Take a Break: Pink’s Hot Dogs

Day or night Pink’s hot dogs in Hollywood always has a line of customers outside. In honor of it being National Hot Dog Day, I’ve come down to see if one of their hard-working employees wants to
take a break. Let’s go and find out Hello, you’re Gloria and you own Pink’s
Hot Dogs and you’re Beverly Pink. How are you? These guys work so hard. Do any of them want to take a break and I’ll stand in? This takes a lifetime, these gloves! My doctor does it in seconds. My doctor would be examing me by now. He’d be knuckle deep. What’ll it be? Hot dog. With mustard. And two weiners. Two weiners? You flirt. You ever write messages on the hot dogs? What does that say? “I love you”
I love you too! Come here. You wanna have a bite before I wrap it? Have a bite before I wrap it! That one’s going to another person. Well they’re not going to know! Just cover it up with some chili. Bun up! Cheese it! Cheese comin’ at you! Don’t blame the throw, Jen! That’s what I’m talking about. It’s like I’ve just woken up in the morning. Anyone want the Trump dog? It’s full of
crap and it hates salsa. Does anyone want the “El Chapo?” It’s just a bun, no sausage, and a hole in the bottom. Does anyone want a True Detective dog? A True Detective dog? It’s a real mess and no one knows what the BLEEP is going on Leo is going to show you everything we do to keep things spotless. This changing gloves is relentless! You must lose so many hours of your day
just putting gloves on. Everyone’s gotta be — can you just put your gloves on? If they wear gloves, it doesn’t matter. If they wear ’em, we don’t need to clean! I’ll take your plate.
Just really put your put your back into it. Just make sure it’s spotless, yeah? What do I do with the tray? So who have we got here? David Hasselhoff! Did he come in here? Was he…? No! Really? He didn’t try to come in here get a burger, go home, get filmed by his kids? Not at all. And guess who that empty spot is for? No way. You’re kidding me. Who do I go between? I’m between Kris Jenner and Gloria Estefan. I’ve imagined that many a time. I’ve got my picture on the wall but what I don’t have is a signature Corden dog. Will you let me design my own dog and you’ll put it on the menu. You promise? [ominous music] Now this is important guys, if you can
watch me make it. Because you’re gonna be making loads of these okay? It’s just a very small amount of mustard. Just a drizzle of ketchup. A little bit of salsa. A little bit of lettuce it’s just a taste of chilli. Pastrami on the dog
there. Now here’s the important bit with the guacamole, guys. Everybody watching? It doesn’t go on the dog,
it goes around the dog. Oh my god, it just looks so beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you now the world’s first ever hot dog burrito — The Corden Dog! Thank you so much. [tepid applause] It’s a hot dog burrito. Would you like to try some? Forget about it. In one bite alone, I’ve just
secured the future of Pink’s Hot Dogs for another 76 years. Have you heard about the Corden dog? No. The world’s first hot dog burrito. You want a Corden dog? Why does no one want a Corden dog? Why didn’t you want a Corden dog?! Everyone wants a Corden dog! You’re causing too much disturbance, we have to move you. We have another job for you. Okay. Alright. You’ve got to be kidding me. How long do I have to stay out here? Just stay out there little bit longer. Can I at least take the bun off? It’s like 95 degrees! Fancy a hot dog? Pinks is that way. Pinks Hot Dogs is that way.

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  1. This reminds me of when I worked at a volunteer sausage stall next to a retail place and because I was like 10-12 I said all this dirty stuff and acted like I had no idea what I was saying so I could be stupid to the customers like what James did.

  2. "fare!…I'm a hot dog I haven't got any money!"
    "When was the last time you heard of a hot dog having any cash?''
    "I never had a hot dog on my bus period…"

  3. "it's $1.25 dog" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 u got a new subscriber " dog"😂😂😂😂😂🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌯🌯🌭🌭

  4. Omg this is the place that the cast of master in the house visited!!! I wonder if their picture is still there

  5. damn those 2 old owners look like their faces got fucked by a anvil they must have had like 25 surgerys each

  6. Boy, causing too much disturbance, I bet if he was like someone really famous the customers would be disturbing them, smile people I'd be happy if I happened to be there..

  7. Why did they allow him to come if they were gonna act annoyed and say he's causing a disturbance…he has to be funny for the show.

  8. I was talking a sip of water…. then I saw james as a hot dog and I completely lost it and the water went everywhere 😂😂😂

  9. Love James Corden but Pink's like the Wiener Circle are the most overrated, shittiest and ridiculously priced piles of garbage there is. Hot dogs are not beef and are to be cooked over charcoal……………Fight me.

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