‘The Five’ reacts to Trump sparring with press at G7

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  1. The G7 is not there so closed door negotiations can be settled .. its there for contries to get together and talk about stuff.

  2. You can tell that all of them on this panel now know deep down (if they were being, honest with themselves) that they chose and supported the election of an ignorant bumbling half-witted moron for their President, to represent them at home and on the world stage. Whereby he does go on to prove and show to the world, exactly what an ignorant bumbling half-witted moron he truly is.

  3. Does 'The Five' refer to their collective IQ? Go ahead and nuke Hurricane Dorian right off the coast of Florida and see what will happen, I'll wait….

  4. BTW: The whole Nuking of Hurricanes has been an Idea for Decades, in theory it won't work because of the sheer force of a Hurricane, but Hurricanes and Tornadoes is a convergence of warm air and cool air currents clashing cause the rotation, a Hurricane is obviously on a grander scale, if you disrupt the amount of warm air in the eye of a Hurricane it could potentially dissipate the Hurricane within minutes, it could start to regain strength again but obviously degraded tremendously, as far as Radioactive Fall out, that doesn't even apply, Radiation needs matter to become radioactive, you can become radiated if you're close enough and not killed by the blast, the system has lots of rain beyond the wall of the Hurricane, but the 1st thing that hits that wall of Rain is intense surface of the sun like temperatures not radiation, therefore immediately evaporating the layer of of the Hurricane that has the most devastating Force, Ideally they would do thing in the middle of a Tropical Storm or depression, same thing over on the West, Typhoons and their early stages as well, obviously deployed over a mile above water, they used to deploy nuke in the ocean all the time, there is video proof of that, they will never truly know if it will have any affect until they try it, even today it's argued both ways so there is nothing insane about the concept

  5. Trumps dumbass makes the comments and then these idiots on Fox defend it. Then they wonder why we're such a laughing stock under Trump. Bunch of morons.

  6. I liked that last point about it always being Trump vs. everyone else. I think that’s the way Trump himself wants to be represented. And it’s unfortunate — that’s not what I would call “leadership”.

  7. juan…why would you let russia back in…..they never should have been out….based on what happen in Ukaraine one large country should have been banned…no….just when the democrats are ruining it

  8. NK under control
    India in line
    Pakistan in line
    Iran in line
    Japan new deal
    UK wants a new deal
    Mexico did a doble take
    We are winning

  9. Take a look at Trump starting at 0:35.
    Here we have a man obviously struggling with reality. He is loosing it folks. Sorry to say it. It’s true.

  10. I only watch these until Juan comes on. Juan comes on, I am gone. When Juan comes on a big hook should yank him right off the stage. Now that I would watch. Oh, did that trigger someone? Hey, I want him on the show. Just every time he opens his PC yapper, here comes the hook!

  11. And that is why none of the Dem candidates will be president in 2020! And that especially goes for Amy Klobucher who has done NOTHING positive for the state of MN. I live in Mn and have asked everyone I know here, to name one thing… I am still waiting for an answer.

  12. Greg gutless is as funny as getting hemorrhoids when people look back at these videos Juan will be the one talking sense

  13. Juan is the only one not looking ridiculous, with these talking heads trying to defend patently spurious clown act of a failing Trump who has been coopted by the Likud Globalists. I feel sorry for the FOX people trying to do their jobs for Rupert Murdoch but at least they are paid well.

  14. Trump just tweeted that Fox is not with him , and really full of Democrats , and that he needs a real news service that will support him .  He mentioned Juan . And he is right .

  15. Just watched Fox News heavily promoting the Democrats through their DNC Communications Director, spewing out whatever she wanted with zero pushback by anchor, @SandraSmithFox. Terrible considering that Fox couldn’t even land a debate, the Dems give them NOTHING! @CNN & @MSNBC….      ✔              @realDonaldTrump     ….are all in for the Open Border Socialists (or beyond). Fox hires “give Hillary the questions” @donnabrazile, Juan Williams and low ratings Shep Smith. HOPELESS & CLUELESS! They should go all the way LEFT and I will still find a way to Win – That’s what I do, Win. Too Bad!….

  16. "The Five" are 5 morons without one brain between them. The ignorance and stupidity that comes out their mouths are unbelievable.

  17. Suggestion: Stop eating, exercise. Get healthy. Just a suggestion.
    For the ones squeezing themselves into a girdle.

  18. HAHAHAHA " . . .an inquisitive Out-of-the-box thinker . . . ". What this 'potus' does cannot even remotely be classified as, "Thinking"!

  19. Nuking a Hurricane isn't simply a "Far Out Idea" because, unlike Dynamite , there would be Radioactive Fallout that would be Dispersed over a far greater area than a regular Atomic Detonation!

  20. Juan needs to give an example of any trade deals with China that have gone our way in the last 40 years. China is STEALING from us. They also are strong-arming the US with regard to tariffs and unfair trade practices, currency and commodity manipulation, and flooding our shores with dangerously substandard steel and lead-laden foods and other products.
    Is that ok with Juan Williams and other big-mouth lefty critics? I’m curious…

  21. lets see…… thinking out of the box got us: the wheel, the bicycle, steam/combustion engine, the light, medicine, the computer, space flight, Mc Donalds, etc. etc. His idea of buying Greenland…… do the research, it make sense in soooo many ways. let Trump be Trump and we (USA) will lead the world into the 21st Century and beyond.

  22. who is this black man and why is he on this show? total token black guy with misinformed left wing opinions. read more!

  23. Oh tell the truth the orther leaders did there best to avoid trump Mostly because they realize hes not up to speed with world matters and how the globe spins

  24. Listening to Warren's constant impassioned whining (nagging disguised as pleading) is worse than listening to fingernails scratching a chalk board, yet she is, apparently, more palatable to the Xenocrats than most of their other candidopes, judging by their polls. She'd lose to Trump by a landslide, IMO.

  25. I despise Trump, but I doubt he ordered a nuke. If he merely asked if it was possible, the CNN and MSNBC reports are as Fake News as the nonsense spewed by the prime time crew at FOX NEWS.

  26. Why does he need to lick putos balls.
    Russians invaded another country.
    That is why they got kicked out.
    Why did tramp say Melania knew Kim of N. Korea.
    He said the other Countries were laughing at us. That was a lie. At the time they were not , but now they are.

  27. We live in a world where you have to deal with others you cannot be stupid and go it alone.
    Tramp is terrorizing people here at home. He puts babies in cages that is not terrorizing . Kids have died on his watch at

  28. Barbara Vance 
    Let me ask you a question. Why do they think tramp is a idiot .
    We live in a world where everyone knows that tramp is not a honest man why would they make any type of deals.
    His China Tariff is not going so well.
    The Chinese have now gone to other countries to get soy beans and other crops.
    America first policy will leave us last .
    How come he had not made one agreement with anyone. .
    Just be honest and answer the question .

  29. Do yourselves a favour, start looking for another gig guys. The "pink slip" is being filled. And your self conscious giggles are becoming an irritation. You can't all write the same "Production Meetings at Fox" best seller. The market isn't big enough

  30. I hate these reporters they disrespect our president they should get gone everytime they do this we have a great President Trump 20/20

  31. Democrats are boot lickers always dancing around the issues of the day.They never agree with making America better in every aspect.Childish games are for kids…WAKE UP & SMELL THE ROSE'S YOU LAME BRAIN NIT-WITS.We have a President who is giving America a backbone & the rest of the world is paying attention.

  32. Why do you Trumpsters have such a hard time admitting that this man is insane and needs to be impeached or he needs to step down before he ruins this country. What more evidence do you need?

  33. Trump is dumber than box rocks. American people are paying for the tariffs. One of these days Trump supporters might wake up and smell the coffee

  34. We all know the US is gonna try using a nuke on a hurricane someday just to see what happens, I just hope Trump is still around to tweet something about it 😂

  35. Wow, totally disregard the real new s. Iran coming to G7. Context, before all this Iran is major oil supplier to France and Germany. Of course they invite them. Trump knows they are not really ready to negotiate. For both of them it's optics. From the mules side, he shows he doing something about their suffering, for us, it shows there is some progress. Well.that's my take on it.

  36. If the leftist mainstream media won't tell the story strait, I say TWEET. It is the only way around their BS and manipulations.

  37. The trade war with China will have some negative effect on the US economy…until we start doing more business with other Southeast Asian Countries. Then the effects will quickly rebound, for everyone.

  38. And funny how they forget to mention that he SAID to keep it from hitting inland. That means to keep it from harming the American people or anyone in the Bahamas OR ANYWHERE!! I swear people's STUPIDITY!!!!
    They don't see Trump for the genius that he is!🇺🇸

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