‘The Five’ reacts to Trump’s challenge to Pelosi

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  1. Tlaib is an idiot. This is not the first time we've dealt with this situation. We dealt with it with former AG Eric Holder, and I still think Boehner should have called the Sergeant-at-Arms to put him in handcuffs.

  2. Out of all the people in the world to go after for corruption accusations it just happened to be his political rival… Wow what are the odds!?!


  4. Everything involving Trump is "the greatest in the history of the country", whether he is boasting about himself or the Democrats are describing his latest scandal.

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  6. Trump is too thin skinned and lacking is self-control to allow Republicans to stay on a good message…impossible.

  7. All I can say, if this was a Democratic president. I guarantee Republicans would not be acting like this….Hypocrites. And they say they love this country.

  8. The Dems actually want to get rid of Biden because it is clear that dementia is accelerating and he will be either destroyed in the general or, if he wins, be incapable of completing the term.

  9. The black flag is getting to the Democrat flies, Will the god of the democrats Beelzabud, win their lying games?

  10. Fortunately, it's not Trump's right to determine if impeachment is justified or not. If, as it appears and as he has confirmed, he colluded with foreign governments to attempt to effect the outcome of the presidential election he should go to prison. It's that simple.

  11. Some leaders of Liberals have no principles – what to keep and what not to keep – so, those leaders will lead American into chaos.

  12. The sad example Juan sets is that it is ok to close your eyes to the facts that are right in front of your face and hate an honest dedicated President who barely rests and does what he was elected to do by putting our nation first everyday and every waking moment; hate a good man and put him down just because he is from the another party. What you seem to forget is that when the election ends the party is over and it then time to unite as TEAM AMERICA and win on the world field. Men like yourself Juan men whom others look too as examples need to worry about being good examples themselves first and foremost. Why are you being such a poor example acting like a child ? Where is your sense of position. and good sportsmanship, honestly?
    …… and don't deflect my question and point your finger and say ,"well what about him ?" That is what children do and you are a grown up .

  13. Oh Juan, you literally missed the point, but answered Jessie's question in spite of yourself.

    Schiff lied, period.

    And Trump has mentioned corruption across the board. I am disgusted that Fox is such a sell-out. It is one thing to put opposing view-points on air. It is another thing to put folks on who have zero thinking-it-through capacity.

    Fox is nothing more than MSM, they just have not leaned "completely" left.

  14. Take away Pelosi & Adam Shits Security Clearance********
    Take away Pelosi & Adam Shits Security Clearance********
    WHEN is the DOJ or Republicans going to do anything????????????????
    WHEN is the DOJ or Republicans going to do anything????????????????

  15. I'm still wondering why fox new didnt cover Alex Jones getting banned. It seems like they are scared to even say something good about him. Fox news fought for Jim Acosta all because they say it for freedom of the press but if that's true what happened to Alex Jones fight for freedom of the press? Its a sad day to realize all the propaganda the media gives us. I only bring this up because everytime i see Juan I think about why Alex Jones got banned. Look at all the conspiracy theories Juan says everything that comes out of his mouth is conspiracy theories. What a joke

  16. At 4:41 they talk about whether or not Schiff lied about meeting with the whistleblower. He DID NOT say that he didn't meet with the whistleblower. He said that "WE" didn't meet with the whistleblower. Implying that he, his council, or his staff didn't meet with the whistleblower. He clearly lied.

  17. Here's a crazy thought. Trump seems to be confident about any impeachment so he must have a plan. What if on impeachment, Trump immediately invokes the 25th amendment, Pence steps up and pardons Trump, Trump resumes power all before the impeachment even hits the Senate desk. Rudy is a slick guy. He's the type of lawyer people seek when they're in trouble.

  18. With Trump's constant effort to seek information from foreign powers is illegal not once but he's at it again,It's insane this is on camera. Absolute meltdown, smh..

  19. Democrats have said they don't think they can beat Trump. Democrat are the ones using government investigations to hurt a political campaign, and to influence an election.

  20. Okay, I think I have it straight, now. After researching, the 4 pinocchio's refers to a score of one act, not 4 individual acts. I think. Also, the other day, Schiff was accused of misreading the President's phone call to the Ukrainian President, in which I found an article that showed that Adam did not misstate the President's conversation. Now, he is off that track and onto that Schiff stated that he did not have a conversation with Pompeo when he did. What I would like to know is, did Schiff have a conversation unrelated to Ukraine, but was about another matter that would entailed Schill having to have a conversation with the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo?

  21. President trump doesn’t need any help to beat these socialist democrats. This is about corruption and draining the swamp! And when the time comes we can lock up Talib in Minnesota.

  22. And yet while the dims are engaged in political theatre, Trump is getting rockstar treatment from young black leaders, and hispanics as well. Meanwhile, I am guessing that John Durham and William Barr, are sitting at the poker table holding a royal flush.

  23. Impeach Schiff Nadler Waters And Pelosi along with the democrat senators wiho signed the Ukraine quid pro quo letter anyone and everyone

  24. Heh, Talib, Quit running Your mouth and Arrest-Man, I'm dying to see THAT happen. The effusion of blood that would cause would be EPIC, if not Biblical

  25. Five seconds of Juan and his eye rolling routine is all the time I'll waste. Refuse to watch Donna the traitor Brazile. Having Juan is better than that witch although I skip through Juan and turn off Brazile altogether!

  26. When i for stared watching this show, i didn't like Juan.. now however he is my favorite character. Each day i watch eagerly to hear how he defends the dems. He is very clever to come up with an angle and keep a straight face. He is really good in my opinion

  27. Why did fox put a Blackman on the five that support fake news and Insults and accuse's TRUMP of Crimes The whole witch Hunter's COUP TRAITORS have done ! Is supposed to be representing Black AMERICA? I haven't met a Black Man that wouldn't Vote for Him, AGAIN ! TRUMP AMERICA'S FAVORITE PRESIDENT! 2020 ! Will go down in history as the day the well's were filled ! From the tears of TRUMP HATERS EYES

  28. Trump is an absolute moron and more corrupt than most , how the hell is he still leading that country. He is making you all a laughing stock

  29. What happens all the money that people donated to Sanders campaign now that he is going to pull out after having a heart attack? It's all about the money.

  30. If juan is so stupid that he cant see schiffs help with the whistle blower complaint he should be fired …he can go to the young turks channel…..

  31. Put the Dem's in Prison and get rid of the Terrorist's already. These people are so unhinged they are going to lose their Millions and kick backs from their shady deals. Plus get rid of Juan, what a TOOL.

  32. I love that Juan thinks we are all stupid and have no clue of what is different with this president compared to Obama.

  33. Juan made the mistake of lying. He wants to act like trump is hysterical while the democrats act insane. The leftist main strategy is to commit lies and criminal act then blame "You" for doing it. It is so hilarious knowing trump will win by a landslide.

  34. Trump is getting my to the core of the corruption in this country. He is pushing some buttons. Exposure is getting deeper and deeper. Now they are all afraid. So they yell impeach! Not only will he NOT be impeached he’s going to win the next election by a landslide. He has my vote again!

  35. Tlaib is the kind of human that acts tough in her own crowd but gets destroyed in a real world interview. Trump delivers his stand points, gets wrecked by the MSM and still wins. Imagine AOC + 3 get the scrutiny of the media instead of being pampered like babies.
    Why don't the accept interviews from opposing factions ? Because they have no grounds to stand on. AoC vs Ben Shapiro, he's not even pro trump. He'd rip her a new one.
    These young congress women should just stfu and learn while sitting in the back and observing. Instead they think the world has been waiting for them and now they're destroying the democratic party. Good job.

  36. I plead, as an independent…I take no sides…can we as the people of this United States let the process and facts play out…?

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