Sondland Says He Doesn’t Have To ‘Salvage Anything’ Before Testimony | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. It has been said he only came forward because his wife told him to, to save their hotel business!! 😱 It's always about money with these DEMONS 😈🔥 Drumpf 😈 🔥 and ALL The GROSS OLD PERVERTED REPULSIVES 😈 🔥 are DEMONS 😈🔥 Only DEMONS 😈🔥 would do the HORRIBLE EVIL things they do!! They ALL belong in PRISON 😈 🔥 Better yet in front of a FIRING SQUAD 😈 🔥

  2. A lot of respect for these witnesses, thank you for putting law and the constitution over Trump and party. Good on the Democrats for keeping these interviews closed. This allows witnesses to speak candidly without worrying about backlash after they walk out from the white house. The republicans will have their day to respond, but this is information collecting, this process needs to be handled just like it is!

  3. Are you guys really this stupid….. no wonder the left is killing itself from within. We don’t have to do anything more than sit, watch and laugh. Keep it up morons… your just more rats scurrying from the light we are shedding on you. Run rats run 😉

  4. More Probing?
    Supertankers from China full of KY Jelly queueing up in Long Lines before Baltimore Harbor.
    Deomocrats Promise!
    Cross their Hearts, they hope to Die, May the Devil take their Eye, Democrats will be all Over Impeachment any Day Now.
    Democrats have Big Talk and no Implementation Ability.
    Baltimore Rodent Plague, Undrinkable Flint Michigan and New Jersey Municipal Systems, Homeless California are long term Critical Life Support Issues which Democrats have been milking the Federal Tresuary on for up tp 70 Years in the Case of Flint.
    What do Democrats have to show for all this by way of Problem Resolutitions? Nothing!
    Want your Server Hacked?
    Vote Democrat!

  5. I’m still just trying to comprehend how it’s “ok” for donors to just “purchase their own ambassadorships”! It’s just ridiculous!

  6. Mick have you been given your lines by Rudy by any chance?
    Do you think you will be dodging some prison time by admitting trump's campaign violations?
    Prepare to go under the bus with Rudy, Pence, Bolton, Mattis, Tillerson, Graham and soon, Barr, Pompeo and Rick Perry.

  7. When a country turns it's back on God, God will turn his back on that country. It will be brought to desolation. And you are witnessing this first hand. This is just the beginning. It's going to get a lot worse. A house divided against itself cannot stand. And right now the USA & Israel are both split right down the center.

  8. Just like Ivanka and her husband and Trumps kids, they are not qualified to serve the USA in any office!! I think they're hiding now..

  9. Wow! Latest new Gallup Poll says 51% of Americans no longer trust the News folks. I don’t trust CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Washington Post, or New York Times. They are all Bias fake news
    Liberals in bed with the Democrats. I caught all of them lying one too many times.

  10. Sondland's incompetence and "ill prepared" for his job is nothing compared to trump's level of incompetence and "ill preparedness". Why no mention of that? If reporters had done their job while on the 2016 campaign trail, we would not be in this mess. People would not be rotting in cages. Children would not have suffered from being stolen from their parents and, to this day, sit in wire cages in a semi-catatonic state. Syrian's would not have been and are still being, slaughtered. The nerve of reporters acting as if they are saving the day by pointing out the obvious that should have been pointed out when it could have made a difference and all these lives would not have been sacrificed. Like trump, these reporters allowed themselves be used for the sake of money. Along with politicians, news reporters and the organizations that pull their strings, need to clean house. This is why conglomerates used to be limited in how many media outlets they could own. The nerve!

  11. Reporter: "Are you here to salvage your reputation?"
    Sondland: 'I've got nothing to salvage." Ha ha! So, no reputation worth salvaging?

  12. People who have exited have taken lucrative position in the private sector!! Kelly went to work for the child detaining facilities!!!!
    TV is stupid just making drama and not telling the real story

  13. Strip Sondland's Citizenship, access to American assets, cancel his Passport, and then Deport him to Ukraine. If he wants any of it back, he must earn the right to be an American Citizen first.

  14. Come on, people, Sondland was perfectly qualified for his job. How so? Because he was willing to do whatever Trump wanted him to do, which is why Trump appointed him in the first place.

  15. This bone spur Madman it's so pathetic it's embarrassing to this great nation of ours she has nothing his back is up against the wall so he's trying to find anything that'll stick with his base this is pathetic just downright nasty he needs to be impeached and let the court of law do its job and indict and jail this Criminal

  16. He doesnt, you are getting worse each day. Why are you doing this to our party. They do not understand, they are not stupid, you are smart and are using real tactics. Why does Soundland have to? There is no reason why He HAS to?Thats our belief system, not his. Someone wrote “ so its ok for millionaires to sell us out to foreign…Yes, it is

  17. They can do whatever they want and unless it is against the actual Law, not the lefts obviously correct beliefs about reality, then it does not matter even the slightest. It is not wrong to Ask for Help even from Russia,it is not a law, it is not a crime. It should be, but it is not.You are being thrown off of reality and actually trying to change Republican beliefs

  18. You must find a real crime. Financial- before- during or today that you can prove and Have a Prosecutor Indict him.A State prosecutor will bring all kinds of issues along that will take forever. A federal Prosecutor can Indict him 1st and then Go to Court and explain Why it is only proper that A Sitting Criminal President can be Indicted if he breaks the law

  19. It is not a difficult argument, that is why Barr and Trumps team of Super Lawyers being paid whatever? Have been trying to get that to be solidified. That is something You should have spent days on, explaining what was going on. Maybr you assumd that the average person who wrotes comments really knows what is going on and I am


  21. Not sure if you really know what is going and what you are doing. Do they Know, Trumps lawyers are up in NY trying to block NY State from releasing Trumps State taxes and trying to make that the reason why they dont have to release his federal. Do they know, that before the dust had settled Barr was already in court trying to solidify

  22. That the Trump President cant be indicted cant even be investigated amd you were not there. Yah, I am sure noone understands what I am saying because I am mixing up references to the Differences to the Democrats with ones to MSNBC. Oh well, maybe somebody will figure it out. This stuff is really very simple, it should be obvious to everyone

  23. Every American should watch the great film "The Manchurian Candidate." That's what we have in the WH. Nancy said it right: "All roads lead to Putin."

  24. Trump has traded excessively on the "President as Monarch" scenario. He orders people to lavishly praise him. We have seen bizarre scenes of this and always taken it to mean Trump has a God complex – "He who cannot be crossed or reprimanded or scolded or advised, cautioned, counseled or even just disagreed with" is the Trump we think of now as "Trump being Trump".

    This turns out to be a meaningless phrase, adding nothing to our understanding of how to restrict his erratic behavior that we see as destructive of our national reputation, dangerous to our beliefs underpinning a constitutional democracy and leading to an accumulation of precedents and powers for future Presidents. We know for sure these accumulations will certainly narrow our personal liberties – not to mention the diminution of checks and balances that restrain the abuse of the power and authority only loaned to a President, never granted without strings and definitely never extended for life.

    The fawning and excessively repeated praises of Trump sycophants remind me of the praise machine that inundated Iraqi television during the reign of Saddam Hussein. The gradually developed belief that Trump must be placated with plentiful praise and never confronted with his weaknesses or he will explode and do something horribly tragic has served him well. People seem convinced he must not be angered or he might lose control and push the nuke button.

    This is not a Presidential exercise of power. This is the angry father or husband who must be treated with sufficient deference or mom will be beaten, brother will be kicked, the dog will be shot. And we have been tricked into thinking this way by the terribly disappointing subservience of the Republicans in Congress who are playing a hollow game of Follow the Leader in a perplexingly mindless and robotic manner. Trump has taught them to be afraid – to be very, very afraid.

    Trump may understand finally there are term limits to his future. The first time around he was written off as a convenient show piece and he had a lot of help getting elected. The actual measure of the man as a President was never considered. Trump enjoys no such easy path anymore. His history is there in the videos, always available and now more open to be scrutinized, evaluated, compared and judged.

    Judgment is anathema to a man like Trump. He relies on a recital of past accomplishments of non-existent miracles and frequently uses public time to brag about them. Thus we see Pence invoking the 100 hour or so armistice as a peace agreement when it is no such thing. It is a short term cease fire after carnage we allowed to happen has been tolerated for a week. Similarly the application of sanctions on individuals in the Turkish government are touted as an application of Presidential power when the details of how the sanctions will work are never explained. Sanctions on individual Russian oligarchs removed their access to US markets and financial services. How does sanctions restrict the head of Turkey's Military or any other department in the Turkish government apply pressure to Turkey? They have been more than flirtatious with Russia in these past years and have purchased air power from them. That is called getting in bed with the Russians by any realist. Our fear of a Trump explosion is not patriotic, is not the stance of a sovereign nation and is certainly not Christ-like.

    We have allowed our cowardice to develop into a state of fear. Enough of that, America. We did not go to the moon, ride the hills of Mars, develop Apple or create the motion picture industry, let alone survive the Great Recession without descending the markets of the world into a Depressio, to now allow a twisted con man to turn us into cowards that are "done to" rather than free people who know what is right and good and just. Light may need to tolerate darkness. It does not need to let it prevail.

  25. I think at least one Article of impeachment should be for Trump's handling of the Syria withdrawal. That would at least be a symbolic gesture to start mending some of the diplomatic damage from abandoning an ally to be slaughtered by Turkey.

  26. Exactly right, it's a reflection of our institution. I'm sorry – politics and money go hand in hand. Politics and money are not pure, there are crooked politics in state government and in DC. Move on with this! If Baisden and his son did what has been said, then BAISDEN should not be running for office for 2020. If what they did was illegal or unethical – then Baisden needs to drop out, period. The other side is trying to hide this and cover the Baisden issue with anything they can so as to not investigate it. The President has every right to investigate someone who is running for office that mishandled our money overseas! What if Baisden is elected – then does DC investigate him and his son. Please get on with this.. off my soap box

  27. All these so called "acting" cabinet members is a national security risk!! These people USUALLY have to be confirmed by the Congress but Trump has bypassed Congress and his oath of office yet again!! TO PROTECT OUR NATION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! Trump is putting our nation in danger! Most of these people have NO EXPERIENCE!! THAT IS DANGEROUS!!

  28. Why does this person always living in the past? He attacks the 2016 election? Well then he can tell us all how he got elected by the electoral college and NOT THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE!!

  29. lol! Mr. Sondland got one thing right!
    The second he jumped on board the Mangolini Treason Train, his reputation went right into the toilet.
    He has no reputation to salvage. He's just another MAGA garbage traitor.

  30. there is a difference in implying that he said he did not have anything left to salvage and saying as he did " I do not have to salvage anything" meaning nothing is in need of salvaging. you purposefully distorted his comment.

  31. America is throwing away the lives of all the dead that fought for democracy SHAME president pisshair 🤡🤮🤮🤮

  32. The swamp is flooding and the smell is terrible. After this is over, a new White House will have to be built to get rid of the stench.

  33. Russia was the corrupt actor and the trump presidency was the result. The only way trump got into the peoples' house was with the power of Russian cyber warfare.

  34. "Confuse… Admit… Project…"
    Indon't know about Donny Deutsch, but this tRump behaviour is straight out of the Putin psy-ops book.

  35. He is a chinless wonder. Another. Dispicable. Self entitled rich man feathering his nest. He surely is not qualified to be an ambasador.

  36. Oh donnie, those PEE PEE TAPES will be seen in your Season Finale of "tDUMP'S White House Exit"😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  37. Mr. Sondland said that he'd always wanted to be an ambassador so he put up a million dollars to support " you know who" hoping he would land his dream job and prove that money can buy anything and he was right he'd lay in bed at night and fantasize how great he'll look to his friends ,so he imagined,but he never thought it all through

  38. Democratic politicians are corrupt TOO by corporations financing their election campaigns. Yes, Trump is corrupt and so is the GOP, but please remove those glasses. Bill Clinton and Hillary and Obama are not poor people. In fact, the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act was voted by Bill, and that led to the 2008 crash. Stop. Corporations in the USA are running the show. PURE and SIMPLE.

  39. the darkness will consume unless a light is focused upon the darkness we are facing…

    "R" (do not be blinded) "check box on the tax returns"

  40. The corruption in our government two party politicians in congress and the senate is that they generally all sell upper management jobs or trade favors with their financiers, or succumb to deep party donors wishes and work openly for corporations. Betsy Devoss and Nikki Haley who are both inept at any real management jobs in education and U.,N. diplomacy are perfect examples of this corporate and political revolving door bribery system. In a similar way putting Ben Carson in charge of HUD because he is so inept and ignorant about that department was like intentionally putting a real parrot for Trump in the building that immediately started destroying the system for thousands of poor families .

  41. she said he switched so he could get a paid job like an ambassadorship …got the EU then trump sent him into another's ambassador's territory to do his bidding, all after Rudy got her fired? Something stinks to high heaven. Why is he smiling? probably because he will get a govt. free Orange jumpsuit too!

  42. President Obama told the American people that Trump was unfit to become president and it has come to pass it wasn't personal it was based on Trump's record dealing with businesses and
    people in his adult life.

    Obama says Trump 'unfit' for presidency

    By Kevin Liptak, CNN White House Producer

    Updated 9:45 PM ET, Tue August 2, 2016

  43. Sondland is floating right now, but watch out I see Donald's boat coming toward you!!! I think he is trying to run over you!!! Liar you were a part of everything!!!

  44. Impeach that treasonous Putin's puppet immediately! Enough of this disgusting debacle and foolish lawlessness! Impeach that traitor! You never abandon an ally! Impeach! Period!

  45. Hay anyone who thinks Andrew Yang doesn't have a chance of winning, I encourage you to put what you think you know aside and have a good look at what is happening on the ground. His ideas are spreading person to person, building momentum and this is going to lead to exponential growth. The more time you spend with him, the more you will like him, watch a one of his long form interviews and see for yourself why he is going to win.

  46. This guy from "center for progress' is a joke…………no clue or doesn't care about the facts. Read the TRANSCRIPT.

  47. The Trump Administration has given a whole new meaning to the word "deplorable" the new meaning of the word deplorable is "those that followed road to Putin"

  48. Trumputin! KGB Putin, had no problem capturing Trump’s loyalty! Whether it ‘s public knowledge or not, is up to American citizens.

  49. Career civil servants are suppose to be bipartisan…Even they cannot remain silent…… Traitor Trump will try to confuse, admit, project, his criminal behavior as normal. Will you stay, or will you leave? Trump is going down in history as the worse conman the presidency has ever had.


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