The 7ft 8in Teen Who Can’t Stop Growing

BROC: Monster!! COMM: Broc Brown is an incredible 7ft 8inches tall. And at 18 years old, he may still be
growing. DARCI: Most men will stop growing at age 22, Broc is 18. The tallest man in the world
is 8ft1’, I believe. He could be the tallest man in the world eventually. This chair here
is Broc’s chair. It was purchased, it was about $1,000 and it’s called the ‘Big
Man’s Chair.’ COMM: Broc’s excessive height comes from Sotos Syndrome, a condition that neither of
his parents has. It affects 1 in 15,000. DARCI: I’d say Broc was about 5ft2’ when he was in kindergarten. Around middle school
he was about 6ft tall and then for high school he was 7ft. STACY SNYDER: They call him the ‘gentle giant’ and he has a heart as big as gold. DARCI: It’s a genetic disorder and there’s, there’s nothing that can stop him from growing
and I don’t know that he’ll ever stop. BROC: I do get a lot hungry, I’m like a bottomless pit. DARCI: Hey Broc, do you want some more breakfast, buddy?
BROC: Yes. DARCI: You not full yet?
BROC: No. DARCI: Second breakfast, fish sticks. BROC: I need a drink. DARCI: These are hot right now, ok? BROC: I love me some good fish sticks! COMM: Buying clothes is not straightforward and he has to have his shoes specially made. BROC: Sup Todd? TODD HARDER: Hey, what’s up Broc?
BROC: How you been man? TODD HARDER: Doing all right! You doing all
right? BROC: Yeah, pretty good.
TODD HARDER: Good to see you again. I’m going to measure your feet again. We’re
gonna do those, remember the drawings we do for the shoes?
Broc: Yeah. TODD HARDER: Okay those I believe were… BROC: 24.
TODD HARDER: Were they 24s? Size 24, so we were lucky to have Nike. A couple of years
ago they made some special shoes for Broc, because he had outgrown the biggest shoes
they had which were the size that Shaq used to wear. Here. There we go. TODD HARDER: You got it? All right. That is Broc feet, right there. TODD HARDER: Let’s see. BROC: About two of his.
TODD HARDER: It’s not about two of mine. Think so? STACY SNYDER: He’ll take his picture with anybody. Total strangers, we were in the gas
station one day and they said “ Can I get a picture with you?” So he got out of the
car and got his picture taken. So, we just know it’s going to taking longer sometimes. COMM: Broc has a number of health complaints including chronic back pain. BROC: It hurts me to even say this, but it kind of feels like a big tennis racket going
right through my back. And the stuff I do to make it to stop hurting don’t help. And
it makes me feel like a needle going through it. TODD HARDER: Yeah, that way you can breath easier. DARCI: He has ADHD, ODD, which is Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Intermittent Explosive
Disorder. It could be very dangerous if he wasn’t on medications and able to, you know,
be calmed but yeah he, he’s big, lovable, he’s like a big teddy bear. COMM: As a teen, Broc was given an early death prognosis, but recent doctors’ opinion is
that he could live well into adulthood. COMM: A future that Broc is determined to make the most of. BROC: I hopefully want to work for a sporting goods store. Something like a cashier or something,
have my own job. DARCI: I don’t ever push him into doing something he really doesn’t want to do.
I just hope he has a good life and is happy with it.

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  1. 1:33, You may be feeling hungry, but you've got some weight to lose and you SHOULD. It will help you in the long run… Actually it's pretty awful your mom keeps on feeding you. Unknowingly she worsens your health :-/…

  2. What a teddybear! I really want to be his best friend lol He seems like the sweetest, most well-intentioned person and he's so adorable. I hope Broc finds relief in pain management and better health for a happy life!!

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