Taliban ramp up attacks on Afghan forces | DW News

Part-flattened after a car loaded with explosives
passed through a military checkpoint and detonated inside the compound. Officials say several gunmen then stormed
the base — opening fire at soldiers, before being gunned down themselves. It was around six o’clock. There was a very big explosion. I thought there had been an earthquake. It was very strong. It’s the latest in what has become near-daily
assaults by the Taliban — who have been stepping up their attacks on government facilities
in recent months — undeterred by the harsh winter. This time, the Taliban were able to breach
the compound’s security barriers, by using a vehicle they had captured from the Afghan
military. Some of the injured were taken to local hospitals
for treatment. More serious cases were sent some 50 kilometres
away to the capital, Kabul. The government is facing accusations that
it’s hiding the true death toll — so as to avoid further worsening morale among Afghanistan’s
already-shattered security forces.

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  2. First you claimed you dont negotiate with terrorists
    They never were in the first place
    Now its clear the freedom fighters are fighting a just war against an occupying force

  3. The USA should never have went into Afganastan nor Iraq. It only destroyed lives and made a chaos factory. You can't force people to do what WE think they should..They have done just fine for 1000 s of years and kept things in check…in a way that worked. I mean not like our way works here..and we have only had it for 250 years..so we have no right to tell others how they should run countries. Leave that to the people who have to live there,and understand there fellow people.

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  5. Crazy. The Afghan army have the latest weapons, vehicles, equipment and training, yet they're as ineffective as ever.

  6. Finally hope peace prevails; we in the USA got way too many wars on our plate and zero of them were approved by congress; our congress has become backwards complaining only when we try to leave the wars the American people want out they should serve us before the military industrial complex.

    Or as i call them murder inc because they are private corporation profiting off of death.

  7. Honestly Russia should gift Afghanistan the license to a newer ak rifle. They have advertised the rifle more effectively for the past 40 years then any advertising firm could have

  8. Just in the span of 40 years Afghanistan defeated world's two super powers.From 1979 to 1989 once called USSR now Russia was terribly humiliated when they were defeated by foot soldiers with ak-47,RPG & in end of the war stinger missiles on their shoulders.The whole world witnessed how USSR got crushed in pieces soon after they left Afghanistan.In 2001 so called war on terror 48 countries declared war on Afghanistan's Taliban regime by passing the resolution in UN under 1378.This is 2019 here we are 70 percent of Afghanistan is ruled by Taliban.USA is finding ways to get out of Afghanistan by negotiating with taliban,but taliban will never negotiate any deal until & unless America don't withdraw their armed forces from Afghanistan that too unconditionally I'm sure about that.Their will be no retreat or second thought from Taliban when it comes to foreign occupation.The more time America spent their the more humiliating withdraw is ahead of them.

  9. God is with them…let's not forget the Afghanistan government is just a puppet who don't represent the people nor Islam. Dogs really if you ask me

  10. Talk to who what Taliban in Qatar not not Pakistani Taliban are you out of your mind we need to talk to original Taliban in Afghanistan inside in Afghanistan now in Qatar why we need to sit down and talk to Taliban and cutter are you out of your mind don't play this kind of game with us

  11. Afghanistan is worried on this country Afghanistan people is worried on us this is so many country they try to play a game with us the game will not going to stay longer game is our you need to stop interfering Afghanistan especially the Pakistani army is I

  12. America just stopped tracking ground held by the Taliban it's being captured at an alarming rate they can't keep up with tracking any longer cuz when ever they do the estimate it's not longer valid cuz where they started is already captured.

  13. Long live the true heroes of Afghanistan long live Taliban! Only rulers that can rule Afghanistan under ALLAH AZZAWAJAL sharia!

  14. i appreciate all people . your positive comments just tells me that people are getting wise.
    Leave the Goddamn Afghanistan alone. Half of afghanistan families live in Pakistan. you kill their son daughter father . you make them angry.Lastly i would share this " Pushtuns are best friends and Worst enemies".

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