Sri Lanka Bomb Reaction (Christian) – Latest News Update

the series of explosions tearing through
churches filled with worshippers attending Easter Mass more than 200
people killed hundreds hurt several Americans among the victims and chilling
images inside people scrambling to help the wounded a statue of Jesus spattered
with blood explosions also devastating three luxury
hotels hey guys welcome back to the channel I wanted to make a quick
reaction video to the bombings in Sri Lanka and I just want to give everybody
all the latest information that we have and then wrap the video up by explaining
one why I made this video but two how we should be thinking about these events as
Christians and what can we actually do as fellow body members of Christ’s and
brothers and sisters of these people halfway across the world so let’s get
into the facts and what we know now and then I’ll wrap it up as you know what
can we do as Christians okay so where is Sri Lanka well it is around the world
for us here in America in the Indian Ocean and it is made up of a population
of about 21 million people so getting into what we know so far as of Monday
the 22nd there were nine bombs in total that went off Sunday 290 people are
confirmed dead 500 plus were injured as of this afternoon they have 24 people in
custody and then the jihadi Islamic state was supposed to be behind these
attacks and it was announced this afternoon that it was a small group
known as the National thatthe JAMA auth apparently they are all from Sri Lanka
so they are local citizens but it’s believed that they had a lot of
international help due to the expert level of the suicide bombs that were
created and the coordination of these attacks I guess typically in a mature
level bombs they don’t always go off but in this
they all did so a breakdown of the religion demographic in Sri Lanka most
recently about 70% are known as Buddhists the other is made up
predominantly of Muslims and Hindus and then Christianity made up about 7% of
the Sri Lanka religious demographic of that 7% about 85% are thought to be
Roman Catholics so knowing all this information you know how do we handle
these things as Christians because unfortunately we know that this will not
be the last attack like this so let’s just wrap this video up by you know what
can we do when how should we think about these things so with all that
information you know what can we as Christians do well of course first and
foremost we need to actually pray for these people as I mentioned we are
literal brothers and sisters with these other Christians across the world and
it’s so easy for us to see headlines and to watch videos and just to leave it as
numbers on a screen or on a piece of paper but in all reality these are
people that just lost their loved ones I mean think about it
we were most likely in church yesterday for Easter Sunday with family friends I
mean imagine if your church a bomb exploded 80 some people died a hundred
plus other people were wounded or injured severely and it just is
unthinkable unfathomable honestly you can’t really imagine the pain
and heartbreak that is behind that and that’s what these people were going
through yesterday so instead of just leaving a hand emoji or you know saying
that we’re gonna pray for these people we actually need to take time out of our
day to believe that the Lord can provide a peace that surpasses all understanding
in these moments for these Sri Lankan people so obviously prayer is number one
and then just letting other Christians and other people know and not letting
these kind of headlines come and go so quickly but we know that there will be
more unfortunately this is not going to be the last type of attack like this but
we have to cling to Christ and fix our eyes on him and know that he has
overcome the world and the Bible does say that all persecution that true
believers of Jesus experience in this world for his name there will be rewards
in heaven for that and we have to take some level of hope and heart in those
sayings so just like I said wanted to update everybody with the latest
information kind of spread a little bit of awareness and then encourage people
to actually pray for these people across the world because there are brothers and
sisters in Christ and you know one day we will see them in heaven so thanks for
watching I’ll catch up with you guys in the next video

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  1. It’s true. We let newlines come and go so fast. We never truly take the time to pray for those people/families. It’s different when you are viewing them as your brother/sister in Christ. Which honestly I don’t feel like we think about that a lot of the time!

  2. Saying “I’ll pray for you” has become so hackneyed and so often not followed through on. Pray more, period. You gotta believe it has the ability to change lives! Great video and info.

  3. Please pray for my Sri Lankan people because I can’t. I am angry and I can’t understand whyJesus would let this happen to the Christians of Sri Lanka. They aren’t rich. This is devastating. Please pray. I a, Sri Lankan

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