The Cast of Rapman’s Blue Story Take A Tour Through London

Yo, it’s your buddy Rapman. We’re going to be rolling
on the back of the bus. We’ve got the cast
from the Blue Story movie. We’re going to have some
sticky conversation. There’s going to be some moments
today, you know? Really and truly, growing up
in South-East or North, the back of the bus is a place
you spent a lot of time on, you know, for many different
reasons. Certain times, there ain’t nothing to do, so we’re
going to sit on the back of the bus and just roll it
till the wheels fall off. It’s going to get sticky.
It might get a bit heated, you know, cos everyone ain’t got the same
opinion, but that’s all right. Blue Story, on the back of the bus,
let’s go. # Yo, on my way to her # On a bench, I yell over
and tell her all this # She said, “They like me. # “Babes, you already know this.” ALL CHEER
You already know this! You already know this! Bro, I’m feeling weird on the end. Yeah, why? He scared of the moth. I’m not scared of it, it just needs
to die. What’s wrong with you lot? SLAPS Are you scared now?
I remember sitting where he is now, I’m coming from school in Peckham
and I’m living in Deptford. So, we’re in New Cross now,
safety zone. The border! The border! Whilst you’re on that bus,
you’re just hoping, “Man, I hope no Peckham High
is coming on the bus.” And then we get New Cross,
some of them are my friends. And then, he’s there, I’m there.
Brother, I look out of the window and I see 50 man
running towards the bus. And I go to my friend and say,
“Brother…” “Wha gwan?” “There’s like 50 man running
towards the bus.” He’s like, “Maybe,
they will get on.” Yeah! IMITATES FOOTSTEPS Bro, you see that beat?
That’s what my heart was doing. It was doing this.
My heart was doing this! Bro! We sat there,
a bag of them came on. Them barging through to the
back of the bus. I said, “I just live in Deptford.”
He just silenced me. Told me to shut up.
I was quiet, yeah? One of them wanted
to try and move to us. Luckily, one older one came through
and said, “No, they look like “youngers, man. They look like
youngers. Just leave them.” Cos he was obviously the main man. And he just said,
“Man going to leave yous two. “But make sure you tell everyone
that youngers go on the ends.” And I said, “No problem.”
“I will relay this!” I would have relayed it! Put in a text! I could have texted if they wanted! But, brother,
when they came off the bus, I felt like I had another
shot at life. I will never forget that moment,
which is why there is a scene in the film, which it looks like
it’s entertainment purposes, but that was my actual experience. Normally, if I’m on the back of the
bus, I’d be sitting here, or there. Brother, I’m not even moving. Someone’s got to move,
was going on? I’m uncomfortable now. He’s looking…
Come on. You’re good, man. When the big guys
used to come on the back of the bus, you would be at the front! How did you go from rapping
to film directing and writing your own scripts
and stuff? It’s mad, you know? I’ve been rapping from when I was
in school. I’d always wanted to rap, cos I looked up to
Biggie, Pac and Jay and all that. But when I started rapping,
like, in the UK, kind of thing, I noticed that there was no-one
really telling rap stories. I done my first story video
which is Blue Story. Every comment under the Blue Story
video is “Distribute a movie!” “Distribute a movie!” People love
the gritty gutter stuff, you know? And I remember getting
a message from one kid one day and he has gone, “Yeah,
you’re doing all good things now, “but I bet you can’t do nothing
else like Blue Story.” I was like, “I could do, but why
would I do it?” “Well, do it, then.” You know what, all right. It’s been a few years,
maybe I can do it and not get pigeonholed
as just a ghetto writer. I’m thinking, “You know what,
I want to write this film. “Let me try and get a writer.”
I’ve never wrote a film before, I remember calling up a writer. I said, “How much?”
“I need 20 grand.” I’m like, “Bro, “man don’t even know that
type of money! “This ain’t even going to work.
I’m going to have to call you back!” Six months later,
I’ve got this feature film script. So, I send it to my brethren,
my brethren don’t read, he’s a typical kid from the streets. He’s like, “Bro, I’m going to read
it now, I’m about to smoke.” And I sent it to him at 10pm, I woke
up at 1am to a message saying, “Brother, this ting is mad!
This ting is mad! “I don’t read,
and I read the whole thing! “This needs to be a film, brother!” I said, “That’s a whole point of it!
You get me?” Where are we?
We’re in Lewisham. Lewisham. This is a congregation. This road here is a connecting
road between a lot of areas. Obviously, we come from
Lewisham going towards New Cross which is going to take us into
Peckham, all on the same road. So, you can imagine,
if you’re from a different area within 30 minutes, you can be in
that area, do you know what I mean? And then an area where
you’re not even welcome. Why do Peckham be ghetto?
What did he say? He said, “Them man there,
they’re pagans!” Why are they pagans though?
What does pagans even mean? Well, I don’t know, man. All I know is if you’re from ghetto
you don’t want to buck up into my brother in that car,
he hates them. Is that why your brother
don’t like me, then? I wish I was around people like
Mike with his attitude? Cos he just sees it as “No pride, “I’m going to front of the bus,
mate.” Do you know how many
situations man’s avoided just by going to the front?
Do you know what, and I feel like… I might not even be here.
I might not be here! That’s a split-second decision.
That’s the cool attitude. That attitude is kind of seen
as negative or weak from where we came from, do you know
what I mean? I see that as strong! A lot of urban films,
they don’t really touch on, like, mental health and all that stuff,
but we really touch on that in this film,
especially with Leah and Timmy. She really doesn’t understand
why he has so much pride and why is he trying to follow
the crowd kind-of-thing? That’s mad. It’s great, the acting. So, did you enjoy Corrina’s party,
then, yeah? Yeah. I would have liked to have danced
with you for longer though. Oh, yeah, I’m sorry about that. I saw that guy punch Michael,
and, obviously, I had to back him. I get you wanting
to help your friend, but what are you trying to prove? Even now, I don’t really talk to
people about how I feel at times. Just soldier, 100%.
Because, I don’t know, it’s just the way I have been
moded, you know what I’m saying? I feel like a lot of people that
are similar to me think the same. I personally feel like men are still
struggling with it. A lot of men are like committing
suicide, do you know what I mean? Like, it’s rising. As a girl, are you confused by the
mind-set that some guys are in? I’m not confused,
cos I get it, I do get it. And I don’t know how
I can help that, just, obviously, to be the person
that you can talk to. This film, it’s showing
that these strong people can share their emotions with their
friends. People that they look up to as strong role models and figures
need to open up about their issues with their mental health and their
struggles and you are seeing it. Cos you’re seeing people
like J Hus writing essays now about how he feels.
We see Ramz, for example, he literally said he got help, and he made a big example about
thinking about suicide and… I see it more now.
That’s what we need. So, the more people open up
about it, it becomes natural, there’s no tiptoeing around it.
“He done it, so I can do it.” And then, eventually,
it becomes a conversation. You know what I’m tired of,
yeah? When people say, “You’re glorifying the
hood perspective of life.” How do you feel about that, fam?
You know what’s mad, yeah? Most times, the people that are
saying we are glorifying this are the people that don’t understand
where these people are coming from. They don’t understand what’s going
on, you know what I’m trying to say? Watch the story, take the story in, and then tell me
if there was any glory. Did the violence encourage anyone to
want to go out and do the same? I find that very unlikely,
but this is a conversation I would like to have with someone
once they’ve seen the film. I’m allowed to rap about what
I saw, like, what I went through. It’s my life! To be honest,
we don’t talk about it enough. Which is why there is
so much dramas on the streets. We’re getting a bit local.
Getting a bit local! I quite like it! I quite like it!
I got it a shisha down there! ALL SPEAK TOGETHER Are we good? From now on, is that how
you’re always going to write, you’re always going to
write from stuff that happened? I would love to say that,
but I want to do a sci-fi one day. I could do something
like a Misfits, but a bit deeper. Like imagine someone from where
we came from gets powers? Like real powers, like what would
man really do with that power? What would he do? Some might still
decide that… Like you! No, I’d be a role model,
you’d be surprised, you know! If you could pick any power,
what would you pick? Super-speed and mind-reading. Oh, no, you wouldn’t want
to read minds. You have got one mutation in your
genes, what mutation would you want? Super-speed.
Is it? For me, reading minds. You think you want that.
Until your hair falled out, you didn’t want your hair.
I want to control their thoughts. You can’t control somebody
else’s thoughts! No, I can control them. I’d listen
to everyone’s thoughts. You’re speaking to your girl who
loves you one day, one minute she’s thinking, “I hope he doesn’t
find out I slept with Robert!” Bro! You’re not going to want
that power no more! Well, at least I found
out that she slept with Robert! Oh, I would hate that! That’s what I was going to say,
teleporting. OK, OK, OK. What would you
do with teleporting? Exactly. Exploring! And do what? He wants the power to explore!
What’s that?! This is why I need to write a show. What is man really going to do
with these powers? Telekinesis. Is that what it’s called?
When you can move stuff? What do you want to move?
Why would you want that? Do you know, when you need
your phone quickly, you say, “Bro, can you get up,
that’s my phone, there.” “No, no.” “Bro, move! Move, bro!” And that’s what you want your
power for?! But, to be fair, you said super-speed,
so you can’t really talk. I think mine was the best anyway. What would you do
with your super-speed?! Say one thing! One thing!
One example! OK, that would make my life
much more convenient, because everywhere I’ve got to be,
I’m always just a little bit late. Why don’t you get teleport? Exactly!
When I come off I’ve decided I’m going to go home and write a
movie tonight. I’m like that. Don’t start me!
Don’t start with me! # And it’s the Arsenal! # Arsenal! Arsenal! # It’s Arsene! Ar-sen-e! Ar-sen-e! Now, we saw you in the film
when you kicked the ball, and you weren’t the best,
you know what I mean? No tekkers whatsoever. No technique, no coordination. I bet you knew about that, They used to call me “RE”. LAUGHTER RE! OK…!

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