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  1. This proves all the people who said Moffat couldn't write doctor who wrong. Oh my god imagined doctor who series with Paul McCann as the doctor and Stephen Moffat as writer?

  2. I love how in this 6 minute video you can fully accept Paul as one of the Doctors. You don't even need a series to see him as The Doctor

  3. There was no War Doctor as far as I'm concerned. That was Moffat's ego attempting to stamp his name all over the canon again. 8 pushed the button.

  4. Just do another fucking show "Doctor Who Prequels" where we can see more adventures with older Doctors, if they're too old to play the roll as much as I love all of the old ones just recast them the way we did with Hartnells – it could be so much more.

  5. Such a breakdown of the Doctor's character…he expects her to be charmed by the Tardis but she knows too much about the circumstances of the Time War to even trust him. She hates him and everything he stands for even as the ship falls to its doom.

  6. big finish audios are great, but dude should be given like a 3-episode miniseries at the very least. even if it's just one arc in the classic who serial format or something, he deserves better than a shit tv movie and 6 very compelling minutes

  7. I just love it. They could’ve done a PM series straight off the bat of Smiths or even wildly interplaced during Capaldis Run if they had wanted to be daring and switch it up a bit.

  8. My favorite moment is when he lists his Big Finish companions. That means they are canon!

    Happy chills every time.

  9. Oh cass, what an idiot, the brilliant eighth doctor is trying to save you, but NOOO you had to do freaking suicide to prove a point, and to top it of, my personal favorite doctor dies because of you 🙄

  10. Like everyone else, really wish we had more screen time of McGann as the Doctor. But I also want to highlight Clair Higgins matching him here. Her performance is incredible as well.

  11. “Your a time lord!
    Yes but I’m one of the nice ones
    Get away from me
    Well look on the bright side I’m not a Dalek!”

    Oh god I love 8 and deserved so much more!
    Granted I know we’ve had the amazing audio adventures by big finish and the comics but this still proves that Paul can act and is up for it so I really think we deserve a 8th doctor spin of show while the show is off air!

  12. Bbc can we have more advertures with the eigthdoctor or a the eigth doctor adventures spin off I really won't to see more of 8 beforthe night of the doctor Pell's make ithsppinples

  13. Does anyone else hear “Doctor Who?” when the War Doctor first appears or is it just me? Just wondering.

  14. Paul McGann deserved more than just a bad movie, and this seven minutes proves it. It'll hurt. John Hurt, who did have a good performance in "Day of the Doctor".

  15. Well i love John Hurt but the whole War Doctor thing was so pointless. Paul Mcgann could be a doctor of war

  16. Paul should have started series 1 in 2005. That would have made more sense to me. Nothing wrong with Chris but Paul should have carried the role on from the movie like Sylvester did with the 80s series.

  17. Man the should have just use eight doctor on day of the doctor. I want to see more of eight doctor adventure

  18. As much as I like the idea of the war doctor, I feel using the 8th doctor in the 50th would have been better than introducing a new doctor we don't know anything about. I'm kinda annoyed they had him on set to film this but not to actually appear in the episode.

  19. It's so crazy. Not seeing Paul McGann on screen for 17 years, only to finally get his regeneration scene is just so amazing.

  20. See this is what the fans want more McGann so we should pause the new series and give a whole series to the 8th doctor it’s what he justly deserves

  21. This regeneration is painful for me to watch. To me, eight was a child, an innocent soul, with eyes full of wonder. The fact that he gave up his own life like this, even if he were already dead, makes him, to me, the most noble of them all.

  22. The title says this was a "prequel" to The Day of the Doctor. Maybe my memory is failing me, but I could have SWORN this came out BEFORE the Day of the Doctor? Wikipedia agrees with me.

  23. God despite the fact that Paul McGann had just this and the movie he was able to perfectly portray the eighth doctor which is a true testament to his talents as an actor

  24. Oh, Paul McGann, we would have been so blessed to have had you with us longer. Thank you for coming back for this short.

    Now, if we could only get Eccleston to come back and film the warrior's regeneration for us properly. . .

  25. The more times I watch this the more I want to find the person in charge at the BBC and strangle him/her with my hands. Give Paul a couple of seasons and he would be the best incarnation of the mad man in a box

  26. Paul McGann should have been (should still be,) the full time Doctor. He would be wonderful, powerful; that magical voice.
    A crying shame he hasn’t been BBC.

  27. Finally McGann can regenerate. Wait, did they only call him the War Doctor do they can still him David Tenth Doctor.

  28. Possibly one of the best things Moffat's ever done for Doctor Who, up there with The Empty Child two parter.

  29. Damn, I'd love to see more screen time with the eighth! Thing is, yes there are big finish audios and they are amazing, but visually you can do so much more, and it'd be great to see the acting chops Paul has rather than just his use of voice. He is one of my favourite doctors, he'd be great; I can only imagine!

  30. His Big Finish audio books as The Doctor are good. He deserved to be a part of the 50th anniversary special. Another slap in the face to classic Who.

  31. For most viewers it took a 6 minute scene for them to love Mcgann… whereas with Whittaker, most despise her and she has done a full season.

    Proof that writing is important

  32. Considering who the young Warrior/War Doctor looks like, I think the BBC should hire Martin Freeman to play the Warrior for at least a few specials so we can TRULY understand just how horrible the Time War was

  33. He should of been the 13th doctor (as was said in day of the doctor "you may find yourself revisiting a few (faces) ) better than Jodie

  34. Almost every line the main sisterhood woman says contradicts the one before it. “No one can survive that./We have resurrected you.” “We are still looking for your companion in the wreckage/(immediately brings her in)” “Tend to your patient/It’s no use, she’s dead.” It’s so rushed that Moffat forgot he couldn’t do plot twists.

  35. To anyone at the BBC that cares to listen. As a long time fan I am saddened by the decline in the standard of a beloved programme that has clearly lost its way. No offence to the current cast but from a fan point of view I long for series past and I have been with you since Tom Baker. I stuck with the new series as a committed fan but if the next series is no better then I am afraid “no more”. The stunning 5 minute 50th Anniversary with the 8th Doctor proves to me that Paul McGann is perfect to reboot the series, he was utterly fantastic and encompasses the role. There is nothing in the rule book that states the Doctor has to be in chronological order, River proved that. Why not give the 8th Doctor his time to shine, its what the fans would love to see.🤞

  36. New plan, BBC, keep Whitaker on Hiatus, and make AT LEAST 3 more seasons with McGann as the doctor. When McGann is ready to give it up again, have one final episode where Whitaker re-generates, and move on from whatever season 11 was.

  37. It would have been really interesting if they put the Paul McGann doctor in the 50th. It would have allowed the war doctor to see how his past self would react to him as well as this future.

  38. Since they already established that the doctor can return to previous faces bringing back McGann after Whittaker would be perfect and might just be what the series needs after all this time – a bit of retro

  39. Steven Moffat: Makes You Fall In Love With Certain Characters…And Then Kills Them!!! #Moffat
    Also Steven Moffat: Lies Telling About Certain Information…In this case telling that 10, 11 or War will appear but instead 8 does!!!
    Also, Also Steven Moffat: Adds Lots Of Fanservice…Maybe adds more than Avengers: Endgame!!!

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