The Break-Up (4/10) Movie CLIP – I’m Done! (2006) HD

“Yeah, I think I’m gonna
get Brooke some flowers.’ ‘ You said
on our very first date
that you don’t like flowers, that they’re a waste of money. Every girl likes flowers, Gary. You said that you
don’t like flowers. I’m supposed
to take that to mean
that you do like flowers? No. This is not about…
You’re not…
God, you’re not getting it. You’re not getting this,
Gary, okay?
It’s not about the lemons. It’s not about the flowers.
It’s not about the dishes. It’s just about…
How many times do I have to
drop hints about the ballet? You know I can’t stand…
Brooke, come here. We’ve talked about
the damn ballet.
I hate the goddamn ballet! You got a bunch of dudes
in tights flopping around
for three hours. It’s like a medieval
techno show. It’s a nightmare. I sit there in a sweat.
The whole thing, I do, wondering when the hell’s
the goddamn nightmare
gonna end. Go to a damn ballet.
It’s not about you
loving the ballet, Gary. It’s about the
person that you love
loves the ballet and you wanting to spend time
with that person. Not when they’re at the ballet. Okay. Forget the ballet!
Forget the ballet!
I will. We don’t go anywhere together. We just went
to Ann Arbor together.
To Ann Arbor. To the
Michigan-Notre Dame game. You think screaming,
drunk kids and leprechauns
doing backflips, that’s fun. That’s fun for me.
Come on, man.
I did that for you. What do you…
How do you show up for me? I’m up on the bus
every goddamn day for you! Come on. You…
I’m busting my ass to be the best tour guide
in the damn city, so I can make enough money
to support both of us and hopefully you won’t
have to work one day. I want to work.
All I ask, Brooke, is that you show a little bit
of appreciation. That I just get 20 minutes
to relax when I come home, instead of being attacked
with questions and nagged
the whole damn time. You think that I nag you?
That’s all you do! All you do is nag me! “The bathroom’s a mess.’ ‘
“Your belt doesn’t match.’ ‘ “Hey, Gary, you should
probably go work out.’ ‘ Nothing I ever do
is ever good enough! I just want to be left
the hell alone! Really? Is that
what you want, Gary? Is that what you want?
Yeah. That’s what you want?
Yeah. Fine. Great.
Do whatever the hell you want. You leave your socks
all over this house,
dress like a pig, play your stupid-ass
video game.
I don’t care, I’m done. What?
I’m done!
I don’t deserve this. I really do not deserve this.
I deserve somebody
who gives a shit. I’m not spending one more
second of this life
with some inconsiderate prick! You’re a prick!

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  1. I don't understand why someone would drag their partner to something they clearly wouldn't like. Most guys would hate ballet. Go with a friend or by yourself. Also I like flowers but they die quickly so what's the point?

  2. This movie completely drained and depressed me. I literally felt like I was going through this hell myself!!!😖

  3. This reminds me what I went through with an ex in 2007, I left his ass of course. Three years down the drain I was so naive at that time to even think we were going to get married

  4. Vince's acting was on point Jennifer however was really off her game – I am not saying it bad I am saying shes done better before – .

  5. I hope me and Scott hartsough get married because I love him . Because I am in love you baby. Scott hartsough. I miss you . And I want you Scott hartsough

  6. They should have communicated better. Women shouldn't give a man hints since men don't work that way. Men shouldn't guess what women want since women don't work that way. Both should say what they want from each other. If they are willing to give it, great! If not, it's better to part ways since both men or women won't change for one another unless they really want to, and it usually has to do with personal choice or growth, not with the other person .

  7. Damn this is good writing. I watch this scene and I can’t choose a side! They’re both right and they’re both wrong. They both make good points that need to be heard but they’re mad so neither one of them is really communicating what they need. Wow

  8. Wow. It's amazing. Vince Vaughn manages to out-bad act Kirk Cameron in terms of shouting at your wife. Didn't believe he was invested for a second.

  9. I see where they're both coming from. She wants him to make some changes in his life, and he wants her to appreciate what he does for her, and wants to be left alone about it. Women sometimes want change, and Men don't.

  10. Aniston is really good at this scene because she probably has experience being like this in her 2 previous marriages?

  11. He too drunk & he hardly done nothing with her. And it's better to do your chores, cook dinner ,cook breakfast cook lunch, and clean the house before you do anything fun like watch football, video gaming I play for two hours of gaming & doesn't know how to manage his time. & plus go to church. Bring her flowers, travel places, be a good listener.

  12. I watched this film when I was only eleven years old as a kid. I saw it in theaters with my mom and I had no idea why they fought so much honestly. Of course being a kid, you never understand relationship problems at that time. Years later now at almost 25 years old, my heart wrenches at this scene. I have been in her shoes, crying and just begging to a man to pay attention to me or at least appreciate Everything I do for our relationship. But much like my ex, Gary is resisting and only thinks of himself (in this scene, I know that changes later). He doesn’t like going out with her, he’s so different from her. I never would have thought I would have been in her shoes, but much like the ending to this scene I finally told him I was done fighting for something that wasn’t worth fighting for anymore. Months have passed since my own breakup, and moving on is a challenge. But like the ending to this movie, I’ll always care for him, and I know he’ll always regret letting me go but it’s because my leaving, he’s changed a lot. Sometimes people are brought together to learn a lesson, and I’m thankful for mine. Brilliant acting in such a great movie!

  13. Jennifer Aniston is a mildly decent actress at best, but mainly just Rachel in every single role.
    I didn't mind watching her for free on Friends, but I would never pay for in a movie.

  14. I mean, I totally get Brooke's point (even when I don't share her idea to "solve their problems"), and along the movie we can see Gary's brother and friend arguing with him about the same things Brooke did before, so she wasn't crazy after all. Whatever, such a great movie, very realistic, so painful. My favorite scene is when they look at each other in the "naked poker party", and she doesn't do anything, just looks at him feeling so disappointed again and he knows it as well. I cried so much because this movie reminds me of someone, who I used to argue a lot with, but I never meant to lose… The reason why I have lived with my heart broken all these years…

  15. All this is so tiring… When you have to be so literal to explain why the relationship isn´t working, that is not about the flowers and the shopping, but it's the whole package… when there is a lack is of companionship and you really miss is a partner by your side.
    But the movie also showed that not knowing how to communicate can lead the same situation to the extreme. Although, they both grew in the process and became much better and mature people. Really nice!

  16. Jennifer always acted her best when it was a fight scene. Her and Ross' first breakup brought me to tears, her acting was so real

  17. We'll review recent activity from your account against our Community Standards….why?. i think like a computer so whats the problem?%^

  18. Ok this look like the absolute stupidest movie ever in my life … unless, they thought bad acting would be a way to communicate with the bulk of movie goers of this – for we know for a fact that Vaughn and Aniston are WONDERFUL, POWERFUL, FOCUSED actors – but we also know that not showing what relationships are really like is bad acting, since everyone will respond to true acting. what

  19. Did I nagged? Did I nagged you at all? Or i keep telling you thank you. Thank you for providing this. Thank you for being there for me. Sorry that Icant help for now because of my Situation.

  20. Did I nagged? Did I nagged you at all? Or i keep telling you thank you. Thank you for providing this. Thank you for being there for me. Sorry that Icant help for now because of my Situation.

  21. I feel like there's only one Rachel Green in all of Jennifer Anniston's movies. She's such a bad actress and all of her movie roles are exactly same. She completely lucked out by becoming famous by her beauty when she was young.

    Brooke: I want to break up.
    Gary: What?
    Brooke: Well I thought you wanted to be left alone.

  23. So she loves the ballet and expects him to love something she loves, but also she hates flowers so expects him to love something she hates? Ok! lol

  24. I think some of these people need to grow up a bit. Sitting around moping and crying because you have broken up with some chick/bloke is the height of immaturity. There are plenty more fish in the sea!

  25. He is so right. Women Nag the HELL out of men. Some men even start acting and looking like women. With the man bun look or the makeup and earring .. I'm sure some even wear women's panties and bras when she's not around..

  26. Well, there was one easy answer to one of the things they were arguing about- he should go to a game with his friends, she should go to the ballet with hers and find something they both like to do together. But the rest…ugh. He's angry at her because he has to work?? Uh, buddy, that's called being a responsible adult and earning a living. She worked full-time, too, at the art gallery, so what was his point? He expected her to support him financially while he sat on his butt at home?

  27. Gary: "What?"
    Brooke: "I'm done. I don't deserve this, I really do not deserve this. I deserve someone who gives a shit!"


    Okay, who else loves this? Because I do.

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