Subpoena Deadline Today For Docs From Mick Mulvaney, Perry | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. Gosh, I hope Trump doesn't have a massive coronary from all of this Impeachment pressure. Jeeze, that would be tough.

  2. So if Giuliani isn't a government employee, yet he was negotiating with Ukraine on behalf of the US, how is that not a violation of the Logan Act?

  3. If Mulvaney is a man of his words I hope he shares the same candour with Congress as he did yesterday. Best way to avoid felony charges is to be as honest and open as possible. Cowards get stitches!

  4. It’s annoying that there is so much focus on “quid pro quo”. It’s not a necessary component for this abuse of power. Aaaarrgh!

  5. Bernie Sanders… 2020.. Even though he's up there in years… He is forthright… And would not be prideful about his health. If there were to be legitimate concerns about his mental capacity… He would take responsibility for it and pass on the torch

  6. I would not be surprised to learn many of Trumps inner circle have been acting as informants. The texts sound to me that someone is baiting someone else.

  7. If you have not donated to a Dem House or Senate candidate for 2020 … please start doing so today.
    Our country needs people who understand the danger to our democracy, ideals and security … to act.
    Act like the future of our country depends on all of us … because it does.

  8. Note to WH staff and Republicans…time to stop defending Trump…it's not a sham impeachment process but a shame impeachment process…if you do not follow the law…history will record your shameful acts…no one will support or believe you anymore

  9. I think Cenk Uygur is correct. Trump told Mulvaney to say those things. That is why Trump is angry at the press and not at Mulvaney.

  10. NOt a GOP fan but they do not dump him now, the GOP will take a generation to recover. Every country needs a "loyal opposition" so dump him, put in Pense until 2020, The GOP will still lose but at least the rebuilding and recovery will be maybe 10 years instead of 20

  11. Its obvious that Trump told him to say those words. Remember he thinks he's a stable genius this is what someone that thinks a stable genius will do

  12. GOP were the ones who changed the rules after Clinton's impeachment despite precedent so the House DOESN'T need to hold a vote for an impeachment investigation. Even Republican judge Napolitano had to school Fox&Fiends on this FACT! When magatards start focusing on the process but refuse to look at the bleedingly obvious impeachable offenses being committed by trump, it's because they have nothing else to fall on.

  13. I guess until he handed to Putin the nuclear codes then May Be America can do something about him. America! It will be Too Late then. Just leave the man-baby does what he does because he IS the president???

  14. Mulvaney perfectly represented Individual 1. He was arrogant, ignorant, and unprepared. Then he followed it up by lying about something that everyone knows is true.

  15. I think the ONLY way the US can win back some of its honor and a little of the trust that was lost by the Fat Orange POS is to mete out SEVERE PUNISHMENT to Trump AND all his enablers to show the world that the REAL America will NOT stand for ANY kind of corruption, and to write a FORMAL letter of apology to the Kurds and make compensation for all that the Kurds had to suffer through because the the DOTARD'S WILLFULL & GREEDY ACTIONS!

  16. Actually I firmly believe that trump overestimates the power of his base going into 2020. While taking the R’s loyalty for granted. It’s incredibly embarrassing to stick up for this guy! If you’re not getting paid Rn and you’re defending him… you’re a diehard or a complete moron. (Yes I suppose the two could be interchangeable)

  17. Remember everyone, when you get a subpoena, throw it away. You can cite precedence of every denial to appear, later when in court. YOU will get arrested, ask why the "impartial" system is showing deference? Then move to dismiss.

  18. The nowadays GOP is way more corrupt than the one during Nixon impeachment. I don’t believe one second that the Republican senators, under the lead of Moscow Mitch, will vote against tRump.

  19. Trump is the anti Christ! All his evangelical friends should hang their heads in shame for supporting this abomination! We need to remove this evil man from the Whitehouse before he causes another world war!!!!

  20. Someone in this White House flip flopping? Heck they learned that from Trump. We have seen that man flip flop several time a DAY for over 1000 days. It is the norm now. Oh it is not a good thing at all since what is the truth and what is a lie gets muddied but hopefully the impeachment inquiry can sort this all out, and sort it out expeditiously.

  21. Stay on that impeachment, meanwhile, the Man is having powerful rallies, creating cease-fires, meeting all the foreign dignitaries, putting Pelosi in her place, Imagine what he could really accomplish without the Democrats help?

  22. What I find so astonishing is the depth to which Trump supporters will go to defend his abnormal actions and statements. According to Trump's claims; the entire nation is being unjust to him ; that every single person not supporting him, from ordinary Joes to lawmakers, from police to the FBI, the CIA and all the other agencies, the press and tv channels – are involved in the most massive, all encompassing, conspiracy to undermine the president, (who is entirely innocent of any kind of wrongdoing).
    Such a conspiracy would have to be something so all encompassing that it would exceed the levels of any extreme administration in any nation of the world throughout our long history.
    Clearly this is a problem which emerges in Trump's brain. It is the kind of thing which Paranoid Schizophrenics experience.
    Maybe this is a case of 'something in the water'; the unforseen effect of a chemical in the air, producing psychological anomalies effecting whole populations? We know that female hormones from the pill have disrupted the reproduction cycles of numerous creatures; perhaps this is a mass madness caused by other drugs such as morphine or opioids etc which tend not to be broken down by our systems, getting in the water or the food that we eat? Who knows. But something is sure not right; for so many folk to be experiencing well defined psychological problems almost on a worldwide scale it needs to be considered and investigated.
    Maybe it is an alien attack?? But seriously there IS something very odd going on right now and it is very dangerous.

  23. There will be no Trump to consider on ballot. No Doral, Fl summit. NO Más Trump.
    #indictTrump2021 #impeachTrump2020

  24. So she says the democrats are tired of the courts now they will take justice in their own hands! Behind closed doors! What happened to the rule of law?

  25. i can almost hear now who is going to be fired next by trump! people who can't cover up his misdeeds need to be gone!

  26. This is taking entirely too long. We have the evidence. So what gives. Anyone else in the world would be behind bars.

  27. Look at all the corruption we "know" about, now imagine all that we don't, we need to know what else is being stored on that server! Because conversations with Vladimir Putin are probably hidden there too, I want to know what he tells Putin! Drag it all out into the light and then let the chips fall where they may!

  28. aint nobody getting impeached senate wont vote him out
    senate loves the $green caucus$ in there face im sure chumps daddy putin will stay far away in there face next election
    dont worry chump cant b in office more than 8yrs by that time MEXICO will have our land back usa will b 1more bankruptcy 2 chump's many this time MEXICO takes women only PILGRIMS

  29. Tricky Micky Mulvaney and Rick Perry need to go directly to jail for contempt of congress. NO MERCY!!!! If GOP lawmakers had any integrity at all they would condemn this president "whachamaycallit"in no uncertain terms.

  30. Hay , yo , man we do this stuff all the time bro , get over it dude , this is how it goes down with us. We do this all the time we mess up everything , every time my man, get over already , forget about it. We would screw up a free meal in church my brother.That's how it is, we do this stuff all the time, get over it.

  31. MSNBC are either remarkably dumb or remarkably naive. There's got to be a reason the House Democrats aren't moving on the financial end of Trump's crimes – Ways and Means Chair Richard Neal (never mentioned by MSNBC) most of all. Nothing but Pelosi worship – while Pelosi is a parody of a real leader.

  32. Republicans can reopen Alcatraz in 2020, and permanently reside there. Their orange jumpsuits should have yellow stripes, and they should be kept in line with oath breaker baseball bats.

  33. The Oval office has the ultimate affect in changing any new president, forging him or her, to excel performing with unequivical iorn determination performing with well adjusted balance briliant insight.

  34. The press can do nothing but attack this president. The people see right through this, only the sheep buy into it. Here's to praying that there are more intelligent people in this country, than sheep, and more people vote.

  35. Pelosi is giving us another false choice. The first one was, "I don't want to see Trump impeached. I want to see him in prison." That was pure BS. We can have both .

    Now, apparently, her new tack is to abandon court enforcement of subpoenas. We'll just take all these refusals to comply with subpoenas and throw then in the "obstruction bucket". Again, that's not a forced choice. They can do both . Also, how hard would it be for Trump's lawyers to argue that Trump didn't order these people not to show up? So, House Democrats, LOCK UP some of these jerks!

    I think she's doing this because she fears (justifiably) that Congress might not get rulings in their favor in court. That's because she inexplicably refuses to bring this inquiry to a floor vote. And yeah, it might take forever in court for the same reason. A judge may justifiably say, "I see no urgency here, since you won't even bring this inquiry to a vote." In fact, there has already been one judge who ruled against a congressional subpoena specifically because the House has not voted on the inquiry.

  36. Trump at this moment is trying to ignite a civil war inside the USA……he should be tried for treason and acts of war against the american population.

  37. The reason that all of the GOP are disgusted with Mick Mulvaney is because he has shown the American people that most of the GOP are lying ba****ds !!

  38. We need to bill the RNC for the use of Air Force one with support personal. No President should be allowed to use these resources more then a year before re-election? Job performance (for everybody) should really decide re-election, and not the use of tax payer money.

  39. Of course they do it all the time, it's called accountability.. taxpayer money needs to be used for specific purposes, and that's why they responsibly ensure that the money is being used for the appropriated purposes. It doesn't take rocket science to figure this out. Anybody running a business does the exact same thing.

    You don't just give countries or organizations money without specific plans for it. This should be common sense..


  41. Don "Teflon" Trump and his capos forgot the most important lesson that Goodfellas taught us.
    Never use the phone.

  42. You mainstream media watching knuckleheads are so brainwashed, they've been feeding you this impeachment garbage since 2016 and yet you still manage to believe it. 3 years of investigations in all they've managed to do is uncover more crimes committed by the Democrats.

  43. G7 @ Doral = Gonnorhea, GOP, Governments, Guests (foreign), Gnats (bed bugs), Guns, Grant's ($$$ = emoluments clause), Golf = Yes, perfect place for the G7.

  44. Now what were the illegal acts Pres Obama was to have commited?

    Are all the Trumps genetically engineered to lack self-awareness?

    If you are going to call other people CROOKED you should not VIOLATE the emoluments clause.

    Other politicians at least have the decency to hide their corruption

    Doral is Close to the Everglades yet even swampier

    The Trump Children are Fair Game: Time to shine a light on the lil Grifters. First up is Princess CommieVanka receive dozens of patents & trademarks from China and Saudi grants while serving in the Trump administration.

    ALL 31 of Trumps buildings (1984 – 2015) are made with 50 million pounds of Chinese steel Foreign governments are renting entire floors of rooms for weeks at Trump properties and leaving them empty? Don Jr meet with Russians to get dirt on Hillary Don Jr is selling condos via US Embassies Jared received a $90 million investment from Saudi Arabia while serving in the Trump admin Jared received a 0% interest repay in 300 years $1 billion “loan” from the Qatar gov after Trump threatened to remove US bases.

  45. Send them to jail so that they come to terms,this is a legitimate impeachment enquiry under the US constitution laid down rules and not a kangaroo court or sham investigation. No matter how they try to distance themselves from the real issue, they will be forced to comply.

  46. Mulvaney, by the way, is the same dude who COUGHED as Dump was giving one of his idiotic answers during an interview with George Steph at the White House and Dump summarily ordered him to go COUGH OUTSIDE because "He's coughing over there whilst I give my answer. I don't like that. If you want to cough –go cough outside." You could hear Mulvaney's embarrassed shoes shuddering and making their way to the door with his tail tucked between his legs! And the interview continued soon thereafter!

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