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  1. Zane seems less fun than he used to be and I'm not liking him sounding American. Also does someone go round Beats 1 sucking the life out of everyone? The guy serving coffee seems to have the most fun.

  2. I love how these segments are basically James coming in and completely screwing up a business. Like the opposite of Undercover Boss.

  3. I got 3 frigerators in the house…. and I'm not famous…. But I do have a hell of a electrical bill… No BS! Lol

  4. These people suck. just go with it have fun I pretty sure a lot people rather listen to James then y’all boring asses

  5. The "bed music" that James sings is strikingly similar to a song of mine.


  6. jAMES > Take a break in govt parliament 👨‍⚖️be fun NEW LAW passes everyone gets monday off haa 👍🎤LIKE A BOSS

  7. I love how half the stuff they do seems like it’s actually taken by surprised but like you can’t tell because it’s a skit 😂 like the Dj cal😂

  8. Oh my god James needs to get a radio station or a podcast cos this is honestly the best thing I’ve ever seen!

  9. The second group of talent didn’t look to be on air… very strange their computer screens were all turned off!

  10. he would be grreta doing a UK presenter as his wishes of doing news reports, music and other fun things would be for filled

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