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Hi, I’m Kev Lavery and today I’m going to
be taking you through how to complete an online quiz in Connect. You can access Quizzes in Connect in a few
ways. They can be sequenced into your unit so that
you encounter them as a natural part of the unit progression. Like a Quiz to test your understanding of
some Content you just covered. They can also be accessed through the Quizzes
tool in the NavBar or you might be alerted to a newly released Quiz through the Updates
widget. Here I can see from my updates widget that
I currently have 1 quiz not attempted. I can click this notice to jump straight to
the list of quizzes. This page will list all available quizzes. In this example, our unit only has two quizzes
available at the moment. One is a test your knowledge Quiz (which is
to check your own progress) and the other is an assessment item. Quizzes can be unlocked as you progress through
the content in your unit, or can also be unlocked based on date, so you may not see all your
unit’s quizzes at once. From this page, I can see the title of the
quiz, and I can see I also have 2 attempts at this quiz. Clicking the title will take us to the Quiz’s
summary page. Here we can see the details of the quiz, like
the description, the quiz details, and instructions. The quiz details are important to note, because
they’ll tell you when the quiz is available, how long you have to complete it, and how
many attempts you get to complete. The instructions will also give you important
information about how to save your question responses and submitting your completed attempt. When we’re ready to commence the quiz, click
the ‘Start Quiz’ button. You’ll get a final confirmation screen. Click OK, and your quiz will begin. With the Quiz started I can see some time
markers. Quizzes can have an estimated time to complete
which is a little guide as to how long the Quiz should take me. They can also have a time limit which, if
applied, would be visible in this area. OK, let’s move on to the questions. In this example, I’ve got some multiple choice
questions to answer. Let’s select an answer in the first question,
and click save under the question. In a multiple choice style question, I can
only select one answer. You can now see the little save icon to the
right of the question has changed to reflect that the answer I’ve selected has been saved. Of course, if I’d like to change my answer,
I can pick another option and click save again to update. As I work my way through the Quiz I’ll encounter
a few different types of questions. This question contains a different style of
question, called a multi-select question where have checkboxes to select from instead of
a radio button. This means there are potentially multiple
correct answers to this question. Quizzes can contain many different styles
of questions, like true/false, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and many more. Make sure you read the question closely, study
the potential responses and pick your answers accordingly. You can also see here that this quiz has been
split into multiple pages. Click the ‘next page’ button to jump to the
next page of questions. All your answers on the current page will
be saved as you progress. Once we reach the end, you can see we have
2 buttons. We can make sure we’ve saved all our responses
by clicking the ‘Save All Responses’ button at the bottom. Only saved answers will be submitted to your
instructor. When we’re satisfied that all of our answers
have been saved, we can select the ‘Go to Submit Quiz’ button. In my haste I’ve missed a question. This will give you a warning about any unanswered
questions. If I’d like to jump back to the unanswered
question, I can click the link on the question number. When I’m happy with my responses, I can select
the ‘Submit Quiz’ button. This will give me a final confirmation, and
I can submit the quiz by select the ‘Yes, submit quiz’ button. I’ll get a notice that my quiz attempt has
been submitted successfully, marked with the time and date. In this example, the quiz has been set up
to be graded instantly, so I’ve already received an attempt score. I’m also able to browse through my attempt
and see my responses and scores. However, I should note that these options
can depend on how the quiz has been set up by your instructor, and may not be available
in every quiz. Finally, if I need to re-attempt the quiz,
I can go back to the summary page and commence another attempt.

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