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  1. Yang's UBI is a Trojan Horse that hurts the poor and vulnerable the most. It is funded by a regressive tax, is used to destroy social programs, and distributed in a Regressive fashion, in a system that is already regressive (flushes money upwards to the Capitalist owners and takes wealth from everyone else). Hence Yang doesn't even support the Living Wage minimum wage, Medicare4All, or Tuition-free college.

  2. A $1000 a month is not a good idea. Taxing big corporation may sound like a good idea, but taxing big corporation would mean they would need to off set the cost. So what would they would do is lay off staff, increase price on products. So essentially it may seem like a good idea your causing another problem.

  3. usa make 19 trillion a year, if give $1000 a month to all American about 327 Millions people, that would be about 4 trillion a year, is possible lolz

  4. Yang is a true technocrat. You can tell he's not overly thrilled about leftist extremism and the more extreme positions of the democratic party, he kinda has to bend over on certain subjects but you can tell that he's not ignorant about it and I would trust him to implement things like gun control and abortion laws in a way that makes sense for everyone when it comes down to policy details.

  5. Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the
    right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us
    accept our own responsibility for the future. John F. Kenedy. I strong
    disagree when new politics are trying to dismiss old Democrat Politics.
    You are here because the Democrats fights for people like you. Don't be

  6. Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the
    right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us
    accept our own responsibility for the future. John F. Kenedy. I strong
    disagree when new politics are trying to dismiss old Democrat Politics.
    You are here because the Democrats fights for people like you. Don't be

  7. Mr. Yang it’s unfortunate your son or daughter has autism but obviously you don’t know how it occurred it occurred from the vaccines he took as a baby you probably don’t know that because the pharmaceutical industry would like to you to sell these vaccines but that’s how your child got autism that’s how my nephew great-nephew got it

  8. Once “WHITE SUPREMACIST” support a minority, you know that guy can unite people. That’s what Yang stands for, and what America needs. Hope, and unity.

    He brings even the lost souls back to the middle, no left, no right, just forward.

  9. $12,000 a year added onto whatever people are already making. UBI will free people from the "Poverty Trap" What I mean by this is there are people like myself and others who have no skills and can only make min wage which only covers bills and that's about it. UBI will make it to where people in my position won't be slaves to their jobs and be able to save money and move into the middle class over time. Without this or some way to train Americans to work the jobs in demand people will continue to leave the workforce because they do not see no benefit in making min wage. It only makes sense with how jobs are mostly part time and work people hard and long hours for low wage. Also people are not getting benefits from most of theses jobs because they only hire part time.

  10. Finally a candidate who can clearly define not only the problems but their solutions as well. If you agree, don't just like or comment but donate as well at least $1 or contribute a little of your time or at least talk about him to your friends to increase his reputation and make his plan a reality. Check out his website to learn more about the solutions he offers which would be good examples to follow for the whole world, like the Democracy-dollar.


  12. I think so many news media are asking what’s wrong with Andrew Yang when he has the support of the alt-right and white supremacists. Anyone who just looked at him knows that he is not a white supremacist; he is the son of two Taiwanese immigrants. He is very clearly Asian. None of his speeches or his books have ever indicated any racist views in anyway shape or form. In fact, even though he is Asian; he has never made that an issue during his entire campaign. So perhaps, the real correct question to ask here is not what he did wrong to gain the support of the alt-right; but what he did right. He seems to be someone who can unify people coming from all sides, all races and all ideologies.

  13. I am voting for Yang even if I have to write in him name… and I will not qualify for the Freedom Dividend.

  14. let's face it…He won't win…I don't think America is ready to have an Asian American to be a president yet…I am so sorry to say this.

  15. This post is after the debate; And, they of course shut him down by only calling on him twice and interrupting him before he was even started…."NBC" = "FOX", in way-to-many-ways that matter….

  16. So many Americans would benefit from $1000 per month and what a boost to our economy creating more business, lifting the morale of our citizens. What a genius idea.

  17. Stockton CA started a dividend test run Feb. 2019 with 125 people/$500 mo. Alaska's been doing it for a couple of years now/oil money.

  18. so is this gonna be a repeat of the bernie/hillary fiasco? only this time it will be yang/biden ripoff.

  19. "freedom dividends" are supposedly being considered in other countries as well. so don't think the concept will go away any time soon.

  20. Maybe Yang's far right support is that people deep down really care more for prosperity and the boot off the neck fixes that too…

  21. Does this include blacks? Mr. #Yang talks about supporting poor white people in his book. Is Mr. #Yang in support of poor blacks as he mentioned in his book "supporting poor white people"

  22. I just want to say is that the alt-right exists is because they are as broke as the rest of us. Racism gets fed by the "scarcity mindset" and any racial group can/has fallen on the same trappings as White Nationalist or Black supremacy! It's the economy stupid! When you're broke you hate. Simple as that! Yang 2020!

  23. I think the most important aspect in explaining UBI to people is the trillion dollars we spend annually on welfare programs. All goes to UBI

  24. OKAY I HAVE TO SAY THIS. How can a White supremacist support an Asian man who talk about support all Americans including Blacks? They can't be White Supremacist if they support a non White person who talk about supporting all Americans' minorities. Right? Either the White Supremacists aren't support him or they're not really White Supremacists. Am I right? Why people pushing this nonsense?

  25. Just another communist promising anything and everything.  We need Americans to work and earn money not a $1,000 a month for not doing anything.  Giving free money to the American Indians haven't work.  This man is just talking crap up to his Yang Yang.

  26. I cannt wait to vote for him. I really like his idea. I can see through his innovating ideas how to run this country .

  27. Corporate media must nor be permitted to run our political “debates”. They have exposed themselves as destructive to our right to an even handed forum of intelligent American conversation.

  28. Andrew Yang, not just a clear thinker but entrepreneur, an intelligent solution! from the middle class, care about working class and jobs that are going to be automated away, A true fresh change!

  29. Just what we need…a cry baby yang!!!😂😂😂😂😂
    yeh just what America needs, run our country giving thousand dollars away and a Yang Gang! yep!! and a Asia cry baby!!😂😂😂!!

  30. It’s not free money! It’s our own money we pay in taxes already. We would just be getting some of it back. Better than giving more to the Military or some other Govt program.

  31. This dude's politics are not about politics, are about logic ! and that's great. I almost feel like I am listening to one of my smart college professors when hes speaking, instead of some political clown like most of the others.

  32. i love it he is the new symbol of the american dream…. anything can be possible lets set our differences aside and lets not focus on left or right but lets focus on moving forward today as american citizens! don't let corporate greed, monopoly and AI/Automation drive us out of jobs to take care of our family .

  33. Yang the only one making sense with solutions by giving $1000 to all the citizens therefore it will create jobs and small businesses will not go out of business because people got money to spent on small business. The rest just talked no plans. You got my vote Andrew Yang!!!!

  34. He will be growing growing and rising..step by step by step…wait to see…and people are smart to choose the right ones in the end. Andrew Yang is brilliant…

  35. He is, without a doubt, an American messiah. He will lead this country out of the wilderness of insecurity and despair that is plaguing more and more Americans. Now is our chance to make things right. I still find it hard to believe that such a man even exists. He is the real deal.

  36. No need for illegals and immigrants cause robots are taking your job. Who is going to pay for that $1,000 a month when all the rich people go broke?

  37. Everyone should check out Polynu Digital's "Andrew Yang the Future of Politics" (post date 8/20/2019).  It is crazy beautiful awesome!  The YangGang is the wind beneath his wings.  Let's make him fly!!!

  38. Maybe Yang could end that alt right white nationalist mentality. UBI for all Americans of all race class and color will mean unity.

  39. Hoho….i proud of amarica just bcoz of the name of demcracy.. ..i love democracy really…US need change everytime if its need…now all of amarican hav a chance onse again to make every globe to share..plz make it real. ..a democracy from the time of history…..

  40. If we don't get a universal basic income, I see no way out of a system of the rich getting richer and see an uprising from our future generation. I'm 58 and will lead the pack. If one can't lead the mantra of humanity comes first then you are screwed.

  41. My 88 year old Mother and my 62 year old Sister say " what's the catch?" Or " that's only a pipe dream", needs to wake up.

  42. Freedom dividend is highly overrated. Since Yang is treating SSI payments as welfare, is senior elects to take $1,000 freedom dividend, his social security payments will be reduced by $1,000. So Yang plan is no starter for most of the 62 Million seniors who are collecting social security in 2019. .

  43. There’s no White supremacy, just White people feeling the scarcity of jobs, economy and they see other non-whites, immigrants making more money than them.

  44. The reason he's popular with the Alt-Right is because he has solutions for problems that hurt everyone, left, right, racist, not racist… It helps everyone.

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