Tesla Driver Caught On Camera Apparently Asleep At The Wheel | NBC Nightly News

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  2. Shame on you NBC! If you would have done your homework you would have found that it is a virtual impossibility to sleep in a Tesla with the version of full self driving driving mode available today. If the steering wheel does not get driver input between 30 and 45 seconds the vehicle will alert the driver with a series of audible beeps. If the driver still doesn’t correct the situation, than the car will turn on the hazard flashers and immediately slow the vehicle to a complete stop. This information is available all over the net, and from Tesla. The individuals who perpetrated this prank should be interviewed to reveal the real story. You chose NOT to validate this story for reasons not yet disclosed.

  3. This is not only a dumb problem its also a very VERY EASY problem to solve. The Tesla cars already has systems to identify and warn if the driver has his or her hands off the wheel. Obviously their implementations are no where near enough. All Tesla needs to do is impliment a shake system into the drivers seat in combination with a very loud alarm to awaken the driver. Basically replicating the same effect that occurs when a sleepy driver veers off onto the side of the road, which its tires running over those staggered slots in the roads concrete ment to awaken and or alert drivers of the cars position coming off the main road. The vibration and the sound that comes from the tires into the cabin makes it near impossible for anyone sleep not to be quickly awakened by the startling sound.

  4. Has this world gotten to the point ( i don't think i need to stay awake to go work &take a nap?) Someone caught doing this your car insurance should be $4,000. Monthly bc you are stupid person.

  5. Totally bogus hoax!  My older Tesla will save my life if I fall asleep. In 20 seconds of your hands not on the wheel it starts flashing the display, at 25 seconds beeps loudly. There is no way you could stay asleep.  It is like an airplane with both a pilot and co-pilot: SAFER! If this driver was actually asleep, which I doubt, it saved his life.

  6. YEAH he taped it but did he try to throw something at the window to wake em up. SMH, Instead of taping him he could have saved lives as well

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  8. maybe the car should automatically slow down with flashers on n make it pull over when they dont put the hands on the wheel

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