgent's in that country . O wait i forgot the Msnbc crowd hates American troops

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