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  1. Just figured out “the message” is a time lord heartbeat slowed down to 0.5x and warped a little so it sounds metallic if that’s the right word

  2. This is so weird, firstly the clip is 3:54 long yet I only saw 3:48 and then it ended, secondly now I have a strange urge to subscribe, suggestions anyone ?
    EDIT: What episode is this clip from ???

  3. well, cybermen don't care if you are here for comradeship and your proof. They only care that you will be upgraded

  4. "No,nononono,not now,remind me later"
    "I don't know,just later,just pick a time"
    "I dunno just any all time,just when you think I've forgotten"
    "Just pick a random number,express that number as a quantity of minutes so when that time is elapsed remind me to patch the telephone back through the console unit."
    The Doctor predicted bots like Amazon Alexa

  5. I don’t understand it. They usually have a tag at the end. Matt Smith will be waving his screwdriver around, or someone will tell me to subscribe… but this time, the clip just ends. Has anyone else noticed this?

  6. Handles is way more useful than normal companions. Basically none of them could take a cyber man laser to the face.

  7. Is anyone else really tired of every species' determination to just kill, while the humans pester their protector for favors? I'm guessing not but I am..

  8. Handles: "You did not specify a preference."

    11: "Use your head! It's not like you have a lot of alternatives."

    Well that much is certain.

  9. Doctor holding up a broken piece of dalek/cyberman and would probably thinking. "Uhh, its not what it looks like!"

  10. 0:25 can anyone identify the ships seen here

    Daleks UFO shape (obviously)
    The clusters remind me of the ship from 'Dinosaurs on a spaceship' episode

  11. I love how ok the doctor was with dating Clara like no hesitation just ok we are doing this now and he had a huge smile on his face

  12. "Every ship I go on they just shoot at me."

    Ok how many times did he try before going on a Dalek ship?

  13. I hate it when they refer to sletheen as a species, the species is raxacoricofallapitorians sletheen is a name!

  14. Typical of a woman. You're being shot at by invasive robots, and she wants you home for dinner at the same time.

  15. Shouldnnt he have had a bad feeling of history repeating, didnt most of these races show up at Stonehenge AND not fight each other, on the pretense to seal him in the Pandorica

  16. … I can't even start to describe what utter nonsense this is. Plot Holes so massive i don't know where to start, literally. A omnipresent signal means so many things, does no one realizes that?? An omnipresent signal would disturb all other signals ever, it would mess so many things up, it would change humanitys history, it's just not possible. And WHY IS THE PLANET SURROUNDED RIGHT NOW WHEN IT WAS ALWAYS THERE IN TIME AND SPACE! Nothing of that makes any sense!

  17. "Handles, i said put me on a ship! I didn't say put me on a Dalek ship! Don't put me on a Dalek ship when i'm holding A BROKEN BIT OF DALEK!!!"



  18. “What are they all doing here if they don’t know what it means?”
    Handles: Your here
    “Well yeah but I’m OCD what’s their excuse?”

  19. What are the chances that whenever the last season of NuWho runs, the companion is Handles, The Tardis a battered wreck held together by duct-tape and The Doctor a right-Wing conservative Dwarf?
    Loved this speciell.

  20. "I may have accidentally invented a boyfriend…"
    "Yeah I did that once and there's no easy way to get rid of an android."

    Haha-Wait what.

  21. Only if he swapped things around. Bring the Dalek eye to the Cybermen & the Cyber head to the Daleks. If thatd happened, he'd start another pissing contest but one where he'd potentially be on the right side of each party! 🤣

  22. I need you to be my boyfriend….

    Well damn sweetheart, little sudden, i figured we'd get to know eachother better first but beggars cant be choosers.

    Honestly would've loved that bit of sarcasm there

  23. Technically the doctor can’t die because he/she is always going through time and space he can be in two places at once

  24. the Doctor says, "OOOPS,wrong message" Cues the Breakdance song The Message from the Furious Five

  25. Six years later and I laugh now at "use your head, it's not like you've got a lot of alternatives" as much as I did when I first heard it

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