The First Sex Doll Brothel in Europe

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  1. No comments in here about the ability to pay $110 bucks for an hour of sex with a beautiful woman of your choice? American men are so unaware of how badly women are playing them. Every young man should take a European trip upon graduating high school, it's pretty eye opening just how simple and uncomplicated being an adult can really be. :-/

  2. wtf @VICE u showed us a dead human being eaten raw by other humans(the cannibal generals of liberia). but u can't show a plastic vagina?? thanks for the great documentaries 🙂

  3. This channel got the wrong reporter regarding this topic/video concept. The reporter was not open minded enough and kinda messed around with the creator that's why he was lowkey snappy all the time.

  4. I hate how this documentary made male interactions with sex dolls creepy and feeding you this idiotic concept of it’s all about control and possession but when they did the documentary about women with their own dolls, it’s nothing to be weirded out about. People are their own individuals who can do what they want. It’s their lives, let them live it. I think this idea is great and I can’t wait to see it develop!

  5. Well, women are always complaining that men are always trying to 'Rape' them, so to cure that problem all society has to do is place free sex-doll brothels in every city and the problem will go away, men will have sex with the silicone dolls instead of the women, and then the women will be freed from the fears of rape. Isn't that what women wanted all along? Another benefit is an elimination of STD transmission to women as women won't be getting sex from men anymore.

  6. Let's see; we want to have self-driving cars that will navigate complex city traffic, maintain the posted speed limits, avoid accidents, and come to the driver when he summons the car remotely. Compared to that, having a sex doll talk a bit, move around a bit, and reply to comments, will be a simple task.

  7. This dude with the sex doll maker wife is my spirit animal. I already own two sex dolls now give me a real lady who is okay with it and wants to have fun 🙂

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  9. just in case this video isn't informative, let's just put it into perspective. this is not like, women buying a dildo, it is way too expensive, it is more like buying a friend/companion.

    they make male versions to, and they are primarily meant for people who are not great at relationships sexual or otherwise, it can be a great companion for someone who is socially inept.

    this is not about women or men for that matter, it's about lonely people who can't have a relationship. should they just be at home all alone for the rest of their life, or should they have the possibility to have a companion, even if it's an inanimate object.

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  13. For all you FOOLS that think this is such a good ideal : this is just the start of more and more humans detaching from each other
    You pepole go to Facebook to find friends
    That you don't no and will never meet
    You make your photos look way better with apps and you change what you really look
    Like esp you women out there under the age of 35 do this stupid shit. You don't bother to even go to bars to meet people no you go to
    Tinder so you can swipe left or right for
    Sex cus you don't have the time to meet someone in a club or bar . I hope you no this is just the beginning in the future you will lose your jobs or your kids will to robots
    Laugh now but you will see …..

  14. Its scary actually….. imagine when you play with the doll at nite and suddenly they move or talk like real hooman??

  15. Why a majority of men will go buy sexbots?

    I can give you the most important motive.

    Because women can't overcome their natural features. We as men want women to have a quick evolution, but it is impossible.

    For example, no woman will understand how harmful for a men is to have his brain fucked every day. I give you 100% warranty that NO WOMEN can understand that this is really awful. They think this is not even a problem. All the woman are saying some jokes regarding the fact that they can be toxic psychologically, emotionally. The simply can't be serious about this issue.

  16. This is not funny, It's scary. I know everyone gets lonely, I'm 32 and have only had two girlfriends, but I would never find a doll physically attractive. Men are such pigs, and most only care about outer beauty. I'm more attractive to a smart woman or a woman who makes me laugh, This doll will just make dirty perverted men even dirtier!

  17. "My grandpa started walking five miles a dat when he was 60, now he's 97 and we have no clue where he is"

    "Stop being funny it's fuck o'clock" 😂

    I'm dying I can't lmao

  18. I thought the whole point of visiting a brothel was to have a human alternative to banging sex dolls! Why go there and pay top dollar for something you can do far cheaper at home?

  19. i watched Cherry 2000 as a kid and thought to myself, this will never be real. Fast forward 25 plus years and we're getting close. Sex dolls are the ultimate fantasy for a guy who can't have sex with something close to physical perfection. I'm all in favour of the sex doll industry, it can't come fast enough.

  20. As always, the only interesting parts are the ones actually showing the business and the advancement of the technology.

    The token feminists sharing their fears are just boring and never add nothing of value.

    They would rather keep human trafficking and real hookers because dolls offend their feelings LOL

  21. OK let me break it down. Real girls are OBVIOUSLY better…HOWEVER , real Women (some) have become SO toxic that some men would rather screw a piece of plastic… Men can actually IMAGINE feelings that are better (to them) than the real (but toxic) feelings from real women. Is that simple enough to understand? Currently I prefer real women…But i can see how toxic society is becoming. Hopefully it will pass..

  22. Shit. I have paid for sex a few times with people who have less of a personalty than some of the doll's in this video, and some of the lover's I have known have less blood going through there veins than any doll or robot

  23. this is dumb. the guys who want sex dolls don't necessarily want a real woman to be like a sex doll. i personally desire one for completely different reasons than why i desire a female. no need to worry ladies.

  24. Ok this is not col, not cool at all! I get it, the ratio in China was 17 men to 1 woman at the begining of decade, so it makes sense for the Chinese. Again in Japan, Singapore, and other parts of the world men and women aren't having sex, due to financial reasons, so getting a sex doll is cheaper.

    But I don't think they have thought this through, since in 50 years time when there will be no reproduction, instead people are just fucking plastic, what will happen Then?

    There will be few to no human eggs available because most women would have gone through their menopause, then and only then will they realise they made a grave error!

    Life and existence isn't now, it's not even 10, 20 or 50 years from now, it's for generations to come.

  25. am I the only person who immediately thought that these dolls would make rape culture ten times worse? considering the fact that a man can literally have a life-size plastic version of a real woman who responds like a normal woman but can't say no? what if men who have rape fantasies/extreme domination fantasies get to finally carry their fantasies out on this inanimate object, then decide to carry this through to when they have a sexual experience with a real human? I can't see any scenario where this will be beneficial and not just result in sex addicted rapey men

  26. Sick? This Chad can't understand how awful is to not being attractive to most women and only have sex with professionals if you have lucky to have a job. He has no idea how common are men out of sexual market for genetic reasons.

  27. It's worse than public restrooms. No one wants to use something a certain way after a stranger had just used the same. And to think about who is going to clean the dolls afterwords is absolutely gross. All in all it only feeds what has been an issue in this world over. That women have been so poorly subjected to men.

  28. This is gross but I rather this then rape and forced sex. They think women are tools anyway why not give them actual tools.

  29. Hello, I'm the head of the Doll Cleaner team, or as we like to joke, The Sex Doll Doctors.

    Of course, we have seen some shit, so feel free to AMA.

  30. Human trafficking is the most profitable crime in the world. Think about how many lives they could save if they manage to make a realistic sex doll.

  31. When a plastic doll that doesn't move is considered to be the best at sex by a female human… I mean doesnt that say more about her?

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