Testificate News (Villager News 2 Extra)

This is Testificate #5 reporting for Testificate News. THIS IS NOT VILLAGER NEWS! THEY ARE TERRIBLE PEOPLE! I don’t like them! As you can see, there is an alien attack in progress! Let’s take a closer look! People are getting abducted all over the place! It looks like the villagers are standing up to the UFO. Some of them are sitting. VILLAGERS, THEY MAY TAKE OUR LIVES BUT THEY’LL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM OOH NO, MY FREEDOM! That was noble. But this village needs a hero. TestificateMan: Did somebody say HERO? OH MY GOD, it’s TestificateMan, he’ll save us! TestificateMan: SHOO … SHOO! TESTIFICATES ARE CHEERING NOOooo aw… What are we going to do now? Aaaahhhhhhh-elyah-elyaaahhhh-elyah-elyaahh Well that didn’t help at all… OH NO AH This is Testificate #5 reporting for… © 2013 Element Animation English captions by @Thibaultmol

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  1. What if… that was the newscast from villager news attacking the people who like testificate news?🧐

  2. there is no inside of the UFO

    every time there is a UFO and no space for any abducted people, i believe something bloody is going on…

  3. This is testificate #5 reporting for testificate news this is not villager news
    there are terrible people i don't like them

  4. i think this is supposed to be a village for villagers and the testificate is recording from the village and i probably think that the ufo is made of testificates, not villagers.

  5. I like how villager news doesn't give a single edgy swear of the ufo attack.

    And how testiflcate news is panicking.

  6. (Eas Plays) Waring some Ufos have been attacking the village but this is bad news! evacuate now! (Eas Ends)

  7. Testificate #5: Well that diddn't help at all…
    Me: Hey! I don't see you doing anything!
    Testificate #5: You know what? You're right!
    A GIANT PROBLEM Reference

  8. 0:26 "They will never take out freedom!" 0:28 gets sucked up "Oh no! My freedom!"

    Poor testificates, never able to understand that, "Life is not a fairy tale. If you loose your shoe at midnight, your drunk."

  9. Make sure you read to the bottom!
    Villager: "That was noble, but this village needs a hero!"
    Testificate man: "Did somebody say hero?!"
    Villager: *kinda depressed voice "Oh my god. It's testificate man! He'll save us."
    0:41 Testificate man: Moment of justice and triumph *Bows head and says, "Shoo."
    Gets sucked up

  10. At 0:12 you can see a villager with the name “Dinnerbone” What this is calling any mob Dinnerbone will make the mob turn upside down

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