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  1. where the fuck was your mom for your coffee and thrift adventure? WTF did you just leave her in the room Emma? 🤬

  2. when your in cartagena colombia and emma says that she is close to the equator so she better get a tan. but yet I have tanned everyday and don't have a tanline whilst emma gets burnt. (mind you I have literally been here for around 3 weeks.

  3. fun bacne and chest acne tip: i use the biore baking soda and blue agave cleanser on my chest and back and now i have no more chest and back acne! good times

  4. Hey babe, I know you didnt ask, but just an fyi.. too much caffeine can truly ruin your skin (especially with added sugar and dairy). I used to drink way too much and it helped to only have a cup a day. Hope it helps ya xo

  5. Should you happen to see this girl- I just want you to know you have an old soul.
    I see it in your videos and eyes!
    I actually hate social media but for some reason just binged watched you.

    Word of random wisdom you will see if you are suppose to:
    an old soul comes pain.

    World ability to understand comes with the internal loneliness of it all bc it feels empty.

    Boredom ensues post that high… bc what more than? Is this it?

    I know bc I’ve been there.

    The answer is like…. within. So cliche? but so complex and true.

    Been thru it.

    Keep doing you… old souls seem to find their way back home.
    Not in the way/ timing they think. But it’s a thing that happens.

    This post is totally weird… I don’t even know why I’m doing it.

  6. i got backny too (idk how to write it lol) and i got it for almost 3 yrs now and i got rid of it just by schwimming and laying in the sun after it with the back towards the sun so they get dry and fall off.

  7. i had bacne for some time but i stg get the orange neutrogena body wash its bomb also if u get acne like vitamins / supplements thatll help lol im such a hero.

  8. i had SO much fucking bacne before i went on vacation and the saltiness of the sea kinda ate them ig? i still have them but not that much.

  9. Bacne doesn't always come from hygiene it can come from ur clothes like clothing made of polyester bc its impersonating cotton and heats up in the sun and makes ur back sweat there for it creates bacne
    (Hope this makes sense )

  10. gorlt i had bacne and chest acne soo bad from ages like 15-20 and nothing makes it better except growing out of it and now im 23 and i get like pimples here and there on my shoulders and chest but its nothing like i used to have so PATIENCE you'll make it out soon

  11. On an Emma binge n you couldn’t pay me to shut up about it. Mental breakdown happening currently so freaked out saw ur new merch love plum life. So yeah n bought ur merch and I think it’s helping honestly best Mula ever spent

  12. Emma: I mean i don't like hot weather but i also don't like cold weather…i mean what doi like?

    Litrally everyone who knows emma: COFFEEEE

  13. I have an aunt and uncle from Colorado and everytime they visit and I go to pick them up from the hotel they're in the hot tub

  14. I suffered from Bacne and it went away after I was on Accutane. Not condoning Accutane without consulting your doctor because it has terrible side effects but it worked for my bacne. I remember that struggle girl. I'm sorry you have to suffer from that.

  15. BACNE:

    Try changing your shampoo. I used to have it and changed my shampoo and it helped a ton. Also there's soap specifically for bacne. Wash your body after you wash your hair.

  16. Emma: it’s so hot
    The weather: 93 degrees

    Me: it’s so fucking hot, Texas what the fuck
    The weather: 118 degrees.

    I wish I was joking.

  17. I'm argentinian and here it's so common to swear in front of your parents that the comments in this video are weird for me lol

  18. I just want to help..but you should chlorinate your hot tub water. That is a secret. That wasn't used to be a secret. It doesn't profit. Doctors. Capitalism. For you to know the past remedies. Our and your forefathers. Chlorine tablets is what people used in the wars to purify their water. because seriously clean water would be hard to come by when you're killing infighting the the opposition.. in a jungle.. soldiers suffered living in.. or wherever!

  19. don't take the hot tub for granted babe, I got lupus out of nowhere in my 30's and can't get in the hot tub anymore and I can't go in the sun. my whole life I planned to retire and live on a sailboat, my happy place is the beach and it's all been taken away from me in a moment. don't take anything for granted, get in that hot tub girl, get in that sun, go to that festival and soak up every second it can all be gone in an instant. concerts and travel were my life and now I have to only go to concerts inside and I'm only ever I doors, I used to be brown as shit, a tanning addict now I'm see through vampire white and any heat or light burns my skin so bad. just live life to the fullest everyday, I had such good teens and twenties thank God I didn't take that for granted only wish I had traveled more and went to more stuff just packed shit in everyday all day. the days I did nothing while I could wake up and just get out of bed healthy feel so fucking wasted. I'm grateful I did the things I did however fucking stupid some may have been I'm so glad I have those memories because that's all I have now. sorry to be depressing hope you may see this but whoever dies take it to heart and live a full life everyday and appreciate it.

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