The Art Of Breaking Up

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  1. i'll point out the obvious double standard of using a cartoon image of a man being struck in the face by a woman.

    we applaud violence against men from women. that's not right

  2. I agree… a cheap bottle of wine will suffice… pay for it and leave the other 4 glasses for her… she may need it

  3. OR.

    After you announce the breakup she breaks the bottle over your head, causing you to black out.

    As you hazily awaken, you're greeted by your would be ex hovering over you with an ear to ear smile. Your mind soon begins to clear, you notice a feeling of restraint, actual physical restraints. She's belted you to the bed.

    You always knew something was a bit off when she showed you her signed, first edition of Misery.

  4. If a woman hits me, I've obviously done soething wrong. If I hit a woman, I'm classed as evil. That's how the world works! (unfortunatley)

  5. My English teacher always tells his classes how he drove his girlfriend to break up with him by giving her a reversable purse as a gift for some important occassion. She was constantly complaining about how she needed different colored purses to match her outfits, so he got her that. I thought it sounded like a genius idea. She apparantly didn't.

  6. My old Biology teacher used to tell his classes how he got his ex-wife a body fat meter. That was back when she was still his wife.

  7. At first feminism was about two genders being equal, now its about mocking men and as you said applauding violence against men. As you can notice in media men (mainly husbands) are shown as some sort of pussywhips and complete morons who are unable to make decisions.

  8. no longer ok who gives a fuck jeeze simple if u dont like someone thn just leave em tell em for your sake cuz u dont wana be with someone else and thn someone goes your cheating on me wah having a conversation for a brekaup id say is only advised if you got either assets together, children or its a mutual thing caused by different schedules or areas or things involving work wher ewarranted

  9. Look, violence against men from women is no near the scale and brutality of violence against women. When a woman hits a man, it's usually a slap. When a man hits a woman, it's usually a punch.

    One is systemic and enduring, the other is pretty uncommon. Violence in a relationship regardless is wrong, but come on now. I'm sick of these "Men's Rights" people trying to bring an equivalency.

    P.S. Yes, I am a guy.

  10. Yeah, of course. Women can bleed a man dry of his money, they can turn sex into something "they control" and totally pussy whip the guy, they can make him turn on his friends.

    I've seen it a million times. I'm not saying women can't do that. But I do take an issue when people say ALL women are like that. It's kind like saying all men will abuse women.

  11. im sick of anybody trying to prop up an obvious double standard where we allow, encourage and even applaud unprovoked violence as a response in "some situations". that's crap.

    and if you think domestic violence is purely a men-on-women thing, you are either deluded or dishonest.

  12. LOL you might have anecdotes about you're girlfriend slapping you, but it's pretty well known it is an OVERWHELMINGLY men on women phenomenon.

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  14. What are you referring to? I've re-watched this video and looked very closely for the cartoon characters to strike one another, but they stand stock still the entire time. They get scribbled over by the cartoonist and are then in a heart outline that breaks apart which is used to enhance the lecture, but the don't hit each other.

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  16. hehehe, but the point of the video is knowing how to break up without the bad blood and anger, so the person shouldn't have to worry about that

  17. Wanted to share an article about breaking up

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