Slow Jam the News with Mayor Pete Buttigieg

-Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg is continuing to gain support
in the Democratic primary. I was going to
make a joke about this. But I don’t think
it needs a joke. I think it needs
to be slow-jammed. You know what I’m talking about,
Tariq? -Yeah, Jimmy,
I think you’re saying you want to slow-jam this news. -That’s right.
I want to slow-jam the news. And I’m not the only one. [ Cheers and applause ] -Hello. Hello. I’m Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and I, too, would like
to slow-jam this news. -Hit me five times. [ Slow music plays ] -Last month, I officially
launched my campaign for president
of the United States. I believe it’s time for
a new generation of leaders. I’m the 37-year-old mayor
of South Bend, Indiana. I’m a Rhodes Scholar and a veteran of the war
in Afghanistan. And though I’m running this race
to beat President Trump, I’m not going to spend
all my time talking about President Trump. I want to talk about you and
the needs of everyday Americans. -Oh, yeah. [ Laughter ] Pete Buttigieg wants to satisfy
all your needs. [ Light laughter ] Ever since he declared
his candidacy, America’s been all hot
and bothered for him. And now Mayor Pete’s
going all in. [ Light laughter ] -♪ He’s going all in ♪ -All in. -♪ He’s ready and prepared
for a primary battle ♪ ♪ His name is worth 800 points
in Scrabble ♪ [ Laughter and applause ] -Now, I’ve got a question
for you, marvelous Mr. Mayor. You may run a city,
but what makes you think you can measure up
to the presidency? Aren’t you worried about
performance anxiety? -Actually, I’m not. As mayor of South Bend,
I re-energized the economy and invested in the industries
of tomorrow. And as president, I’ll continue
to tear down the barriers that keep Americans
from having a fair shot. I’ll get big money
out of politics, and I’d support getting rid
of the electoral college, even if it means fighting
these issues out in court. -Mm-mm-mm. Court is in session.
[ Laughter ] And the honorable “Butti-judge”
is presiding. [ Laughter and applause ] All rise if you haven’t
already risen. -♪ If you haven’t
already risen, y’all ♪ ♪ It’s all right ♪ ♪ His service to the country
has been outstanding ♪ ♪ His campaign is on fire
like King’s Landing ♪ -Now, listen here, PB and bae. You’ve had an explosive start
to your campaign, but how do you plan
to end it with a bang? -Well, in the coming months, I’m going to be traveling
across the nation, meeting people
from all walks of life. I want to show folks
that the Republican Party does not have a monopoly
on freedom and patriotism. Those values are alive and well
with Democrats, too. -Wait a second. If you’re saying
the Buttigieg bus is stopping all around
the country, then I guess that means… -♪ Butti, Butti, Butti
rocking everywhere ♪ ♪ Butti, Butti, Butti, Butti
rocking everywhere ♪ ♪ Butti, Butti, Butti, Butti
rocking everywhere ♪ ♪ Rocking everywhere ♪ -Rocking everywhere. [ Cheers and applause ] -Now, while we’re getting
all Butti-jiggy with it, I got to ask, is it true
you hooked up with Fox News at the start of your campaign? Because some might say
that makes you a naughty boy. -Actually, I’m proud to say
that I was the first candidate to appear on Fox News Sunday. Because I don’t believe
in leaving out an entire portion
of the country. Americans have a lot more
in common than we’re given credit for. From the coal miner adjusting
to the changing economy to the DREAMer fighting to stay in the only home
she’s ever known, we all just want to belong, so, yes, I want to invite
everyone to join this campaign, Democrats and Republicans. -Democrats and Republicans? So what you’re saying is,
you go both ways? [ Light laughter ] -No, I’m just gay. [ Cheers and applause ] -Okay, D.C.’s Doogie Howser. Last question before we put
this interview to bed. Since you’re new
on the political scene, have you ever thought of asking
President Trump for advice? -Actually, when it comes
to my qualifications, I have more government
experience than the president and more executive experience
than the vice president. So if they ever want advice, I’m sure their interns
can show them how to DM me. [ Light laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ]
-Whoa. I didn’t expect the “Leave It
to Beaver” kid to pack a punch. [ Light laughter ] -Sorry, who? -You know, Beaver Cleaver
from “Leave It to Beaver,” that show from the ’50s? -Sorry, Jimmy, must be
a generational thing. [ Laughter ] -♪ Buttigieg has got an edge ♪ -This is the season
for boldness and heart. -It’s the job of a leader
to shine light in the dark. -♪ The country is aching,
there is no mistaking ♪ ♪ He’ll fight for our rights
like he fought for this nation ♪ ♪ The primary’s coming,
and then we must choose ♪ -And that is how
we slow-jam the news. -Oh, yeah. -Give it up for
Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

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  1. Oh look the son of a marxist professor with zero platform to run on is getting propped up by late night talk show liverals. God leftists are so predictable.

  2. If he runs for office, I'll vote for him! I liike how his focus in on us and not ranting on what he's gonna do to "Make America Great Again," making up lies to make himself superior to others, not bragging about how much he's accomplished, he's intelligent, polite, well grounded, honest, humble, and lovable. He's what we need without focusing on his sexuality. Go Pete, Go! 👍

  3. Don’t think about pepper & salt candidate
    Think about who can run the country
    Best candidate is mayor pete

  4. All the Democratic presidential candidates should do Slow Jam the News.😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Hi I'm mayor Pete. I allowed raciats cops to kill blacks in my own city. And I can speak multiple languages so I'm qualified to be the president. I take big donations from corporations and I have zero policies.
    I'm gay so the media will like that, and I'll do whatever it takes to make American corporations richer …

  6. Buttigieg comes across as a normal human being.  I like his calmness, intelligence, thoughtfulness, sense of humor and most of all, I feel I can trust him.

  7. South Bend is a hell hole and of course Democrats in control. Just like Gary, Chicago, Detroit, DC, Baltimore, San Francisco…………

  8. Nope… timing of jokes was off. Should’ve left this bit to Obama. His joke timing was impeccable. Pete seemed forced… it should’ve been… *pause*… rocking… all the way…

  9. Waow dude look how homophobic Buttigieg is for calling himself Bootyjudge and going along with the joke, what a self hating gay person.


  10. petes just there like "i wanted to talk to you about my campaign" and everyone else is like *sexual innuendo*

  11. Continuing to gain support… FROM BIG CORPORATIONS AND BILLIONAIRES!!!

    No seriously look at his fundraisers in WALL STREET, Hollywood and Silicon Valley. He is polling 2-5% yet has raised more money than others because he is accepting big money. So many better options. Yang, Tulsi, Sanders are all refusing money from big corporations and only accepting small individual contributions.

  12. Dick sucking slimebag, BUTT-GIG, smearing the Police Department of
    South Bend, where he is the major. Spews psycho logic ….. White cop
    kills black man ……. bias training failed!! Pete BUTT-GIG, as vicious as
    they come.
    *The only piece of psycho logic missing … Black Lives Matter!!*
    *And all cops are racists!!*
    *Pete BUTT-GIG, psycho babbling scum!!*

  13. Stunning young human being….exceptional intellectual ability….impressive talents and qualities….lucky Americans …

  14. Yeah he is perfect! At his rally in Chicago he asked the white people there to bring black people or brown people friends or not…lol

    In South Bend stats: assualt 599.9 national ave 282, murder 14.7 National ave 6.1, Rape 91.3 national ave 40.7, Robery 338.7 national ave 135.5, Burgery 1170.3 national ave 500.3, Theft 3377.3 national ave 2042.8, motor theft 459.5 national ave 284…..all by ….Really nice stats Buttigieg! You can't take care of your district, but you want the president seat….lol…..Get a grip people READ! Don't just follow like sleep! This guy will taxs you/United States to death with all his FREE programs that are enslavement not opportunties or being independent. By the way his polling is at 7%, should be at zero like the rest of the democratic party ..The four horses 22% was the highest with Omar at 7% with her socialist/muslim/racist remarks against Jews and white people. The bottom line the democrats don't give a S_it about the people. Voting for Trump again, he is creating jobs, helping vets, helping ALL the people as a matter of fact, plus we have a strong dollar….which hasn't happen in the history of the United States….now thats a record!

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