Smart Egg national television morning news 02. april 2014.

The whole world is talking about a new Hungarian
invention, the Smart Egg. It looks like this. This one is quite small actually, because this version is for kids. It’s a logic toy that also requires 3D memory. I can say that is really successful, our whole staff tried it in the morning. The Rubik’s Cube was hyped 30 years ago already. In 1982 a Euro Cup was organized in Budapest. An American guy won the gold, but the bronze went to a Hungarian competitor. Ernő Rubik took out the patent on 30th of January, 1975. The cube is a real Hungaricum, which have different colored sides that are rotatable. The goal is to make all 3×3 sides to the same color. With all the spins and twists there are more than 43 billion combinations available. For some, 7 seconds are enough to solve it. For others it can take years. After 40 years there was a Hungarian toy at the New York Toy Fair again. And it was successful. Now it’s the Smart Egg that brings the world’s attention to Hungary. The smart Egg is made by András Zagyvai, an architect, who got the idea in 2007. The toy got in the stores just now. The first versions were made from wood, but now there’s a plastic version as well. Also there’ll be a digital version in the near future. The goal is to guide a wand through a 3D labyrinth. You insert the wand on the top, and free it at the bottom. The wand can’t be pulled out of the egg, only at the bottom hole. You can push it from one side to the other, also you can spin it. It’s quite hard, actually. To solve the toy, you’ll need logic thinking and 3D memory, just like at the Rubik’s Cube. Because of its unique mechanics, it can always be a new challenge. The international media started to call it the next Rubik’s cube, a new surprise from the Hungarians, a new Hungarian logic game. I really belive that it will be as successful as the cube. even though it’s quite though, because the cube is a standard. But we really want to be that successful. I’m sure the people will love it. It’s a new, interesting and fun toy. I’ve tried to solve the easiest egg, which is not that easy. But after some twists and turns, I made it.

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