Spring Break Zombie Massacre – Official Teaser Trailer (2016)

Get Sam and Mattie! Rise my zombies! Rise my demons! My sons, I have a special gift for both of
you. The power of bionics! Because of this, my life is way better. Yes, yes! I can feel it Police! Later, bitches! Hey zombie, payback is a bitch! Whyyyy? Hey bros, wanna hit up Cumby’s for some
victory slushies? Oh hell yeah!

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  1. I'm sorry, but how can you dislike this? There should be more kick ass movies with people with Down Syndrome. Will watch!

  2. SO looking forward to seeing the whole movie! You guys are my heroes.You can tell you had fun making the movie.Congrats!!!

  3. This actually looks like it could be real fun. Hopefully it'll be available on Netflix or something at one point 🙂

  4. I actually really want to watch this, great trailer. The movie seams entertaining. Please let us know when its out!

  5. hey everyone check out the film's IMDB page!!!

    Spring Break Zombie Massacre

  6. Reel Guise were proud to help fund this. We wait with antici………pation for the premiere! Great job!

  7. Sam, you may not remember me but you and I were great friends when you attended the after school program at Veazie. I am beyond proud of you but I cannot say I'm surprised. You were a total rockstar when I knew you and I've always known you were gonna be BIG. Ms Angel (my mom) wants you to know how proud you have made her, keep up the amazing work– Aréema

  8. I was intrigued by the whole premise….but you grabbed my attention with "later bitches!" . I genuinely laughed out loud. WILL WATCH. TAKE ALL THE MONIES!!!!!

  9. awesome job guys! I will be seeing this, and not only because you have down syndrome, like some of the people seem to be here, but because it looks great, and pretty well made and funny!

  10. Even though this movie isn't for me, I still support the two of you in what you're doing. This is pretty touching considering how much heart actually got put into this.

  11. This looks like a really fun movie! Can't wait to see it and what else you two have in store! I couldn't imagine pulling off something as big as this, or even make something that looks decent, and I'm around the same age as them, hahaha (18). Would love to help on any future projects!

  12. Man, this is waaaaaay better than any other high budget movies I've seen in the box office! You guys have so much going on that they fit together so well! Shotguns, blood, zombies, demons, sweet duo tag team in an epidemic and super-fucking-bionic powers. 100% would pay to see this movie if it comes out in my country.

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